The Best Football Boots for the Best Player? adidas Nemeziz 19.1 – Review
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The Best Football Boots for the Best Player? adidas Nemeziz 19.1 – Review

What’s up, guys? Hello and welcome to a new video! Today we are going to test the adidas NEMEZIZ 19.1. This is the Lionel Messi’s and Serge Gnabry’s new shoe! How the shoe is going to perform in our test and if we can recommend it, you’ll see now! Directly after the first fitting you can feel the softer material in comparison with the forerunner. That’s a really positive thing for the comfort. After one or two training session the shoe is adjusted and the material is getting even softer. One of our testers had slight bruisings on his heels after 2 weeks, which disappeared after short time again. But the softer material also has got a big disadvantage: The fit is in comparision with the 18.1 much wider and looser. Thus it is clear that people with slim feet should rather take a closer look at the 18.1 instead. For “normal” feet we would recommend the 19.1 for sure. The feeling for the ball is thank to the soft material absolutely perfect. It conveys a direct and barefoot like touch which players like Messi love. So perfect for dribblers and central mids, who need to distribute the balls and pass a lot. I personally liked the forerunner a bit more as it was tighter on my feet. The NEMEZIZ 19.1 is therefore has the better feeling for the ball. There you have to decide for yourself, what’s more important for you. The durability is similar to the forerunner. The NEMEZIZ is well processed and convinced us in the first 6 weeks. In that period we had no untypical abrasions or defects. Thus the NEMEZIZ 19.1 should easy keep up for a whole season. Although the durability is not as good as the Predator one’s, we are giving full points here. Let’s get to the conclusion. The NEMEZIZ 19.1 is a very convincing football shoe. Not for nothing it is worn by Lionel Messi. But is it adidas’ best shoe? For sure it is one of the best shoes, yes. But nevertheless i kind of liked the NEMEZIZ 18.1 a bit more. As it was a little bit tighter and gave me a smother feeling for the ball. The weight of the shoe has almost stayed the same and weighs 233g at a size of 44. That is not a top worth but for a midfielder shoe solid. In addition the weight is nothing, that was negative for us. The NEMEZIZ is especially tight in the midfoot area and therefore should fit “normal” feet. In total it is a recommendable allrounder for almost every position. Thus i am giving 9 out of 10 possible points for this shoe! What do you say to the NEMEZIZ 19.1? Have you already been able to try it out? If you want to win this shoe, like the video, write a comment with your instagram name, your size and why you should win. And now: Thanks for watching! See you next time and goodbye!


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