• Top 10 Worst Detroit Sports Memories of the Decade
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    Top 10 Worst Detroit Sports Memories of the Decade

    What’s going on everyone? This is Benjamin Raven and I cover the Detroit Lions for Mlive.com. Now with the end of the decade insight, the calendars about to turn to 2020, let’s open up some old wounds, pour a little salt in it just for old times sake and let’s run through the ten sports moments all of you Detroit fans would like to forget; covering the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, and Detroit Pistons. And let me just say; lifelong Michigander here going through this list, opening these backup. This has been a rough decade here for Detroit sports fans. So let’s start with the number 10…

  • The secrets of sports photography
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    The secrets of sports photography

    if you’re looking at taking better action shots the next 10 minutes may give you some good tips whether you shoot Canon Nikon or have third-party lenses this isn’t a comparison there’s some tips that apply to both types of equipment main thing you’re gonna need a digital SLR most important part of that digital SLR is something with a low shutter lag time when you hit the shutter release you want that exposure to be taken you’re gonna want control over shutter priority aperture priority full manual modes and even things like metering control focus control and of course good frames per second if you’d like to shoot pictures…

  • Top 10 Sports Games on Xbox 360
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    Top 10 Sports Games on Xbox 360

    Whatoplay presents the Top 10 Sports Games on the Xbox 360 Of All Time This ranking is based on a 1 to 10 scoring system that aggregates critic and gamer reviews into a unique score called a PlayScore. As much as new reviews show up, and are added, the PlayScore changes. Opening our list is Skate 2 This game’s open-world mechanic creates a sense of freedom for skate lovers who just want to do anything they want to do in a skating game. It also introduces a feature called the Skate Video Editor(Replay Editor) which enables players to record their slick tricks and post it on their Skate.Reel site. Talk…

  • BULLS TV : Interview with Claire Higginson
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    BULLS TV : Interview with Claire Higginson

    I’m joined here by Claire Higginson who is the Vice Captain and Coach for the women’s hockey team in Bedford. Can I just ask you how did the game go today? Yeah we put out a really high performance. It’s the girls’ second game and we’ve been joined by a lot of freshers this year who’ve never played before. They put out a great performance. The progression in them from training to the game was amazing and we managed to put two goals away which is fantastic. We’re gonna have a tough season, it’s hard competition but I think the girls are up for it and we can only get…

  • Hand, Wrist & Grip Strength Training for the Hockey Athlete & Athletic Trainer – Part I
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    Hand, Wrist & Grip Strength Training for the Hockey Athlete & Athletic Trainer – Part I

    one of my passions has always been in the treatment and the training of the hockey athlete we’ve been doing training with hockey athletes for well over 20 years and one of the flaws we saw very quickly as we especially as we look at injuries was in the way the hockey athlete trains for grip traditionally for some reason in our society we look at grip we consider grip only be a function of squeezing something whether that be a coiled device spring-loaded device or racquetball tennis ball we’ve heard them all and we can easily see that that this approach is a very one-sided approach to hand exercise…

  • Troy Stecher Plays Goalie in Soccer Showdown
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    Troy Stecher Plays Goalie in Soccer Showdown

    We’ve got a men’s competitive league tonight, that I play in. First round playoffs, so, we’re waiting for the winner of one of these teams, then we play in the quarters. Wednesday nights are my favourite night, I look forward to this night; it’s an opportunity where I get to see all my friends. You know, it breaks up my workout schedule, right in half, so it’s something I can look forward to in the middle of the week. I play goaltender, stack the pads, make a couple saves. Let’s go lads! Nice! Walter, behind you. – [Troy] Come on, Franco, Yes. (whistle blowing) – [Troy] Have it, Bryce. Yes.…

  • 💩 Top 10 Worst Weirdest Fan Giveaways in Sports – EVER! 💩
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    💩 Top 10 Worst Weirdest Fan Giveaways in Sports – EVER! 💩

    Ninh explains, The Worst Fan Giveaways in Sports. Ah sports teams – they’ll do anything to try and entice you into their stadiums, and that includes giving away free stuff. Now, I like stuff, especially if it’s free. But some teams really shouldn’t bother because they don’t get the concept of trying to make people actually come back to the stadium to watch more games. These are some of the worst fan giveaways you’ll ever see. Zim-bear – Tampa Bay Rays. Imagine a teddy bear that had sexual relations with Don Zimmer, the stony faced manager of the Tampa Bay Rays – and you get this, the ZimBear. This creepy…

  • Sports are Dumb
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    Sports are Dumb

    Good morning, John. I have been known to go to a sports game and sometimes during them, I’ll be having a particularly good time watching people do extraordinary athletic things, and I’ll be taken by the urge to just yell, like, “SPORTS!” I do this, kind of half-and-half-y in a way that I don’t, like, in the moment realize. Like half of it is: “I am having an enthusiastically good time with this minor league baseball game and this hot dog is excellent!” And the other half is like, “I am an intellectual and so while I am enjoying this, I am enjoying it somewhat separately, and from an anthropological…