What’s inside a Billiard Ball?
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What’s inside a Billiard Ball?

– Hey, welcome back! I’m
Dan and this is Lincoln. We are here to cut open
another ball today, and today’s ball is the billiard ball. We’ve got the magic eight ball, we ordered this online, we’ve never played pool with it, it’s a authentic pool billiard ball. We’re going to need the
electric saw today for this one, I can’t do it with my regular saw so it’ll be quite the adventure because it’s kind of hard to
hold this thing on the saw but we’ll give it our best shot. All right, so here’s the eight ball, we’re gonna cut this thing open. Lincoln decided that he
wants to cut it right here? So that way we don’t
cut on the eight part. I have my little fancy stick, we’ll see if that actually
helps stabilize it. This could be an interesting experiment. Okay. Get down there. Hopefully this works. (motor starts) I think we did it! (laughs) Ahh, it’s funny. All right, let’s check it out Lincoln. Here we go! – You need to wipe it off. – All right. Here you go, that’s one
of them, check it out, what do you think? There now it’s broken even more. (laughs) All right, here’s what’s inside of it. What’s inside Link? – It’s white, it’s really hard. – You can see it looks
like, I mean it obviously what you would think
it would be, it’s just solid plastic all the way through. It looks really white, I
don’t know if that’s from – [Lincoln] The saw.
– [Dan] the saw, probably from the saw but… – I bet it’s black so can see black – That was much easier than
I thought it was gonna be. What about it?
– [Lincoln] Thought it was – [Dan] It’s pretty cool?
– [Lincoln] gonna explode and just go everywhere. – All right, there you go! I’m Dan and this is Lincoln and that’s what’s inside of an eight ball or a billiard call. Thanks for watching and if you
have any other suggestions, leave us a comment and subscribe to our channel and we will continue to cut things open. Thanks for watching.


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