Top 5 truques utilizados por PRO no Dream League Soccer
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Top 5 truques utilizados por PRO no Dream League Soccer

Save folks one more
video for the channel, today I decided to bring you 5 tricks
that the best players use in the game, there are players who have,
very good ball touch, very good team defense,
have a very good attack, then I’ll bring
some tips for you, if you like the video I’ll bring
more videos like this for you, before continuing with the video,
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to all followers there, continuing the video, the first thing I want to talk about
for you it’s about big players are the players above 2 meters, many think a team with all
players like that will be invincible, think they will win all
matches and all championships, not quite in reality, big players are meant to play
center back and center forward, these are the positions that
uses these types of players, you put them as sides,
or half left or half right, it’s bad for the player not
have so much speed, in a creeping ball match,
small players always win, they are very good at
high balls and crosses, the second thing that
I want to talk to you, it’s the little players, small players are
much better to play, better than the tall players,
but of course you have to know how to play with them, small players have a tag
better because it’s faster, in a long ball, if you have one small player and one tall player,
the little one usually ends up winning, are the 1.70 players
they beat bigger players, it may happen that some he misses,
but most of them will always win, so I recommend merging
tall and small players, put tall players to play
center back and center forward, and the remains of the players
make a team more mixed, make a team of smaller players, on the sides I recommend
put average players, there are a lot of people who started
play the game shortly, a lot of them don’t know the
which is this ‘B’ in the game, when the player has this ‘B’,
means he’s ambidextrous, he can kick or touch
the ball with 2 legs, he has the same quality with both legs, are very good players,
this is the third tip, always use players who are ambidextrous,
use them you will notice the difference, they miss a few goals and
kick from any position, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar, you can put them
anywhere in the field, the fourth trick that
I want to talk to you, it’s a side trick,
a lot of people don’t know this trick, you may have already played with
someone you went and scored the goal, your opponent was and on leaving
ball kicked the ball in his side, he is already confident that you will
miss the side and he will score, it happens a lot in the game,
it’s very easy to do, you kick the ball into the
side of your opponent, and try to tag the player
of your opponent, he will try to launch this side
for any of your players, but your player always ends up getting train that a lot,
it’s a tip for you, you will take a goal,
the game will be in 90 minutes, so you don’t touch the ball
and the game is over you will do it, you kick the ball in
side of your opponent, use this tip only when taking
goals at the end of the first half, or at the end
from the second half, forward your team and organize it,
if your opponent attacks the game ends, your team being in attack
he had hardly hit the side, when he misses the side
you take and try to score, works great and several
players do it, the fifth and last tip,
this tip is one of the best, this is one of the best
dribbling to do, it’s a dribble that works great,
the fifth tip is the dry cut, the game has a big mistake, when you take a dry cut your
opponent cannot catch the ball, I’ll show you this cut, just you are running to one side
and turn the analog to the other side, it’s the direction button,
turn him the other way, train this cut a lot,
to use in many ways, you will hardly miss,
works great with small players, with tall players gets
a little harder, already with smaller players
it’s a little better, you see some bids
and draw your conclusions, I’ve scored several goals like this, I always train before
to bring this to you, if you like the video,
I will bring you more videos like this, there are players who play a lot, I’ll get the tips facing
them and bring to you, God bless you
life of each of you, until the next video
and be with God, I went.


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