Top 10 Worst Detroit Sports Memories of the Decade
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Top 10 Worst Detroit Sports Memories of the Decade

What’s going on everyone? This is
Benjamin Raven and I cover the Detroit Lions for Now with the end of
the decade insight, the calendars about to turn to 2020, let’s open up some old
wounds, pour a little salt in it just for old times sake and let’s run through the
ten sports moments all of you Detroit fans would like to forget;
covering the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, and Detroit Pistons.
And let me just say; lifelong Michigander here going through this list, opening
these backup. This has been a rough decade here for Detroit sports
fans. So let’s start with the number 10 spot. The Detroit Red Wings remember they
were in the playoffs every year? That was fun right? In the 2013 Western Conference
semifinals they led the number one seed and eventual Stanley Cup champions
Chicago Blackhawks three games to one. Now they went on to lose the next three
straight games. The Red Wings lost game seven in Chicago by a goal in overtime.
So this was just the last feeling of hope for you Red Wings fans
out there. Now number nine also comes from 2013. The Detroit Tigers trailed the
Boston Red Sox three games to two and game six of the ALCS and then all hell
broke loose. The Red Sox hit a grand slam and walked their way to the World Series
as the Tigers went home. And honestly was the last time this team came this close
to the World Series because the next year they were swept out of the playoffs
and it’s been a little rough since then. Number 8. June 2nd, 2010 Armando Galarraga
takes a perfect game 9th inning two outs, grounders hit to Miguel Cabrera,
Galarraga covers first base clearly, clearly an out for number 27 and the
perfect game. But first-base off Jim Joyce calls the runner safe and Galarraga has
to work another out loses his no-hitter, loses his perfect game, it’s such a
heart-wrenching moment. Now it’s considered the 28 out perfect game.
It’s the perfect game with an asterisk. To this day you can feel the life of
Comerica Park gets sucked out of it. Now number seven represents the Detroit
Lions first crack at this list. It’s week 13, 2015. The Lions are hanging on to dire
playoff hope. Aaron Rodgers has got a free play due to a controversial
facemask penalty and he throws a moon ball
to the top afford field that some thought was gonna clip the ceiling
instead, it falls in the hands of tight-end Richard Rodgers. 27:23 Packers. The
Lions finished the year 7-9 and missed the playoffs and…. Now number six might
seem a little harsh to some but let’s be real. It’s the Detroit Pistons as a whole.
Their existence. 2010 to 2019. Six different head coaches, one interim head
coach in that span, two playoff appearances 0-8 in the playoffs, two
sweeps and they have one season where they finished above 500. But the
franchise seems stuck in a state of mediocrity and they haven’t won a
playoff series in more than a decade! Pistons fans haven’t had anything to talk
about in about 15 years. Number 5 is Calvin Johnson’s unexpected retirement
after the 2015 season. This one hurt not only because of what a special talent
Calvin was and how much he most likely still had left in the tank, but that it
was such a familiar feeling for Lions fans. You know just 17 years prior to
this move Barry Sanders also announced his retirement at the age of 30.
Shockwaves through the Detroit Lions fan base and just Lions fans have been
through at…all except for Championships. Now number four, the Detroit Tigers. This
is a recent one 2019. They lose 114 games in the regular
season and at the end of the year they watch their former rotation from 2013
all win World Series rings. That’s right. Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez, David
Price and Rick Porcello and Justin Verlander won his in 2017. Five games off
of their record for futility in the MLB while watching all five of their
former guys win rings elsewhere. That’s about the perfect encapsulation to where
Tigers baseball is right now heading into the new decade. Now number three is
one of the most impressive streaks in the modern era of sports coming to an
end. After 25 consecutive postseason appearances the Detroit Red Wings missed
the playoffs in 2017. Now while the last couple of years of the streak weren’t
exactly highly competitive, it was still a source of pride for Detroit Red Wings
fans. Now the team is without Joe Louis arena, hockey town, the allure of hockey town
has faded away…but there is optimism with Steve Yzerman back in town running
the ship. Number two. Now I expect some arguments in the comments section or
perhaps in my email INBOX for this one on the placement of this list. Feel free
to direct your hate mail towards me. The Detroit Tigers getting swept in the 2012
World Series. Now after sweeping the Yankees in the
ALCS the Tigers had a ton of time off because the Giants needed seven games in
the NLCS just to reach the World Series. The Tigers were ridin’ high. Miguel
Cabrera just come off his triple crown season. His first of two MVPs, Justin
Verlander is starting Game one of the World Series and then Pablo Sandoval happened…
Two homers off JV, three altogether in game one. And the Giants clinched the series
back in Detroit in game four in extra innings just to add insult to injury. Now
number one on this list is the Detroit Lions losing in extremely controversial
fashion to the Dallas Cowboys in the 2014 NFC wild-card game.
The Lions had the lead late in the game when Matthew Stafford dropped backed and
targeted tight end Brandon Pettigrew. Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens was
in coverage and it appeared that he interfered with Pettigrew on the play. The
flag was thrown, the officials convened and the flag was picked up. Sam Martin
came on to punt shanked one out of bounds 10 yards and then Tony Romo led
the Cowboys down the field for the game-winning touchdown drive and the
Lions got two more cracks at the ball but fumbled both aways. This one stinks so
bad because the Lions were staring down their first playoff victory in nearly a
quarter-century. Now this one is number one because when you see a billboard
complaining about the officials in the metro Detroit or Detroit area, think of
this game right here. The impact is still lasting to this day. Now that’s my top 10
list for the decade, whether you agree with it or not…you think I missed
something? Shoot me an email send me a tweet. We want to hear your top 10 in the
comments section of this post. I’m very curious to see what you guys think of my
placement on this one. Thank you guys for watching and hey, here’s to hoping you
all have a better 2020 through 2029 than 2010 to 2019 was.

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  • Bruce Johnson

    A nice overview of unfortunate events in Detroit Decade history. I am guessing you wrote the Mlive article appearing in our papers today. In your #9 focused on the 2013 Tigers you failed to mention either on the podcast or in the article, that Papis grand slam in game 2 brought Boston back & they won that game. The had another grand slam in game 6 that clinched the series. @ grand Slams & 2 one-run losses were their surmise.

    In 2014 the tigers were swept by the Orioles in the ALDS not the A's as was stated in the Mlive newspaper article in the Sunday additions.

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