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The English Football Press – Foil Arms and Hog

Right, the World Cup, England Headlines, what have we got? Well it hasnt even started yet, so we couldnt possibly have any.. “Total Disaster” Thats good yeah, I’m thinking just ‘Shambles’ Or, “Lost by a Tonne-Isia” “He’s got to go” I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves guys, it hasnt kicked off yet, I mean what happens if England don’t lose Well that’s easy, “Lucky escape” It’s so negative! Shouldn’t we be a bit more positive get behind the team and support them. You’re new aint ya? Yeah? Yeah, mate that’s not how it works in here Right so for the end of the group stages, I’m thinking “It’s all Over” It hasn’t even started yet! “It all went South-Gate” “Bel-Glum” Okay, this is crazy, England could easily get out of their group What then? Penalties. What? We talk about Penalities. Are they practicing penalties? Who’s taking the penalties? And the more we talk about penalties The more nervous the player’s get The more likely they are to miss the penalties Penalty. Penalties. Penalty. Penalities Eight ways to miss a penalty, 4 Page pullout inside But if they win.. “Another lucky escape” Ah, they don’t stand a chance Right which player are we going to pick on? Pick on?? Well that depends don’t it? It depends on their performance… No, on how easy it is to make a pun out of the players’ name “Sterling conversion rate plummets” “Another Dier display” “Ashley Not So young anymore” Trent Alexander Arnold is shit. This is ridiculous. You gotta give the players a break Right yeah… “English Hooligans destroy Café” What café?? English fans Putin their place by Russian police Your just creating even more negativity What if the England team play really well? Oh yeah well NO! Not another lucky escape! What if they play…WHAT if England win the World Cup? Easy… “With you every step of the way” Hi we’re Foil Arms and Hog, thanks for watching we’ve a new video every single Thursday Why don’t you subscribe to the channel Foil Arms and Hog It already sounds like an english pub anyway We are playing in Dublin next weekend, our last show of the Oink Tour, and then we’re over in Edinburgh with our new show Craicling For the fringe festival in August Doomdah


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