• James Spalding

    its not a mixture of any sports. its older than soccer basketball and rugby also hurling is thousands of years old

  • breezy

    ..Says the American with, quite possibly, one of the most BORING sports I have ever seen. Our guys have more passion and don't even get paid for playing the sport they love.

  • rk9atx

    Im an American of Irish descent. I love watching these clips online of Gaelic Football because it has the pace of soccer games mixed with the faster movements of the NFL (American Football) compared too how slow NFL games can be. If these teams have the skills of Ladamian Tomilison or Randy Moss to run and catch the balls then whatever team they are on will kick ass.

    ps: American Football is not the most boring sport in the world. It is rugby mixed with strategy and better ball movements.

  • Tony Niknejad

    are you free to bounce as many times on a solo run, or do you have to alternate between a bounce and a self-kick? In America, many players might feel more comfortable just bouncing (from basketball experience).

  • Tony Niknejad

    pardon me for trying to expand your game to other parts of the world. god forbid that anything irish become popular outside of ireland,

  • nelsitorocks

    thts y no one plays it in north amaerica… got it… n all thts for girls they dont even hit american football all da way

  • spikeyapples

    if you mean soccer, than USA's achieved more at World Cup, than Ireland, Mexico, Romania, or Denmark; and actually even beat England once 😉

  • spikeyapples

    i heard though that the trauma levels in soccer are higher; probably cause there's no protective gear..so in a way it's a 'tougher' sport

  • spikeyapples

    well, you see, that's why Gaelic football isn't a world sport quite yet: no professionalism, no money involved..too much moral principles is sometimes bad:) i form once wish GF was as popular as soccer or at least baseball, it'd be great to have such a diversity in the world sports department. GF is a really entertaining game, unlike soccer it's fierce action all the time; too bad the world is largely oblivious to this sport

  • Chris

    no you havent ireland has beaten england twice one of which had to be ended because the england fans caused a riot and when has america ever beaten italy….oh yea you havent well we have!!!!!!!!!!!

  • spikeyapples

    dude, check your facts: USA 1-0 England at World Cup 1950 in Brazil; as for England vs Ireland, they played to a draw at World Cup-90, while Ireland beat England at euro-88– still went out at the group stage. as for beating Italy, that was early in 94; Italy often starts slow, but they still got to the final, unlike Ireland 🙂 whereas England never even beat Italy in any meaningful games at all

  • Daire Mc Cormac

    im from ireland and we dont call it bog ball u tube ok

    i play both sports and hurlings more skillfull
    gaelic is better

  • Semir313

    Never heard of gealic football…So its like soccer but u can use your hands ?…and if u guys call this football does that mean Ireland just like U.S and Canada calls soccer soccer also lol

  • Philip Kennedy

    @riseingstur your well entitled to your opinions and im as hor a united ireland as much as anyone but please can we leave the politics out of our sport? just saying like i play hurling with and against protestants and indeed include them in my close family. lets keep the gaa clean tho. thanks

  • CavemanSynthesizer

    As far as the padding goes, this actually allows players to hit harder on tackles – similar to how boxing gloves actually allow fighters to strike with more force without damaging their hands.
    American football isn't for everyone, but anyone who says it's for "fags" is ignorant. I've got nothing against other types of football but American football has more impact at the tackle than any other type of football.

  • Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy

    couldn't a really good goalkeeper be a successful footballer, like the transiiton players make from league to union, not that you would want to I guess its your game, I only just seen it as I am English and they don't show it in England at all.

  • gerrygadrumsee

    Gealic is the best mix of speed skill and strength faster than most other sports and supriseinly hard hitting and by the way its not a mix of rugby or soccer its older than both of these sports

  • stoneyquarter991

    depends where u live sporting preferences and time of year.Gaelic football is played mainly in rural areas and big towns in the summer.soccer is played in the cities mainly in the winter,but the top irish league is played in the summer,but does get much support ,english soccer gets most of the attention and that is played in the winter.Too distinguish the two sports u usually say gaelic and soccer.If your favourite sport is soccer u will call it football if its gaelic u will call it football.

  • stoneyquarter991

    professionalism is not all its cracked up to be.We would like gaelic footballers to be able to represent their country playing gaelic football,but in the meantime it is an irish sport extremely popular here and americans don,t get to worried about american football and baseball played only in american do they

  • spikeyapples

    actually no, baseball is very popular in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and many Latin American nations, also they play it in Holland and Italy. they started in '05 baseball world classic, and it was won 2 times by Japan and then by Dominican Rep. anyhow, every sport in its 'original' form is a national sport, soccer included, yet on the other hand, these sports in different versions always existed in many countries, and if GS came to foray, it'd be super swell 🙂

  • spikeyapples

    maybe ball movement in American football is better, but they can pass it over and over again in rugby, and in AF it's only once, i trust, and by the quarterback. now, as 'Hurricane Helms used to say, 'WHATCHUP WITH DAT?!'

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