Will Ferrell Accidentally Distracts Kid Soccer Players Because of ‘Elf’
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Will Ferrell Accidentally Distracts Kid Soccer Players Because of ‘Elf’

Will. National– national
treasure right here. Come on. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Oh, man. It’s Jennifer Aniston. [CHEERING] Right? Will Ferrell. Will Ferrell. It’s Will Ferrell. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Do the Starbucks Starbox people
know they will not be let out? Ever. OK. Yeah, OK. They’re now sort
of like, you know– No, it’s not a good thing! You have to stay in the box. But they’ll give you a
lifetime limit of coffee. All the coffee you want. Yes, yes, yes. All the chai lattes you want. Oh. They’re gonna be– and
they’ll be bouncing off walls. They’re gonna be jacked. Yeah. Yeah. And in that little room. Pumpkin spice– Ooh, it’s gonna
get messy in there. Yup, yup. [BOTH SIGHING] 1999, that’s the
first time we met. That’s right. On “SNL.” You came to host. I hosted “SNL.” You hosted– did you have fun? I– did I have fun? I had the best time ever. Cause I know we were– We could not– I could not– Oh, look at that! Yes! Oh, oh, it’s the
herpes medication. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I couldn’t– that was that skit. Look how serious I am. Look at you. I’m a serious businessperson. Between making me laugh–
you always made me break and you always broke. And I don’t know if you did
that to make me break or– No, I’m just a bad actor. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Oh. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Interesting. But I remember being
very nervous to meet you and you were so
nice to our cast. And I had grown my hair
out and cut it in a Rachel. Yes! That’s right. You were like, that does
not look good on a man. But you told me gently. Very sweetly. I did. I always do, but I
always do it privately. Right, right. I gave you– did a solid. You didn’t embarrass me. Yeah, yeah. That was fun. That was a good time. Yeah, that was fun. You’re– you’ve been– that’s– that was a
long– so that means– That was– You were about to– wait,
you’re about to– first of all, congratulations, you’re about
to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary? [AUDIENCE CHEERING, APPLAUDING] Yes! So that was– In August. In August. Oh, August, you got a couple
months to screw this up. Yeah, I was gonna
say, Viveca, look out. Oh, Viveca. I might go crazy. [LAUGHING] Well, you guys have
a– now, your wife is– Yeah. Oh, look at her! I know, isn’t she beautiful? She’s Swedish. I don’t know how that happened. Look at that. I don’t know how or why
she picked me, but– Because she love– I do. I get it. It’s her burden to bear. I think it has
something to do, listen, I heard a little bit about– because you know I hear things. Right. You hear– right. Yeah. You hear a lot of things. I hear a lot of things,
especially at this show. Yes. That you do this– you
have a holiday tradition. Yes. My wife is Swedish. Yes. We do a big Swedish
Christmas party. What does that look like? Explain this tradition. And I play– that’s me. That’s you? That’s Tomten, Swedish Santa. What do you call him? Tomten. Tomten? And he wears a very stylish
tunic with a red piece of yarn. That’s a belt? A belt and Tomten– so we have a party for 75 to 100
people, including their kids. Wow! And we get names of all the kids
and Tomten makes an appearance and gives a present to each kid. So you have to come
up in front of Tomten. Now, Tomten doesn’t
just hand you your gift. You have to earn it. Uh-oh. Yeah. This is intense. It’s intense. Are they traumatized
by this or no? It’s intense for me! Yes. It’s like a half-hour
improv session, yeah. [LAUGHING] I’m like, OK, little Bobby,
what, speaks Spanish, OK. Count to five in Spanish. Here we go. And yeah, so I put him
through their paces. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they’re really
nervous, but they are so excited when they earn their– They feel incentivized. –present. And if they can’t, if they’re
too nervous to do anything, I just make them
do five push-ups. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Have you ever
turned a child away? For fitness. No, Tomten never– Never. –turns a child away, which
is an old saying in Swedish. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] It’s a classic saying. This is amazing. Yes. So we do that every year. And that’s elective. That’s a tradition. That’s a tradition. And did you come
up with that name? No, no, that’s– Oh, that’s the name! Oh! So we– It’s like Kris Kringle. Next Christmas, if
you go to Sweden– OK. Are you inviting me? Or is that– Let’s do it. OK. Yeah. So when we go to Stockholm– Yes. –and we’ll just– you can
impress people by asking, when does Tomten arrive? Oh, I can’t wait. I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna impress so
many people in Stockholm. Not really. Well, we’ll see. You probably won’t, but– Listen, today is
your son’s birthday. Yes. Was it– Axel. –today? Today. Axel? Axel is 10 years old. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Oh! Axel, what a great name! How many– you have three boys? We have three boys– Three boys. Axel– Axel– –Mattias– –Mattias– –and Magnus. Magnus. All very common names. Yes. By the way, oh my gosh. But they’re much bigger now. Look how cute! So Axel turned 10. The middle guy, Mattias,
turned 13 in December. Oh boy! And Magnus is about to– 13, you– –turn 16 and start driving. It’s a house of three boys. Three boys. What is that like? So as a parent of three boys– OK, cause that’s a lot of– –it’s a lot of chaos. Yeah. And all parenting rules go
completely out the window. You go from like, all the things
you read about, like conflict resolution, I’m sorry
that your feelings are hurt and interesting, I
hear what you’re saying. However, within five minutes,
like, get upstairs now and brush your teeth! Shut up, OK? I don’t care. Why? Because I said so. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING, CHEERING] It’s like you
become your parents. Yes. Even though I don’t
know if my parents ever told me to shut up. I try not to say that. Well, let’s not– well. It’s like running a small
correctional facility. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I want to get high-powered
water cannons installed so I can just– Hose ’em. Yeah. Just down. 1,600 pounds of pressure,
just up against the wall. Right, right, right, right. Yeah. I get that. Right. Well, we’ll talk
more about how you want to raise your children. God, that’s gonna be a– This is amazing. –crazy engineering feat. We’re gonna have more
with Will Ferrell when we get back
right after this. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] I love this movie! I love this movie. “Downhill,” OK, Will, tell
us what this movie is about. This is a movie, [LAUGHING] OK, sorry. No, this movie– I don’t– Don’t you hate this part? You’re making me laugh. I’m sorry. Yes. That’s what we do, though. No, this is a movie–
this is actually a remake of a Swedish movie
that was called “Force Majeure.” Sure. Everyone’s laughing. No, I’m being serious. He’s being serious. Which is– it’s a story
about a family who go on a ski trip in the
Alps, trying to kinda find some more down time,
family time together. And on their first
day of skiing, an avalanche hits in which
Julia goes to protect the family and I grab my
cellphone and leave. Oh. Only to find out that it
was just a practice one, it was just a very close
call, and that decision on Pete’s part kinda shades
the rest of the trip. Yeah. Yes. And it’s a comedy
that also takes some turns and gets very, very
serious, very real, yeah, very heartfelt about where they
stand with their relationship. Yup. Do you really– how well
do you know your partner? Right. Kind of explores
all of that stuff. Yeah. [ANDY SPEAKING OFFSCREEN] Goddammit. Oh! And I was about to say your
hair is hitting the mic, but I shouldn’t– I– because I love audio stuff. There’s no boom? No. Did you hear anything that
Will Ferrell just said? Oh, my audio was great. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING, APPLAUDING] That’s why he’s the pro, guys. So Will– I just wanna make
sure– there we go. [LAUGHING] Yeah, so it takes some
very interesting turns. It does. It really– literally. But it was– it literally does. Well, you do on skis. Oh, and on skis. I’m just throwing
in a ski thing. You’ve never met– I mean, you’ve never
worked with Julia, but you’ve also never met her? We– the first time we
met was sitting down to talk about doing this movie. How is that possible? I don’t know. You two? Yeah. Two of the most
brilliant comedians– Well, you know about
our feud we had, right? Oh. Yeah. That’s right. Right, I won’t
bring that up here. Right. It’s OK. No, it was just
one of those things where people think
that we should have– You have met. I know. –known each other
and worked together. But– Because people think actors
are in a sort of a club. Exactly. Right, and everybody
knows each other. Right. How– was that the
most beautiful place to shoot a film? Because it looked
like it was paradise. We shot completely on
location in Austria, and it just is one of the
more beautiful places ever. And you’re going to think
a lot of the movie is CGI but it’s all– All you. –this breathtaking scenery. And we stayed in
two resort towns, one which is called Fiss– Fist? Fiss, F-I-S-S, look it up. Not Fist. No. No. No. Fiss. Yeah, yeah. No, no. Fiss, not Fist. That’s the other town. [CLEARING THROAT] They like it. Oh. And then the second– and that’s
a very family-friendly ski resort. And then we– the
other town we filmed in is called Ischgl, which is
known as the Ibiza of the Alps. Uh-oh. And they have a sign when
you drive into the town that says, “Welcome to Ischgl. Relax if you can.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] What? That’s– And it’s just this crazy party
town on the side of a mountain. And people race down at
3:30 in the afternoon to hit the bars at 4:00 PM,
and from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, it’s apres ski and
people get hammered. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Yes. And it’s until 7:00. And it’s till 7:00! Till 7:00 PM. And then, in their ski boots– [STOMPING] [LAUGHING] Oh, gosh. –go to eat dinner. Oh, that’s– But it’s the– it was the
most bizarre place ever. Yeah. But what happened– And that’s where I invited
my wife to come visit me. Right there? Yeah, yeah. That’s good. No joke. No, I wouldn’t– She was like, why are we here? I’m like, I’m sorry,
I should have told– Honey, this is fun. This is Ischgl. Relax if you can. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Yeah, yeah. Great. So there’s another
role that I heard about is that your sons are
playing– are into sports now? They’re all playing
sports, a lot of soccer. A lot of soccer and you are–
you’ve elected to– you– Well– Well, how does that work? I think you’re a ref? In youth soccer–
in AYSO soccer, a lot of the parents have to
get volunteer points, and you– Have to? You have to. You have to volunteer referee. And so a lot of
times I have to– [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I have wear that. Now that’s amazing. Come on. How cute. Look at that. Look at that little outfit. I am ready to call
offside at any time. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] And you’re just going, Fiss! Fiss! But I pull the socks up. And I usually get
through half a game before one of the kids on
an opposing team is like, are you the elf? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING, APPLAUDING] What are you doing here? But they’re in the
middle of a game and they’ll stop and
be like, he’s the elf! And the coach is like, shut up! Get the ball! But the elf is– yeah. So it’s like a distraction. So it’s almost an advantage
for your children. It’s almost an advantage
to throw the– yeah. Yeah. That’s so smart! Oh, it’s all tactical. Yeah. I like it. All right, well,
speaking of games, guys, we’re gonna play
a game after this. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] OK!


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