Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World – Part 3
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Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World – Part 3

Ninh explains the Top 10 Weirdest Sports in
the World … Part 3. You’re doing another one of these? Boy you
must be really running out of ideas. Yeah kind of. But it’s mainly because more
and more weird sports keep appearing on my YouTube feed. if you haven’t already do
so, subscribe (obviously) and turn on the notifications so that you can see these on
your feed, but here’s 10 more of the weirdest sports in the world.
#1 Sporthocker Are you a lazy bastard who like to sit down
on a chair, but finds the act of doing so incredibly boring? Why not spice it up a notch
and be a sporthocker. Those normally sensible Germans have invented a sport where you have
to find the most creative way of sitting down on a chair. The idea is to perform the most
visually aesthetic way to sit down on a special stool, known as a hocker and the person adjudged
to have done so, wins. I kid you not, this is an actual thing and it’s pretty big in
Germany. #2 Yukigassen
It wouldn’t be a weirdest video without the Japanese, who have taken a simple pastime
and turned it into a violent sport. Imagine, taking a simple snowball fight and arming
players with pads, helmets and snowballs so hard that they feel like rocks. That’s basically
what the Japanese call, Yukigassen. The game is played between two teams and the
idea is to hit your opponent with these specially manufactured snowballs, which are all the
same size and weight. Once an opponent is hit, they’re out. The team that scores the
most amount of hits, captures their opponents’ flag without being hit or eliminates their
opponents completely … wins. It’s weird, but I’d totally play it.
#3 Underwater … anything. Take a perfectly normal sport and play it
in a pool underwater and you get a “completely new sport”. Believe it or not, sports exist
such as underwater football, underwater hockey, underwater rugby, and underwater target shooting
… but I’ve not seen anyone play underwater quidditch yet. I assume some idiot watching
this video will be inventing that shortly. #4 Ga ga
This was originally an Israeli sport that was introduced into the US. And it kinda looks
like dodgeball but in a very small octagonal ring. And that’s exactly what it is. The
idea is to slap the ball into another person and if it hits them anywhere below the waist,
they’re out and they have to leave the ring. This process of elimination carries on until
there’s only one player left. If you’re the last person standing, you win … kind
of. #5 Pillow Fighting
Oooh MMA, it’s too violent. We don’t want our ladies being hurt in combat. That’s
probably what the calm country of Canada thought when they invented this … professional pillow
fighting. A sport specifically for women, the idea is to beat the crap out of your opponent
using a giant oversized pillow. Most moves are legal so long as you use the pillow in
some form or another. Grappling, hits to the back of the head, choking your opponent until
they asphyxiate… it’s all perfectly legal so long as you use the pillow. I think the
stereotype of Canada being a peaceful nation is grossly exaggerated.
#6 Kaninhoppning. Sweden apparently has a distinct lack of horses.
How else do you explain why they choose to do equestrian showjumping with bunny rabbits.
Yes, the rules of the sport are almost identical to Olympic version played with horses, and
the rabbit who completes the course with the fewest amount of faults is the winner.
And for those who think that this is just a gimmick, they now have a World Rabbit Hopping
Organization that organizes contests around the world. Seriously.
#7 Zorbing Would you like to roll down a hill inside
a giant inflatable ball, suffering from enough G forces to make you spew vomit all over yourself?
Well now you can! In various parts of the world but especially
in England – you can race these things. The fastest down the hill or the first one
to get to the bottom in a race, is the winner. Well, the English have to be the best in the
world at something, right? #8 Giant Pumpkin Kayaking.
When you don’t have the money to do normal kayaking, why not grow a giant pumpkin and
use that instead? Said no-one ever. Wait a minute, they actually did that?! Yes, over
in North America – there are places where you can contest races in giant carved out
pumpkins. It’s basically like normal kayaking, and as with any race, the first person to
get to a specific point wins. You don’t win anything other than the shame of coming
first in a totally pointless sport. #9 Booty slapping
In the last video, I mentioned the Russian game of slaps where the point is to knock
out your opponent by slapping them in the face. This is usually contested by men, and
the women must have felt little left out because they came up with their own version.
The object of this game is to slap the ass of your opponent and try and get them to either
quit, or fall over. Players, take it in turns to do this and the last one standing is the
winner. But when the athletes look like this … it’s
kinda easy to see past the total weirdness of it all.
In fact, let’s just watch it for a little bit ….. okay moving on. #10 Car Curling.
Russia makes two appearances in this video, and their second sport is this … car curling.
It’s played exactly the same as regular curling, but instead of one person pushing
a curling rock and others using brooms to steer it – there’s several people pushing
a car, and someone still actually in the damn thing using the steering wheel to change its
direction. The object of the game is the same, the car closest to the centre of the house,
wins. Vodka consumption in vast quantity is highly encouraged. Seriously, there’s no
rules against that. Now, I know what you’re going to say … because
you’re all so freaking predictable. Uuuuh you forgot about cheese rolling. Dumbass,
you didn’t mention cheese rolling. Cheese rolling, cheese rolling, cheese rolling, cheese
rolling, he he he, cheese rolling. Firstly, I didn’t “forget” because cheese
rolling is NOT a sport. For those of you that doesn’t know what
it is, once a year on a hill in Gloucestershire, people gather at the top and wait for a roundel
of cheese to be rolled down the hill. The first person to run down to the bottom hill
and grab the cheese, wins the block of cheese. This usually results in people falling over
and breaking various bones and ligaments trying to win something that you can easily buy at
your local supermarket. It’s NOT a sport, because this is not contested
regularly, hence the once a year thing. And also, there are no apparent rules, so you
could punch that fat bitch who’s also trying to win that block of mouldy cheese. I repeat,
NOT a sport. Is there any more sports that I don’t know
about? Comment below and if there’s enough to make a fourth video, I’ll do that. But
I think I covered most of them … … NOT A SPORT!
Ninh Ly – @NinhLyUK –


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