Women’s Soccer vs  Farmingdale 9 23 17
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Women’s Soccer vs Farmingdale 9 23 17

Michele Canning: We talked about how the systems were going to match up Michele: where there might be space for us to exploit Michele: I think we did a good job, especially with Michele: reminding us again at half time, and we did a good job of Michele: looking for certain spaces within our defense Michele: and finding holes. And I think that our players Michele: found ways to complete passes into those spaces which led to opportunities. Alex Benedict: Markele made a really great run to the end line, and played the ball across just like we do Alex: in practice and warm ups so it was kind of an exact replica of everything we’ve been practicing so it was really cool to score that. Michele: So I think the keys to the game were getting two early goals because we have been playing well Michele: and having a good speed of play but not being able to finish when we’ve created the chances. So I think the two early goals set the tone. Alex: The team dynamic hasn’t changed at all, it was incredible last year, it still is incredible. Everyone on the sidelines is super super supportive, Alex: and encouraging. Everyone on the field is super positive and I think we’re going to have a really good season. Alex: We hit a couple little bumps in the past couple of games but we’re coming back stronger.

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