• Melhor time da temporada do Dream League Soccer 2019
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    Melhor time da temporada do Dream League Soccer 2019

    Another video for the channel, Recently the best player in the world, and with that came also the best selection of 2019, which is the selection of the best players of the season, I decided to get these players chosen and make a gameplay, training that we will use is 4-3-3, this is the same training used by them, we are going on transfers, Let’s start with the goalkeeper, Best goalkeeper David of Gea, the defenders were … Sergio Ramos and Varane, the 2 players of Real Madrid, were the 2 best defenders of the season, the 2 best sides were, Daniel Alves and Marcelo, It was the 2 Brazilians…

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    The Pug Cup ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ† The Worldโ€™s Best Soccer Match โšฝ | The Loud House | Nick

    [music playing] Hello, sports fans and welcome to the first annual Pug Cup! I’m Pugby Pepperbottom reporting live from Lickelodeon stadium! We’re in for a serious treat today as our players take the field! Let’s do this! Put your paws together for the starting line-ups! First up, the Liverpooch Louds! – Lori! – Bobby Boo Boo Bear! – Luna! – Alright! – Lola! – Yes! – Lynn! – It’s go time! – And Leni! – Hey! And from the visiting squad, FC Barkelouda! – Luan! – Oh! – Lucy! – I made the all star team. – Lisa! – I do not make errors! – Lana! – Oh, oh, me…

  • Absolute Madness in Burkina Faso
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    Absolute Madness in Burkina Faso

    [Applause] we’re starting today’s episode in the capital of Burkina Faso waka waka Doo goo an unpronounceable city with a lot of incredible structures like the waka Doo goo Cathedral it’s right here I think it starts to rain there was a rain drop the waka dugu Cathedral is not the only majestic religious building in a city a few blocks away you can find la grandma scare or the grand mosque the Holly Centre for the dominant Muslim population of Waga dugu burkina faso is a former communist country and the revolution square in the city centre reminds you of this era looks kind of communistic as a person…

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    Another video for the channel, I’ll show you today. a part of a gameplay, I’ll show this level that the game has arrived, this level is the most difficult game, that’s why I solved bring to you, I could only play the game. at this level only once, then the game is back to be easy again, so I decided to show you how would be the game in a more difficult mode, this game is the end of the event, I thought it would make it easy I even won from other teams, observe this marking, they are always in top up missing, I touch the ball to try…

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    Hi keepers, I hope you’re doing well, and we’ll meet up for a new video, and we’re going to test a new glove. Yes Pierre, a glove from HO SOCCER, the Supremo Pro II HYBRID, with a ROLL/NC cut and quite similar to the model we tested last summer. We’re going to go on the field just behind us, between showers, today it’s quite complicated with the weather, but it’s good for this kind of glove. We will describe it, test it and give our opinion as usual. The structure of this glove is made of a single piece of neoprene with a camo pattern. On this structure there are…

  • Top 5 truques utilizados por PRO no Dream League Soccer
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    Top 5 truques utilizados por PRO no Dream League Soccer

    Save folks one more video for the channel, today I decided to bring you 5 tricks that the best players use in the game, there are players who have, very good ball touch, very good team defense, have a very good attack, then I’ll bring some tips for you, if you like the video I’ll bring more videos like this for you, before continuing with the video, I want to talk to you, if you like the channel, do not forget subscribe to the channel, enable notifications and leave the like in the video, my instagram will be in the description for you, remembering that I answer to all followers…

  • $1000 EPIC ANIME Trick Shots Challenge – Football and Soccer Pros Vs. Trick Shot Experts
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    $1000 EPIC ANIME Trick Shots Challenge – Football and Soccer Pros Vs. Trick Shot Experts

    – (narrator) He jumps, makes contact, and hits it! – Oh, it’s going! – Oh, got it! – (narrator) We wanna thank Google Play for sponsoring this video. This challenge comes to us from the game Captain Tsubasa’s Dream Team, which is available now on Google Play. We’re challenging a pro soccer team and a trick shot team to see who can pull off Captain Tsubasa’s insane and stylish anime soccer moves. Let’s meet the teams. From the pro soccer team, we have former LA Galaxy player Bryan Jordan and former Houston Dynamos player Euan Holden. – I was drafted in 2010 to the Houston Dynamo, and I played most…