What Happens To Us? | Girls Girls Girls Ep. 5 (Season Finale)
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What Happens To Us? | Girls Girls Girls Ep. 5 (Season Finale)

Kim! I’m so stressed out that nationals are approaching. Do you feel stressed? I bet you don’t since you’re so experienced. I wish I could’ve started earlier like you. But my primary school didn’t have netball. I’m so lucky that Coach let me in. He said I had natural instinct, so I guess that’s why he let me in. What the fuck? Oh my God. I got in? Guys! I got in! (Kim sighs) (indistinct noise) Coach. Mmm. Dad. Yes, Kimberly? Why did you kick me out of the team? No. You’re still in the team. No, I’m not in the lineup this year. Ya. And it’s my last year. I know. Why? Look Kimberly. I know you work very hard. But I want you to know it was a tough choice to make. Tough choice? I’ve been in the school team for years! Ya, I know. But not this year, okay? Why not Dad? Just say it! It’s not that you’re untalented Kimberly. You have a bright future ahead of you. Dad! You’re a talented netball player but you’re not talented enough for this year’s lineup. Okay? Just focus on your studies. (Kim kicks netball cage) Kimberly. (whistle blow) Come on Rachel. You can do better than this. Next! (whistle blow) I hate your Dad eh. Me too. He’s such a shithead. Kicked you out of the team still make us do NAPFA. Already told him I got my menses. Stop it Rachel. Ya, you’re not making things any better. Oh my goodness! Oh shit. Sorry Kim. Are you okay? Do you want to go to the sick bay? (whistle blow) Are you sure? Sure not? (Kim falls) Oh shit. (Kim groaning) Oh my God. Blood! Shut up Rachel! Oh my God, Kim. Are you okay? Alright everyone. Take five. I’ll bring her to the sick bay. It’s as if she’s dead. Jacq. No really, it’s as if she’s at a morgue. Wait, what’s a morgue? Seriously? Rachel. What? How to spell? M-o-r-g-u-e. But that’s morgue what. No! (laughter) Stop laughing! Is this a joke? Is this funny? No. No? Everything’s a joke to you guys right? You don’t even know how much this means to me. But we do. No you don’t! You have never dreamt of anything in your life! Eh. What? You. You stole money from your poor mother just so that you can go to Starbucks. How stupid is that? She’s not stupid. You’re stupid too! You think what? Just because you study a little bit harder now that can magically make you the top student? Grow up Rachel! And me? Just because we don’t know what’s going on with you doesn’t mean we don’t care. You’re not better than us. I didn’t say that. We know what you said. Let’s go. (indistinct chatter) Like that? Stop it. I’ve very bad at this. Oh my God, Cassie is so cute eh! Okay. Come, let’s try it again. Shall we go for water break? I’m super tired. Sorry guys, I gotta go already. -Ya, tomorrow got shoot early in the morning.
-Where you going? Sorry, byebye! Bye! Eh, now not enough people eh. How ah? You want to ask or not? You ask ah, I scared. Hi! Do you want to join us? We’re missing one person. Come join us la, I mean like, we not very good ah. We just kinda suck especially like Sandra but like, y’know. -Eh.
-Just join us la. -I can say that because I’m your friend. No, it’s okay. You sure? Yes I’m sure. Okay. Can I see your glasses? Why so dirty one? Give it back. I can’t see without them. Woah. Oh my God, can I try also? Please, please, please Cassie? -Why is your degree so bad?
-I cannot see without them. Please Cassie. Hi. Can I join? -Yeah.
-No. Why would you want to join us? We’re just stupid people who need to grow up what. What are you doing? Oh my God. I said all those things… I said all those things because you’re my people. I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry. I’m the stupid one. Kim. We love you too. She got say she love us meh? Tsk. I know what she meant. Great. Now we have to forgive her too. Move, let her sit. It’s already so squeezy here. Do you really think I’m stupid? No. You’re still going to help me with my homework right? Yes, I’ve been helping you right? Okay. Jacq. I’m sorry about what I said about you and your mum. It’s okay. I don’t even like Starbucks anyway. It’s nice what. No, it’s just overpriced coffee. Last time you said you like it. No. I never said that. That’s because you never try the correct flavour. What flavour? White choc frappe! You know that has like no coffee inside right? Then why is it called Starbucks coffee? I don’t know, ask them la. It doesn’t have coffee inside. I really ask ah. Go ask la. Who do I call? (laughter) Or I just ask the cashier? Ya. So weird. (laughter)


  • Not Safe For TV

    Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed the finale – it's been quite a journey for us too. If you loved it as much as we did, share it with a friend! Because, what better way to watch a series than to binge the whole thing?

    Look out for a small epilogue coming next week, as well as a fresh slew of short films in 2020. If you're interested in the making of the series and exclusive BTS content, we'll be sharing more on our IG page (@nsftv) in the coming weeks. Talk soon!

  • Christine Vergara

    Damn, finale? I loved everything about this, and resonated so much with my secondary life. Lepaking at playgrounds and eating 7-11, to Starbucks being too expensive, to bimbo moments like this.

  • Sunanda Goh

    Though the story is not as close to heart to me as One Take, this series is honestly so much better than One Take and showed how much you guys grown after One Take. Honestly felt that this channel is way too underrated. Love how NSFTV's series always start with an intro and slowly introduce everyone's backstory. Love the one take shots in couple of the episodes that really made the flow of the scene seems fluid. Honestly i can continue writing about million of things I love about the series.

    Really looking forward to see more of your work!

  • WaffleCat

    I saw on an Insta comment that Claire was on the noticeboard at 0:36. Double checked, yep, she's there. This is the establishment of the NSFTV Cinematic Universe.

  • cheriise

    love the rawness of this series. it resonates with every singaporean girl, both young and old, which highlights the perennial secondary school experience every girl has. also the introduction of cassandra possibly being gay was a nice transition and not forced at all, and i found myself relating to her a lot.

  • Noel Soo

    hands down better than any Mediacorp drama I watch, the acting is so natural and so relatable. Please more of these Singaporean content!

  • jerrylijah

    Really love how well-written each of the characters are. Kim's ambition and it's implications, both positive and negative are really relatable! Thanks for shedding light into real Singaporean issues, ya'll are a gift to society legit 🙂

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