Training Day With Scooter #WithCaptions
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Training Day With Scooter #WithCaptions

So it’s kind of early in the morning here But Scooter and I, We are doing some training Because with service dogs you gotta keep them [claps twice] You know. On their toes So lets see. I don’t have any treats in my hands. My bag is all the way over there Let’s see if we can do some crying response [crying noises] GOOD BOY! Look at this baby. This baby is gentle Is only 17 months My happy boy. Ok. Thank you. Thank you Ok off. OFF! I’ve had Scooter for…. Since he was a baby so I think. 16 months No.. 15 months. I’ve had him for 15 months And he’s my life Paws up. On the table. Paws up on the table. Thank you Look at the baby. Hi! Off!! Sit! Paws up! *inhales sharply* OW! OW Paws up. right here GOOD BOY! ok ok ok Off Who’s there? Who’s there? Go Check! Good! Yes! Who’s there? No. Who’s there? Go check! Go Check! Yes good! YAYPUPPY So after playtime… What? Playtime? After training we usually have a little bit of playtime And my sister is going to boarding school so it’s kinda messy But after training we have a bit of play time So shall we see what we have? What do we want to play with today? This one and this one So with are chewy tug toys And let’s see who this goes Ok so that was our morning.. Training session. I think I’m going to back to sleep and have a nap Because it is way too early for me to be awake And I think I’ve used up most of todays spoons by doing all of that high energy YAYPUPPY stuff So I hope you enjoyed the video I hope this gave you some ideas?? Of what a training session looks like. This was a really fun light hearted one. We didn’t really work on much So there will be another video about when we have “serious” training days But anyway I will see you later. Bye!


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