• How Eritrean Cycling Made it to the Top of the Giro d’Italia | Africa’s Cycling Revolution
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    How Eritrean Cycling Made it to the Top of the Giro d’Italia | Africa’s Cycling Revolution

    (AFRICA CYCLING REVOLUTION) (TSEAZEGA VILLAGE, ERITREA) We are just farmers. At first I didn’t know anything about cycling. My plan was to make good farmers. (SOLOMON DEBESAY, FARMER) I never saw this coming. My name is Mosana Debesay Abraham, I am elite road cyclist. (MOSANA DEBESAY, CYCLING ROAD – ERITREA NATIONAL TEAM) (GOLD MEDAL – ALL AFRICAN GAMES 2015) Cycling has a long history in Eritrea. It even continued during wars and hard times. We inherited that from the Italians. (ERITREA, THE CYCLING DYNASTY) (ASMARA, ERITREA) Cycling was brought to Eritrea by the Italian colonisers. In 1936, only Italians owned bikes. (YEMANE NEGASSI, TWO TIMES OLYMPIAN) (ERITREAN CYCLING FOUNDATION) Locals…

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    Armless Cyclist Dreams Of Paralympic Gold

    00:01 COMM: 24-year-old Jagwinder Singh is a competitive cyclist and an art teacher. Despite having been born without full arms or hands. 00:37 COMM: The cycling enthusiast started pedalling at his native Patran village, near Patiala, when he was inspired to buy his own bike after watching the 2012 Olympics on television. 00:49 COMM: Much to his family’s surprise he started cycling down to Patiala, a distance on 25km, three times a week. Slowly with the support of his family and friends, he began competing, and is glad to be a source of inspiration in his community. 01:38 COMM: Having no arms, he uses his feet to eat, paint, and…

  • EURO 2020 | HOW football can unify Europe
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    EURO 2020 | HOW football can unify Europe

    Europe is crumbling. Can football put it back together? Can such a simple ballgame save such a complicated continent? We set out on a quest for clues because the state of affairs is complex. There’s Brexit and emerging nationalist tendencies in every corner: Salvini’s Lega in Italy, the National Rally in France, the Freedom Party of Austria, the AFD in Germany or FIDESZ in Hungary to name just a few. All over the continent populists are putting national interests ahead of the European ideal. And we need football to reunite Europe. Clue N* : our beloved ballgame has always worked. It’s just easy. It’s just fun. Politics can be exhausting.…

  • MATCH PREVIEW | Real Madrid – Barça #ElClásico
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    MATCH PREVIEW | Real Madrid – Barça #ElClásico

    I expect a tightly contested game, a game that will be evenly matched. It will be a question of who gets things right. Under no circumstances will we stop fighting to win the game. As always. We will try to do things better than our opponent. It would make me more happy to win, for what it would mean to our fans. For me it’s the same, it would be an incredible feeling. We are going to play a great game of football. We think we have the opportunity to produce a great game. We know that it’s a different kind of game, but it’s the same, we are at…

  • Sir Stanley Matthews: Football’s First Knight
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    Sir Stanley Matthews: Football’s First Knight

    Although many people still recognise the name of Stanley Matthews, few know the full extent of his achievements, fame and what the game today owes him – the man who heralded the footballer as superstar and celebrity. Stanley, the third of four sons, was born to Elizabeth and Jack Matthews in 1915. Jack a local barber and semi-pro boxer took his training very seriously. Spotting Stan’s athletic potential early, he helped instil in his son the temperament and dedication that was to last a lifetime Stan’s ability, fitness and love of the game was such that he continued to play, at the highest level, until an incredible 50 years of…

  • Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World – Part 3
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    Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World – Part 3

    Ninh explains the Top 10 Weirdest Sports in the World … Part 3. You’re doing another one of these? Boy you must be really running out of ideas. Yeah kind of. But it’s mainly because more and more weird sports keep appearing on my YouTube feed. if you haven’t already do so, subscribe (obviously) and turn on the notifications so that you can see these on your feed, but here’s 10 more of the weirdest sports in the world. #1 Sporthocker Are you a lazy bastard who like to sit down on a chair, but finds the act of doing so incredibly boring? Why not spice it up a notch…

  • #SwisswatchesTalksTo: Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy Sean Fitzpatrick
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    #SwisswatchesTalksTo: Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy Sean Fitzpatrick

    On the 28th of June 1986, I joined the greatest club in the world. We say in New Zealand, a country of four million people, living man and boy would change places with you tomorrow. Becoming an All Black in 1986 was, yeah, it was the greatest moment of my career. My name is Sean Fitzpatrick, I’m the Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy. My personal sporting highlight, golly gosh, there are so many. I, obviously I was a professional sportsman myself. So I was very fortunate, I played rugby for the New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks. But I am a sports junkie. I’ve become a real…

  • lingerie vs sport by CARLIN CREATIVE TREND BUREAU
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    lingerie vs sport by CARLIN CREATIVE TREND BUREAU

    Hello everybody, glad to see you for another edition of trendculture dedicated today to Lingerie but that’s not all ! Because today Lingerie pays attention to sport, and sport interacts with Lingerie. And the question on everybody’s lips, my dear Pascale is how did we get here ? So, to talk about sport Lingerie, let’s flashback to the 80’s In fact, this decade is really all about body worship at the time designers were focused on skin tight clothing, like for example Alaïa And in a different style you have the collections of Mugler all this was made possible by the textile revolution : the arrival of lycra allowing all…

  • Life in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences / University of Kent
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    Life in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences / University of Kent

    I like the campus itself because it’s a nice small sort of intimate campus, the fact that there’s two other unis on the same campus as well is quite a unique thing. I’d never really heard of Sports Therapy before and I was looking into the modules that’s included in the course and they just seem to cover a bit of everything that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s friendly especially around here, like because we’re quite small it’s kind of a bit more of a family round here but yeah it’s a good atmosphere, it’s a good uni so people are quite positive about it Right now we’re at…