UKCC Level 3 – Principles of Attack: Go Forward and Support

Right so what we’re going to look at is one of the attacking principles it’s going to be go forward and we’re also going to look at support The first game we’re going to go into is a game of two touch touch So once you’ve been touched once You get a second touch, it has to be a different player it can’t be one touch then a second touch by the same player What we want to look at is having your support players about a metre either side of where the ball carrier is is having your support players about a metre either side of where the ball carrier is So we can look at quick play and hopefully get through some of the gaps Does anybody have any questions on that? Hold it there Remember what we said at the start about the support play About a metre either side How far back are you? Player: About 3m. Right, so move in nice and close Play from there Right Girls, in you get quickly So how did you find that went so far? Players: Fine, Good What’s the one thing we did really well? Players: Passing? Support? Coach: Think about the noise you were making? Communcation This time just work on getting the support in close Can I get four volunteers to defend? 3 of you up first, with the ball What we’re going to look at here Kind of in line with the game that you were playing So it’s going to be a 3v1, then 3v1 Once you get passed the second defender You’re going to come round the corner As your three and attack 3v2 down a slightly wider channel So what’s one of the things you need to look at? We talked about it earlier Get our support play about a metre either side Defenders just put a bit of pressure, no tackling What’s one of the things we did really well there? Communcation’s been really really good What’s one thing we’re still kind of lacking? The support plays actually been pretty good It’s your spacing One other thing, once you get the ball round the corner how many of us are just jogging up? and letting the defenders come to us Really come forward, go at the defenders Draw the defenders in and look to make that pass You know your support player is now going to be there Because we’ve been working on it Really take the defenders on first and then try and move the ball If you can, move the ball before the defender gets to you If not, you can still take that touch and then just give the pass Remember support play nice and close and lets really try and take the defenders on especially when we get round this corner What would you say has imporved from the first game to when we went into that drill The support play is a bit better and being aware of actually how much space you’ve got Because when you were working in that tight channel, you don’t have much space to work with Although in the next area you have two defenders, you have a lot more area to work with Keep an eye on your spacing In a game if we go down the blindside, what have we got? Less space and when we go round the openside we have tonnes of space This drill is just trying to replicate that Keep going forward as much as we can and try and get the offloads in So it’s still two touches But after your first touch, you have to make a pass If you get touched a second time, it’s then a turnover So after your first touch, you have to offload Get the support play in nice and tight What’s one thing you;ve noticed differently from that game to the first game you played Players: It gets faster, quicker Is there more or less pressure on you? Players: More Have you noticed more or less dropped balls? Players: More So when we have that added pressure, because it’s going to come in a game We need to still stay focussed Attackers still need to come in tight Just for this game We’re now spreading out nice and wide But we want those support players in nice and tight That’s your focus, getting the support players in tight We’re going to stick to that same kind of game But what we’re going to do now is Once you’ve made the tackle So once you have touched someone You then have to drop off and touch your own tryline and then come back into the game. Create a bit more space for the attackers Hopefully getting them moving the ball a bit quicker Because sometimes, especially close to the try line We just have one up, one up, one up (Crash Ball) What was the first thing I said we were going to look at? Players: Support And? Players: Go Forward Two big things we really improved on? Communication was actually really good throughout Spacing was one. Players: Support and actually going forwards That support was really good, just think about that metre either side

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