Womens’ and Girl’s football at IHM Football Academy
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Womens’ and Girl’s football at IHM Football Academy

my name is Unaizah Shajani and I’m 17, I come from Nairobi, Kenya. In Manchester I come to play football,
studying and hopefully become professional in playing football. Well I’m studying in Manchester I’m
studying BTEC and in particular sports management so what we do is like we do
like development plans we do like training sessions which is really fun to
do yeah. The football coaching is really really
good because we tend to do a lot of drills which helps my technique, my
tactical skills and yeah it’s really, it’s really good yeah. So the teams I’m playing with is Bury
and Blackburn and also I’m also I’m also playing with the boys here so in
Bury it’s it’s really it’s good because I also play the league with them so I get
a lot of exposure and I do a lot of training which helps my skills become
better. With the boys it helps a lot because I do so much with them and it
makes me so strong and Blackburn it’s a professional club so it’s it’s really
difficult but you know with the training that I’m getting in Bury and in the
football with that which I trained with the boys it helps a lot yeah. So my host family I stay with wife,
husband and daughter and they are really really nice they make such good food,
they help when we ask for it or even when we don’t ask and they do as much as
they can like dropping us to the tram station and doing our laundry yeah. In general it’s really good, but it’s
really tough it it helps me become a proper like an individual person, not
relying on anyone, independent and it’s it’s life-changing. In future hopefully I become a
professional footballer if if I don’t I’m hoping to coach a team if any female people want if any female people are human beings that have come
here to train I actually would be all for it because it’s so good it helps it
helps me become a better person a better player and it it’s amazing.

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