• RT Life – The Cutest Animal in the World
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    RT Life – The Cutest Animal in the World

    Chris: We’re gonna miss the quokka train [pause] because Chris fell asleep too [pause] late! [intro music] Chris: There’s an-an island that has the most adorable creatures in the world. Chris: So the whole entire time we’ve been in Australia, the one thing we’ve wanted to do is go hang out with quokkas. Josh: We take one more step, Mr. Chris, it’ll be the furthest toward Quokka Island I’ve ever been. Josh (mimicking Australian accent): Ye ain’t cracked a fatty with a quokka, ye ain’t cracked a fatty at’all. Chris: That means a boner. Josh: Ah. Chris: [laughs] Josh: Why are you exposing your erection to the quokkas? Josh: Bye-bye,…

  • RT Life – Michael Gets Tased [Warning: Graphic]
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    RT Life – Michael Gets Tased [Warning: Graphic]

    Medic: Do you take Viagra? Michael: I don’t. (Jack laughs) (Rooster Teeth intro music plays) Gavin: Thoughts, boy? Uh, yeah, I can’t wait. Right? Months in the making. We’re good. Jack: Wow, alright. Jack: As you’re watching this, we’re having fun, but we literally have a medic here, we have professionals– (Laughter) Michael: They didn’t even– I don’t think they even saw it. Jack: As crazy as this looks, we are being very, very safe. Jack: Michael’s actually being checked out. Gavin: Quite the audience we got. Jack: So, do have a thumbs up on the Michael? Medic: Yeah, we have a thumbs up. Jack: (laughing) Alright. Barbara: Oh, my…

  • SanDisk Clip Sport & Clip Jam MP3 Unboxing And Review
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    SanDisk Clip Sport & Clip Jam MP3 Unboxing And Review

    Hey guys,iam Antwnis Mauridis,we recently received 2 Mp3 players from Sandisk Iam talking about Sandisk Clip Jam and Clip Sport! Lets start off with Sandisk’s Clip Sport MP3 which seems to be a better choice taking a look at outside the box. Inside the box i found a micro usb cable and a pair of earbuds which i tested and i have to say that they have a very good build and sound quallity. I used them to listen to some music,i didnt face any kind of problem,the sound is crystal clear,the treble is very rich and the bass is very deep. Something negative that i noticed is that the…

  • Wii U Sports is Awesome!
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    Wii U Sports is Awesome!

    It’s not for real gamers unless, they are shooting and killing. SHUT UP!!!!! Wii Sports was a massive success. Until people realized, it got boring after 5 minutes Boring! I’m too old for this sh*t! But not anymore. (gasp) Introducing Wii U Sports for the Wii U We’ve taken the original Wii sports games and fixed them, so they don’t suck anymore. Like everyone’s favourite, Wii Tennis. Hit the power-up! (in-game voice) Machine gun! (gun cocking) (rapid gunfire and laughing maniacally) Haha, take that Gramps! (rapid gunfire intensifies) Grandpa died! Me next! Me next! Another Wii Sports classic we brought to the Wii U is golf. (calm music) (fighting metal…

  • Things of Beauty: Super Smash Bros. as Spectator Sport
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    Things of Beauty: Super Smash Bros. as Spectator Sport

    It all started with a piece on Kotaku ranking the best moments in the history of competitive gaming It did floated by me on Twitter And I guess I had something I felt like Procrastinating that day because I clicked the link and it’s perhaps a sign of my age that I still expected thresh versus immortal to show Up anyway topping the list was a very famous clip of a street fighter match between Daigo and Justin Wong that I had never seen before which culminated in this moment I was amazed when I saw this actually I was confused I had to google what I was even looking…

  • Ninja Baseball Batman – Arcade – Angry Video Game Nerd
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    Ninja Baseball Batman – Arcade – Angry Video Game Nerd

    This is a special message about something that just changed my life. A game called Ninja Baseball Batman! That is the best title ever conceived by a human being, or an alien, or whoever or whatever came up with this. Ninja Baseball Batman! Just say it out loud! Feels amazing, doesn’t it? Ninja Baseball Batman. Just when you hear those three words, all these images rush into your mind of ninjas and baseball and Batman. It hits your brain so hard. It’s like whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! All right. Slow down. I’m okay. Let’s see the game. Does it live up to the title? It surpasses the title! Even though…

  • CS GO Gameplay // Decoy Dodgeball
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    CS GO Gameplay // Decoy Dodgeball

    What have we got to do? You’ve got 1HP and you’ve got, it’s Dodgeball. you’ve got to try and hit me with your flashbang like if you’re moving to the left and you throw a flashbang your flashbang will go far to the left, so you have to kinda judge where they’re running. but let’s def come to judge whether Iran up Whoops! I weren’t even moving. Shut up! Where the hell are they? I’m looking around for them and they’re just all on your end. There’s none on my end. There’s just like… They’re all against this wall, that’s why. I’m gonna try and see if I can watch…