Why feeding Wolf Tucker is important to Craig Hampson & James Gaskell
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Why feeding Wolf Tucker is important to Craig Hampson & James Gaskell

hi I’m Craig Hampson professional rugby
player and I’ve been using Wolf Tucker for three years. I’ve two dogs Hank and Frank both Staffies. I’ve decided to use… Wolf Tucker because as I have to take
care of my diets with being a rugby player I have to really be conscious about
what I’m eating and look after myself that way I thought I should do the same
for my dogs and I wanted to make sure they had the most species appropriate
diet so we chose the raw fed raw fed style of her feeding and we went with
Wolf Tucker because we thought it was the most balanced and had the most most
natural ingredients and the quality of the food is outstanding and we’ve seen a huge
change in the dogs since we started using it their coats and their
skin is fantastic. Hank had a bit of skin issues before we started using it
and it’s completely cleared up now Frank’s a bit younger, he’s a puppy and
we’ve had him on it since… he was born really and he’s been really
really happy with it he’s grown really well. So I’d recommend using raw
food for anyone and Wolf Tucker is definitely the place to go. Hi I’m James
Gaskell and I’m a professional rugby player. got a dog called Reggie and seeing as diet is a big part of my life I also make it a big part of my dog’s. Wolf Tucker was the
natural company to go to they’re an award winning company with great human
quality ingredients. The dog loves the fact he gets lamb, chicken, duck and a
variety of stuff every day and I’d recommend to anyone who’s either got a
dog or looking to get one.


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