Undulation Rope Workout : Rope Pulling Exercises for Undulation
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Undulation Rope Workout : Rope Pulling Exercises for Undulation

RASUL AHMED DAVIS: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Rasul Davis and my company is Punch Kettlebell Gym, New York City and I’m going
to be showing you how to use ropes for undulation. Okay, a very important exercise for people–and
if you noticed, everything I’ve talked about is functional movement, functional, meaning
things that you actually would do, not like laying on the bench, lifting a heavy weight
that nobody would ever do, unless you’re a power lifter, or something like that, and
that’s your sport, okay? For the rest of us, I’m going to show you about how to train yourself
for climbing ropes. This is part one. Grab the rope, I put it over the pull-up bar and
what I’m going to do is to just pull the full length of the rope as fast as I can. So I
just keep pulling and what this is doing, this is actually training me to get ready
to do ropes. And as you see, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this because
the rope gets tangled up a little bit. But now, I can keep pulling and that’s going to
work for me, okay? That’s part one.

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