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    This week were are pranking Kurzawa and Rimane. My name is Guillaume Dubois and I work at the LFP. Here is a project for some new rules. A yellow card will be cancelled is there is a sincere apology and handshake between players, after the foul. I don’t agree. If a player deserves a yellow card he should get a yellow card. If you’ve known the other player for ten years and you tell him to give you a hug because you don’t want a yellow… A yellow card is a yellow card. All tattoos must be hidden. I’ll have to get them all removed. You need to wear a…

  • 13-Year-Old Female Football Player Sobs Meeting Her Hero Santia Deck
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    13-Year-Old Female Football Player Sobs Meeting Her Hero Santia Deck

    – This time of year, we hear so many inspiring stories of players who’ve overcome the odds to find success on the field. At 13 years old, our next guest has faced big obstacles in football. That’s because she’s a girl in a male-dominated sport but she says she won’t let anything, on or off the field, stop her from playing the game she loves. Say hello to Ariel y’all. (audience cheers) How did you get into football? Do you have brothers? Were you playing with it– – Yeah, well, when I used to watch my brother play, I got really attached to the sport, like, I knew that sport…

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    The Pug Cup ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ† The Worldโ€™s Best Soccer Match โšฝ | The Loud House | Nick

    [music playing] Hello, sports fans and welcome to the first annual Pug Cup! I’m Pugby Pepperbottom reporting live from Lickelodeon stadium! We’re in for a serious treat today as our players take the field! Let’s do this! Put your paws together for the starting line-ups! First up, the Liverpooch Louds! – Lori! – Bobby Boo Boo Bear! – Luna! – Alright! – Lola! – Yes! – Lynn! – It’s go time! – And Leni! – Hey! And from the visiting squad, FC Barkelouda! – Luan! – Oh! – Lucy! – I made the all star team. – Lisa! – I do not make errors! – Lana! – Oh, oh, me…

  • Captain Stuart Hogg ahead of Round 3 Test
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    Captain Stuart Hogg ahead of Round 3 Test

    This is the kind of weather we want to play to implement our game plan you know we want to play fast expansive rugby and here’s hoping that the conditions can stay like this for tomorrow. We are in a good place we haven’t quite performed to where we want to be but that is exciting for us as we can get better and the challenge for us tomorrow is to really put our game on to the Italians and hopefully get our first win of the championship and I truly believe that if we can implement our game plan then we are more than capable of coming away with…

  • “Proud to get the win” – Sam Johnson
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    “Proud to get the win” – Sam Johnson

    Pretty knackered the conditions were awesome for some running rugby today and I think that both teams were trying to express themselves and trying to kick so there was plenty of running so I am pretty tired now. Some individual brilliance followed by a few things in attack that we are trying to implement this campaign so we are slowly but surely getting there. We will have a look at the tape and probably a few things in the finish there that we can touch up on still but proud to get the win. Awesome when catching the bus here you saw thousands of Scottish supporters and then at the…

  • RWC 2019: All Blacks name line-up to face Ireland in quarter final match
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    RWC 2019: All Blacks name line-up to face Ireland in quarter final match

    A few minutes ago, the All Blacks team to face Ireland in this weekend’s Rugby World Cup quarter-final was named. For more let’s cross live to Tokyo, Japan to Irena Smith who’s popped out from that announcement to talk to us. Irena no big surprises in the line-up apparently, that’s just been named by Steve Hansen? That’s right. He named the line-up in the last 30 minutes for Saturday’s big quarter-finals match against Ireland in Tokyo. Let’s look at the forwards. We have Maori players Joe Moody and Codie Taylor there helping out in the struggle. Brodie Retallick is back in the fold to help out his captain Kieran Read.…

  • Jo Weston: How the netball star brings business thinking to the court #WomenAreTheBusiness
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    Jo Weston: How the netball star brings business thinking to the court #WomenAreTheBusiness

    – Hi, my name’s Jo Weston I play netball with the Melbourne Vixens and I’m also a member of the Australian netball team, the Diamonds. I went straight into uni after finishing school. I graduated the end of 2015. Shortly after that, I started work with Deloitte. I guess, between sport and business, there’s so many parallels and there’s definitely a lot of crossover between the two. I mean, the leadership space is a really obvious one where I think that sport holds you in a really good stead. We wanna be able to make as much difference as we can, we always talk about leaving our sport in a…

  • Richard Cockerill: “It’s about reconnecting to the club’s history.”
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    Richard Cockerill: “It’s about reconnecting to the club’s history.”

    We are 145 years old so there is a lot of people that have played for the district a lot of famous players and obviously now which is Edinburgh as a club so I think that everybody has to connect with the history and who has worn the shirt before. We have had probably tens if not hundreds of internationals that have played for this team, British Lions, household names and players that would be synonymous with World Rugby so I think it’s really important for me as the coach to respect that and also for the players that play for the club now in a modern era which is…

  • British Deaf Football Cup FInal 2016
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    British Deaf Football Cup FInal 2016

    Fulham Captain Nick Gregory – Finally won British Deaf Cup, first time in 3 years. Feel good because we have a really good season, we have played really well, league promotion, 2 finals. We want to win, win. Good season. Glasgow, have to praise them, they came with a plan. which was to put pressure on us and throw everything at us. We struggled at first. We got our act together and played better in 2nd half. Credits to Glasgow, they gave everything, their passion. Know Scotland would do that. I am proud of how we stayed cool and believed in ourselves, kept playing football and we got our reward,…

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    Hi keepers, I hope you’re doing well, and we’ll meet up for a new video, and we’re going to test a new glove. Yes Pierre, a glove from HO SOCCER, the Supremo Pro II HYBRID, with a ROLL/NC cut and quite similar to the model we tested last summer. We’re going to go on the field just behind us, between showers, today it’s quite complicated with the weather, but it’s good for this kind of glove. We will describe it, test it and give our opinion as usual. The structure of this glove is made of a single piece of neoprene with a camo pattern. On this structure there are…