The Kneeling Cable Rope Crunch (Awesome 6-Pack Ab Exercise)
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The Kneeling Cable Rope Crunch (Awesome 6-Pack Ab Exercise)

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of
and, and in this video I want to share with you one of my top
recommended ab exercises which is the kneeling rope crunch. Now this is one of the very best
movements that you can do in the gym in order to effectively target your abs using constant
tension throughout the entire range of motion, while keeping the stress off of your lower
back, and while being able to easily achieve progressive overload by consistently adding
more resistance to the exercise over time. Now always keep in mind that having well defined
abs is largely just a product of having low enough overall body fat percentage, and since
you can’t spot reduce fat from specific areas of your body, doing ab exercises on
their own isn’t really going to do anything for you at all in terms of achieving a “six
pack” if your body levels fat are too high. But assuming that your body fat is low enough
then creating hypertrophy in the abs is going to produce more visible definition and separation
of the muscles and basically just make them “pop out” more. So I currently use the
kneeling rope crunch as the primary ab exercise in my ab workouts, and here’s how to go
about performing them properly. So you’re going to set the cable at the highest level
on the cable machine and use a rope attachment, and keep in mind that you can also use a straight
bar attachment as well if you don’t have a rope handy. Now if it’s more comfortable
for you then you can place a pad underneath your knees but that’s up to you. So just
grab the rope, kneel down and place your wrists on either side of your head. Make sure to
start with your hips back and slightly flexed, a lot of people do their rope crunches with
their knees at a 90 degree angle or even greater, but if you want to get the strongest contraction
in your abs possible then you actually want to start the movement with your hips back.
Now from there, while keeping your hips stationary, just crunch down by flexing at the waist until
your elbows meet the middle of your thighs, and then raise yourself back up again until
your spine is slightly hyper-extended. Now always remember the obvious fact that you’re
trying to target your abs here, so focus on crunching the weight down using your waist
rather than just thinking about pulling the rope down with your hands, and also make sure
to consciously contract your abs throughout the entire range of motion. Obviously you
need to continuing breathing throughout the exercise but one thing that I have found really
helpful is to actually blow the air out of your lungs before you crunch down on each
rep, and doing that is going to help you contract your abs even harder. Play around with this
one until you find the exact position that lets you feel your abs working most strongly,
everybody’s body is slightly different, and if you don’t feel the exercise targeting
your abs then you need to experiment with it until you do because if that’s the case
then it just means that you’re not performing the exercise properly for yourself. Now, remember
that the abs are a muscle just like any other, and so there’s no reason to do what so many
other people do in the gym by performing super light-weight high rep sets on your ab exercises.
The abs respond to intensity and to progressive overload in the same way that any other muscle
does, and so for the best results I’d recommend using a rep range of anywhere from 8-15 reps
per set and for 3-4 sets total, and to focus on gradually increasing the resistance over
time. Again, cable crunches are one of the very best exercises to include in your ab
routine, so give the kneeling cable rope crunch a try and let me know what you think. So thanks
for watching this video lesson, I hope you found the information useful here today. For
more helpful training tips along with science-based nutrition and supplementation advice to maximize
your muscle building and your fat burning progress, make sure to head over to
and grab my complete “Body Transformation Blueprint” System by clicking the icon at
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  • Psychguy00

    Hey Sean thanks for this video very helpful…although I've been doing this particular excercise for the last three years and is part of my routine, it's definitely helpful to get your perspective on this excercise. Thanks Sean for all your videos. I'm your biggest fan!!!!

  • Stefan Papanikolaou

    Hi! Love these your videos! I maybe like them even better than the ones that come with the body transformation blueprint as here you give comments through the whole video. May I have two questions? Is there a way to prevent elbow pain during this exercise? And the second – do you do any stand alone exercise for the obliquus abs? Thanks! And keep up the great work!

  • J Isaacs

    i tried this but it put pressure on my shoulders and back, i like other ab excercises, and at 0:49 is so annoying

  • Tom Cunningham

    Do you think that is is a bad idea to this on back day/after dead lifts?? because i have noticed my lower back gets a little sore.. Thanks i love the vids

  • IcantSeeReplies

    I tried doing these but the problem is you tend to always use your hip flexor and crunch your entire torso rather than just the upper part. Are you able to progress in weight doing them correctly?

  • Thready

    I have a disc injury so I've been working on my abs for a year. Strong abs take pressure off your spine. But I don't get anything out of these. I tried these a couple of times and I just didn't feel any burn. What I do is take one of those bo staffs and lay down and then reach it as high as I can towards the ceiling for 5 second intervals. I have a lot of abdominal fat which I'm working on removing. Abdominal fat is a bitch.

  • Legend of Awww Sheeet

    So if i wanted to work more of my obliques i could just shift my elbows to hit my opposite knee or is their a better way of doing this, also do you think you could make an oblique exercises video for the fans? By the way thanks for all the help you offer man.

  • Ike Love

    I do these twice a week. But then I saw some other people at the gym doing these backwards one day. Meaning they were kneeling with their backs to the cable machine doing these crunches. Is it somehow more of an advantage to do it the way they did? Or are they just doing it incorrectly thinking it's better?

  • Ronita Dodson

    I just added this into my ab workout and love it. But am wondering if this exercise is easy on the back? Thank you for your time.

  • berner

    I tried this exercise last night. It was great 😀

    I thought I'd try bringing my elbow to my opposite knee as well and it really hit the obliques really well also.

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