TSL Plays: Family Feud 3.0 (2019 Rewind Edition)
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TSL Plays: Family Feud 3.0 (2019 Rewind Edition)

You are my sun-flo-wer. – Ok, that’s enough.
– Oi! Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays, where we will be playing a game of Family Feud: 2019 Rewind Edition. I’m your host, Lun Harvey. And here are the rules. We are the…
Dysfunctional… Denims. We are… Black Hood! There are top 6 Internet lingos and your job is to guess accurately. On a count of 3.
1, 2, 3. [Screams] I’m guessing it’s slang. – Gucci?
– Gucci. Gucci? What kind of Gucci? – The brand Gucci?
– Like, you know… Just sayin’ guys. (Wei Lun) Ok, Gucci. Do we have the answer? – Unfortunately, no.
(Sew laughs) – What’s your answer?
– Oof. – Woof.
– Like ‘oof’. O-O-F. – Woof.
– No, no, no. – It’s like ‘oof, you’re so handsome’.
– O-O-F. Ok. So the answer is ‘oof’ – do we have ‘oof’? And yes we have – it’s at #6. It’s my favorite. Alright. So we’ll move on to Sew – do you have an answer? – I love you 3000.
– Aww. – I love you too.
– No, not you. ‘I love you 3000’. Do we have ‘I love you 3000’? – One?
– It’s number 1! What I have in mind is ‘ya yeet’. Sounds like a great answer. – Y-E-E-T.
– Yeet. Do we have ‘yeet’ on the board?
No, I’m sorry, guys. Black Hood – now it’s your chance to win the game again.
Angelo. Do you have an answer? – ‘Ok boomer’.
– Oh damn. – Do we have ‘ok boomer’ on the board?
– Yeah! Nice. I’m really curious about the answers. ‘I love you 3000’ – I think that was quite… – If I tried, I would have got it.
– Nah, I don’t think so. – Bolin, how about you give it a try.
– Try ah? K never mind. I will just give the same answers. Number 2 is VSCO Girl. – Oh…
– Number 3… Is something that I’d say a lot.
FOMO. I was kinda on the right path… #5 is a classic called TTYL. What?! 20 years ago everyone was already using ‘ttyl’. You know why? I think our parents just got to know about ‘TTYL’. So they went to search. Oh… For the second round we have top trending movies.
We have top 7 searches. – Zina and Sew, are you ready?
– Very ready! – On the count of 3.
– Ok, ok, ok. 1, 2, 3. – Endgame.
– Is Endgame on the board? (Julian) Is that the only title? You must complete it. Avengers – number one. – Woah!
– Bolin, what’s your answer? Frozen II! Damn. Is Frozen II on the board? – Obviously not…
– Yes! – He was confident somemore sia.
– Bolin… Frozen II! – Do you have your answer, Denim?
– Joker. – Do we have Joker on the board? It is no. 3!
– Yes! Now, Julian. Do you have a favorite movie in 2019? – Toy Story 4.
– Toy Story 4 – is that your final answer? Yeah. – Toy Story 4… is no. 6!
– You’re amazing! Alright, Brenda. Now is a win or lose situation. – More Than Blue.
– Huh? Yawns. We win already. – Aladdin!
– Lock it in! Aladdin! Is Aladdin on the board? It’s no.4! Yay! Coming in at no. 2, we have… Captain Marvel. Oh…
It’s this year? – Coming in at no. 5…
– Oh! How can we, Angelo? How can we? – Not bad.
– What’s ‘Weathering With You’? Coming in at the last position – we have ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’! Oh my God! Round 3 – what’s the category?
We have… songs. Right now, we have top 7 searches.
1, 2, 3. Bolin, what’s your answer? – Senorita!
– Ok, what does it sound like? Is it on the board?
It is… number 1! – Angelo?
– Old Town Road. Old Town Road – is it on the board?
It is number… … Nothing. Denims – now it’s your chance to fight back. Do you have an answer, Julian? I thought Gangnam Style also. My answer is…
Bad Guy. What?! Ok – my final answer is ‘Bad Guy’. Your answer is ‘Bad Guy’. Is ‘Bad Guy’ on the board?
No, it’s not! – It’s Billie Eilish!!!
– She’s not on the board? Black Hood. Now is your chance to fight back. – The National Day song…
– Elope. Leh Lah Lor… Oh, I think I know already. Oh, Denim. I’m sorry. No!!! – They confirm say Kpop.
– ‘Boy With Luv’. – ‘Boy With Luv’ – is that your final answer?
– Yes. It’s not on the board.
Black Hood! – Umm… ‘Kill This Love’.
– Is that your final answer? ‘Kill This Love’ – is it on the board? – It’s not.
– I know!!! – Gangnam Style.
– Wait!!!! Ok, lock it in! Gangnam Style. Sunflower. Bear in mind – if Denim gets this right, they will get the point.
Is ‘Sunflower’ on the board? It’s no. 7! Oh my God. Sew wants to sing it.
5, 6, 7, 8. [Off key] Coz you’re my sun-fla-wer. – Ok that’s enough.
– Oi! Ok, let’s reveal all the 5 remaining searches. No. 2 – it’s ‘7 Rings’. Oh… No. 3 – Shallow! – Oh yeah.
– It’s this year? No. 4 – Aladdin was a trending movie, so it would be… ‘A Whole New World’! No. 5… It’s ‘Memories’ by Maroon 5. I told you… Lastly, no. 6 is… ‘Speechless’. – Round 4: The topic is about holiday destinations.
– Whoa… Ok. On the count of 3.
1, 2… San (three). – Ok, good. Angelo?
– Bali. Bali. Do we have Bali on the board? – Apparently no.
– Huh? It’s not trending at all. Ok, Brenda. Now it’s your chance to play. – Taiwan.
– Do we have the answer ‘Taiwan’ on the board? Taiwan is a country. I will take it, because it’s Taipei. – Ok, now. Moving along the row… Sew.
– Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo, Japan. It’s a popular place.
Is it on the board? – Apparently it’s not.
– Oh!!! – Black Hood – Zina?
– Bangkok? Bangkok – it is indeed no. 1 on the board! That means one point for Black Hood. Is Seoul on the board?
It’s number 6. Is ‘Singapore’ on the board- Googled by Singaporeans? – It’s not.
– Manila. Let’s just reveal the answers.
Number 2 is Perth. – Oh…
– (Julian) Harbin! – No. 3 is…
– London.
– Oh…
– (Julian) Harbin! – No. 3 is…
– London. – Number 4 is. M… Melbourne.
– Myanmar. – Number 5 issss…
– Seattle!
– Sydney. The last category is Singapore events. It’s something that TSL provides. On the count of 3. Ready? I’m practicing!
I haven’t got to touch the bell et. [Screaming]
I’m practicing only. 1, 2, 3. Angelo, what’s your answer? – SEA Games. F1.
– Is F1 on the board? F1 is… no. 5! – Now, Zina. Onto you.
– Ultra. Ultra. Is Ultra on the board? Ultra is not. – Ultra is not on the board.
– Shit… – Brenda, what’s your answer?
– The U2 concert. It’s a very good answer, but is it on the board? – It’s not.
– Come – Black Hood. – Bolin.
– JJ Lin’s concert! JJ Lin’s concert – is it number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6? – It’s not! Back to you, Denims.
– Oh, damn. NDP. National Development Parade. Is it on the board?
It is… not. Ok, Angelo. – Artbox.
– Artbox! Do we have Artbox on the board? And the answer is number 6. And that means that Black Hood gains one point! Number 4… it’s actually the National Day Rally. Whaaat? – Number 3 is a concert.
– Bicentennial. You wanna guess whose concert? – Coldplay.
– Backstreet Boys. Come on guys. Think. – Jay Chou.
– Blackpink. – Music… Singapore.
– BTS. – The Sam Willows.
– It’s Ed Sheeran, guys. Oh yeah. No. 2 is a place that millennials would love to go. Producer, please reveal no. 2. – Singapore Night Festival.
– What’s that? – At night one…
– Yeah, I thought it’s the daytime one. No. 1 is a little out of Singapore’s context. A particular event or place… Oh! The Taiwanese Night Market. Please reveal no. 1.
Shilin Night Market. (Bolin rambling in the background)
F1 and Ed Sheeran are too expensive. I can listen to (Ed Sheeran) on Spotify. I don’t know what’s the Night Festival.
I can listen to (Ed Sheeran) on Spotify. I don’t know what’s the Night Festival. Then I dunno what la. Shilin Night Market and Artbox has a lot of queues. I don’t want. Then National Day Rally I don’t know. – (Julian) F1 you can listen also.
– (Bolin) My ear very pain. Oh my God.
You look like Crayon Shin Chan. – Say something.
– Say ‘Mama…’ ???? And Black Hood wins the game! Think we will lose?
We win hor. What did you guys think about the game? I’m more surprised that National Day Rally was more popular than the Parade. Really? I would think that the Rally is more popular. Yeah, I think so. It really addresses all the key issues that Singapore… – You don’t even watch.
– You don’t even listen to it!!! You watch? Name me one thing PM Lee said this year. – The age of smoking increased.
– To? – To twenty…
– One. One. Obviously never read the news. And this is a very good move. Because in today’s society, Tobacco has been killing and plaguing… Thank you for watching this episode of TSL Plays.
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And watch our other videos over there. And we actually have Part 1 of Family Feud, so just go and watch. – Then the Part 2 is by me.
– There is part 1 and 2. Bye!


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