World’s Coolest Soccer Field – Norway
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World’s Coolest Soccer Field – Norway

Yo! We’re starting the vlog bro. We just landed in Tromsø, Norway. It is midnight and we’re at like
literally the top of Norway and we’re driving to a Lofoten right now. We’re in
the Arctic Circle baby and we’re going to Lofoten. A eight-hour drive. Hopefully
I don’t fall asleep while I’m driving. l didn’t sleep much last night. I’m not sleeping tonight. Here we go! Alright, we’re about four hours from Lofoten. We drove for like two hours yesterday and then I almost fell asleep and crashed car, because I was too tired. So then we stopped and got a timelapse of the Northern Lights. Then we fell asleep
until about 6 and kept on driving! So we’re at this beautiful town here. So were stopped in the middle of the road. about two hours from the Lofoten.
George is flying the drone. We’re getting shots of this this waterfall up there. We
just drove to the most iconic soccer field in the world and we have it
all ourselves! We are the only ones on here! This is so sick! Do some stretches This is epic! We literally have all of it to
ourselves. Wish We had a soccer ball.
We got drone that’s better. It’s Matt Komo, in the flesh. Not the arms, but the backflip. This is cooler that Matt Komo. This is Sam Kolder Level! Slap my butt and call me Sam Kolder! Sam Kolder, George Kolder in the flesh!
Whipping out the drone right now. Here we go! Alright so the drone got some good
Footage. I’m feeling like crap. I want to throw up,
probably because all I’ve ate has been chips and I’m drinking like four
monsters and I haven’t slept so I feel like crap but uh… cool fact. See all these
wood pallets? They hang fish on them during the fishing season so I’m sure it
smells great! But anyways one load up the car and
we’re going to head over to a beach about two hours away so here we go. We are hiking
to Kvalvika Beach. I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced Ka-Vlika! We
going to get some Sam Kolder shots! I think me and George are halfway to the beach is just over there. And then we got
the beautiful beach. This is some Sam Kolder stuff! So all we need right
now is an M -MVM-MTT Watch and then just as I would like go down this rock I’ll
just be like… Cool watch! And what’s amazing is that we’re like in the Artic Circle and it’s just freaking green! The water looks like it’s in the Caribbean
or Hawaii. It’s not even cold outside. This is like September. So pretty amazing.
We got about an hour left before the sunset. We gotta give me the top of that mountain. It
doesn’t look that big on camera but it’s freaking huge, it’s like at least 2,000
feet up. So we got to sprint it up so here we go! This is just one of those places that feels magical. It doesn’t even feel real. I wasn’t super pumped about coming to
Lofoten but my mind has been blown! If you get a chance, make sure you come to Lofoten! I got about 30 minutes before I gotta get to the top. I just can’t stop looking at the beach! It is the best beach! Sadly I think I need to stop hiking here. I have a long way before I reach the top
and the sun is about to set. So I’m just going to take out the drone right now and
hopefully some amazing shots! I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t make
it up to the top. But I didn’t have much time and literally
this hike was so hard! Physically it was excruciating, but
I did get some really cool drone shots and I got some time lapses. And this
beach is just freakin stunning so now we’re hiking back. We found some some
friends from from Germany they’re showing us way back and we’re going to
the car get warmed up. So let’s go! We are getting close to the bottom. The
clouds are starting to move in. Its getting really misty. Honestly this trail
sucks. It’s a different route but it’s so boggy my shoes are just
destroyed in water. David and Danielle from Germany. They helped us get back down.
See you guys, it was nice to meet you! alright so me and George
we got destroyed by the bogs and our shoes are destroyed. You just got to eat a Ritz cracker
and move on!


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