The Knot’s Favorite Wedding Traditions
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The Knot’s Favorite Wedding Traditions

– We had fire dancers, baby! (upbeat instrumental music) After the fire dancers, we
had tequila and a churro cart. So, we had sweet and spice, and then we kept dancing til
like three in the morning. – My mom actually… fell down the…
– This isn’t good. – She fell down the stairs
and broke her wrist. She’s fine, and it’s a funny story now. – An animal could make an
appearance, like an alpaca. I don’t know if that’s crazy, but I think that is so
unique and I love it. – My absolutely favorite DJ
in New York, Titus Sunderland, flew into Maine to DJ
our wedding. Thank you. And, he put together a mix of
a ballad version of Wanna Be, mixed into the Charli
XCX version of Wanna Be, mixed into the original
version of Wanna Be. Right when the remix came in, people just ran onto the
dance floor all at once. And then, literally, our
party started in that moment. – After cocktail hour, us and the bridal party came
around the corner of the venue, and we had a traditional
second line parade. With a live band, and they all
got to join in as we walked into the venue for dinner. – I had levels to my
reception entertainment. No, to my wedding entertainment. We had live singers,
twins, at the ceremony. Live. People thought it
was a DJ, it was not. We had a jazz band at the cocktail hour. We had a guitar soloist, a percussionist, and a sax soloist at
the reception, and a DJ. We entertained you. We
know you came to party. – We’re getting married in the middle of a Costa Rican jungle, and
they’re sleeping in tents. Glamping. So, I think they’re all going
to have quite the experience. It’s going to be really fun. – We had a Quaker wedding ceremony. Which was like,
– That’s surprising. – very surprising, and I think
were like, “What is this?” They sat in silence, but it
wasn’t much silence because everyone wanted to stand-up and see. – So, we told them that
we were eloping in London. And then we surprised them
and said our vows there. We had a friend get ordained, and surprised them with
a surprise wedding. – I would say that’s the best
surprise wedding at a wedding. – We didn’t have our first
dance song picked until about five minutes before, so.
– Yes. – Similar style.
– We are a hot mess. – I had a lot of them. – Yeah. How much time to you have? – I had a lot of must haves. – We had rescue flats at our wedding. So they were these,
little, like, ballet flats, and they were amazing. They kept everyone one on the
dance floor all night long, because heels get so sore after awhile. – That’s a good one. That was a must have. – I was big on music. You know. I know there is a lot of like
traditional wedding songs, but I wanted to combine that
with some like songs that obviously have personal
meaning to me and her. So, I thought that was pretty cool. – Yeah, and mine was food. I had to have good food. Good soul food. Dinner that everyone loved, and wanted seconds and thirds of. – But for us, we wanted a
four day immersive experience. We didn’t want to be counting
the hours til our reception, of our reception, being just so short. So, we had a four day
immersive kind of burning-man meets wellness retreat in Tulum, Mexico. – And vegan, all of it had to be vegan, and you had to feel when you
left then when you showed up. – High vibration affair. – I needed reception
shoes, cocktail hour shoes, dinner shoes, dancing shoes,
and an after party shoes. – Everything. Everything
was my actual biggest fear. – I was scared because we
didn’t see our ceremony dresses before hand, we didn’t know
what each other was wearing. I was scared they wouldn’t match. They did. I was great. – We had a destination wedding, so I felt a lot of pressure
to make sure that people, when they flew out to
Maine, had an amazing time. They were taking time
away from their family, their kids, their loved ones. All of that great stuff. So, we really wanted to make
sure that we were making it a memorable experience, and
that is a lot of pressure that I don’t usually face everyday. – Being late, and him being late. – Following the rules.
There’s so many rules. – We were nervous that the
weather wouldn’t hold up because we were kind of
getting married on a bluff over the ocean and it was really windy.
– In Mexico. – We were nervous that
logistics wouldn’t pan out, because we were doing it
from across the country. – In the end, I think the
little things that did go wrong, no one noticed except us and
everyone had a great time, so. It worked out. It worked out. – Hi, thanks for watching. Be sure to like and subscribe. And don’t forget to check out our channel for new videos every week. The subscribe button, it’s up there.

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