The Pug Cup 🐾🏆 The World’s Best Soccer Match ⚽ | The Loud House | Nick

[music playing] Hello, sports fans and welcome
to the first annual Pug Cup! I’m Pugby Pepperbottom reporting live
from Lickelodeon stadium! We’re in for a serious treat today
as our players take the field! Let’s do this! Put your paws together
for the starting line-ups! First up, the Liverpooch Louds! – Lori!
– Bobby Boo Boo Bear! – Luna!
– Alright! – Lola!
– Yes! – Lynn!
– It’s go time! – And Leni!
– Hey! And from the visiting squad,
FC Barkelouda! – Luan!
– Oh! – Lucy!
– I made the all star team. – Lisa!
– I do not make errors! – Lana!
– Oh, oh, me first! And the captain, Lincoln! This is gonna be the most awesome
and rad day ever! And the goalies for both teams,
Pupperino Lickles and Doogo Sitterton! And making sure no one breaks the drools! Our referee today is Barko McWhistler! Alright, listen up,
good boys and good girls. I want a clean match today. No barking! No biting! No pooping!
And no Hey, I see you, don’t do it! Let’s go down to the grass
for the start of the action! And there’s the whistle! Many of you at home cannot hear it
because it’s a dog whistle. You’re about to get served! We have an electric start here today! These pugs are getting up close
and personal with our camera crew! You’re ruining the picture! – And an early substitution!
– I’m ready! Clyde has come into the game but he’s chasing Lori
instead of chasing the ball! Lori? Seems like both teams
are utilizing the strategy of completely avoiding the ball
at all costs! – Great shot!
– Let’s see how that works out for them. It looks like Lily
is trying to enter the field! But she can’t play,
she’s just a wittle baby! Plus, she’s literally
tripping over her bib! Poo poo. Oh, there they go,
chasing the ball to the left! Chasing the ball to the right! To the left, to the right,
left, right, left, right and I am dizzy! What?
Is there a spider on me? It’s a battle of wills folks,
who will strike first? Oh, it looks like Lola
will be taking the first kick! – And could it be?
– Oh, we got this. Yes! Goal! [howling] The Liverpooch Louds
are jumping for joy! This must be rough
for FC Barkelouda! [screaming] Oh, and Lisa has taken off her glasses. Looks like she’s trying to get serious. Although, that’s an odd move
considering she needs those to see. The Liverpooch Louds go up 1-0 and Doogo Sitterton
looks more disappointed than when his owner is all out
of those yummy, little bacon treats and only has the gross, bone-shaped
biscuit treats. But it looks like FC Barkelouda
won’t be going down that easy! We’ll need to do more stretching. Lincoln rushes in,
high-stepping like a show pony after eating a jumbo bag of gummy worms! And bang!
A response and a goal! – This is awesome!
– Oh my dog! Oh, some of the players
from FC Barkelouda are now barking smack at the other team! Maybe you should take off that gross hat. Maybe you should take off
that gross face! The game is tied! Flag on the play! Oh no,
looks like the referee is stopping play! Let’s see what he has to say. Alright now,
someone made a messy on the field. That’s a yellow card
on account of the pee! Don’t make me pull out my brown card,
you know what that one’s for! OK, resume play. This game is absolute pugdimonium! The goals are flying back and forth! Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal! The score is now tied at 22-22
and that is the final whistle! This game is going into penalty licks! Lincoln is the first to kick! He stares down the opposing goalie,
Pupperino Lickles! They stare intensely! More intense
than a battle royale style video game with less than 10 seconds to play! More tension than spandex on a rhino! Their eyes unmoving like a lazy koala
who cannot be bothered by the trivialities of daily life! Wait, what’s this? Pupperino Lickles
is dragging the goal off the field! Yes, the goal is now gone and the players and spectators alike
are utterly shocked! Clearly someone is being a bad boy! [crying] Alright, on account of there being
no goal to shoot on and Pupperino Lickles
being quite a bad boy, I’m calling the game! You heard it, folks, the game is over! The first annual Pug Cup
has ended in a tie! What a crazy turn of events! Crazier than your aunt Fifi
coming over for Thanksgiving with a two litre bottle of baked beans! And I don’t know what I’m saying anymore! But I would like to thank the players
for a riveting game! Good game, guys, good game. Yeah, I rule! I myself need to be taken
for a long walk! Hello?
Where is my human? Poopsy and pee pee time… for me? Hello? Hummph.

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