Tackle The Person In The Box | Football Edition!!

This middle one, but they’re trying to throw us off because it has a bunch of It have a bunch of pillows on it. J-Fred: Oh wow.
Connor: That was easy. Bryan: I didn’t hear him coming *DUN*DUN-DUN* J-Fred: Oyy… Bryan: What’s up you guys we are team edge Today, We are playing to tackle the person in the Box challenge. But first, we’re gonna start off with the easy game of what Bobby? Bobby: Field goals. We are kicking field goals. Bryan: *Trying to speak field goals* Bobby: *Wat???* J-Fred: Ohhhh! Bobby: So this is one point, that’s two points, and that’s three points you guys are going to be punting… Bryan: Kicking no! you don’t punt a field goal. J-Fred: No.
Connor: Yes! No he is correct *Point at bryan* Connor: * Clear his throat* J-Fred: Alright old man jankin’s *Spongebob Cartoon about Old man Jenkin’s* Connor: One for three. *Connor tasting the win* Connor: Taste the wind in here. Person in the back: Hike! J-Fred: Oh hahahahah. I forgot to move. *Giggle* *Bryan takes a hit from a ball* Bobby: Oh yes!
Bryan: *Laugh* Connor: What are you doing Joey!?!??! Joey’s like Ohhhh I was blocking. *Replay the video* J-Fred: Wait.
Bryan: Move a little bit to the… *Hike!* J-Fred: *Afraid*
Bobby: Oh no! Bobby: No! *Connor is going in!* Bryan: All i see is Joey doing like this like. J-Fred: Well i can’t kick him , I am gonna kick his hands *Hike! Bryan: *Trying to block* Bryan and Bobby: No! J-Fred: Oh!
Bobby: Oooo. Connor: Set! Hike Hike! Hike! *Finally Throw* Connor: Fall start! *Bobby ded* *Everyone is dying* Bryan: wahh?? Bryan: You turned around again! *J-Fred speak non-sense*
J-Fred: I was like… Bryan: Bobby! Connor: I have to perform CPR! *Instant Replay* Guy in the Back: Say! Hut! Hike! Huh! ehhhhhaaaa
Alright alright… Bobby: Oh! No goals! No good.
Connor: What do you mean? J-Fred: *Sing What do you mean song + Joking* Bobby: But that is alright. Set… Hike! Bryan: *Shouted at Christan* Bryan: Yeah!!!! What Christan doing??? Connor: Bobby did the same thing first. I probably do this. Bryan: I told you to block!?! J-Fred: You forgot didn’t you??? Bobby: I totally do this! I don’t know what I do J-Fred: It’s so hard to remember. Bobby: Set… Hike! Connor: No!!! *Bobby and Bryan are happy!* *Bobby regret what have he done* J-Fred: *Punch bobby in the tush*
*Bryan and Connor Fight in the back* Bryan: What is going on??? J-Fred: I don’t know. *Replay the fight* Bobby: Alright, well we win J-Fred: Right now we’re gonna play tackle the box football see these boxes? I’ve got to hide in one of these boxes And they have to try and tackle one every time they tackle one without a person in it all the boxes move up a line It’s like football. Let’s start Don’t ruin the box Connor: Nah It’s ok! It’s a box. These are pretty heavy J-Fred: It’s ok! It’s a box. xD *Bryan Jumpscared Bobby* *Bryan Laugh* Bobby: I’m just gonna go like this. I’m gonna destroy those boxes. This is gonna be so fun. Oh Bryan: I am going to destroy those boxes. Bobby: Dude this is going to be so fun. *Another one* Are you guys ready? Connor: Yeah we are. Connor: I was trying to alert you guys when we are ready. Bryan: Joey-Fred is behind one of those boxes. My goal is to tackle the one that I think he’s in. If I fail to tackle the Box then the entire row moves Up you call it. I go tackle it. Bobby: Middle. Bobby: Here we go guys! Bryan: *Turn Insane mode* Bryan: I should probably have a helmet. I am gonna be like full bone attack. Bobby: Yeah here. *Counting down* Bryan: *Trying to fake so hard* Bryan: Nah maybe he is probably like Uhh.. Connor: Commit it. You have to commit it. Bryan: Yeah, that’s true, that’s true. Bobby: Go for it! Bryan: Boom!!! Connor: Oh my gosh… Bryan: Whooo! J-Fred: That was Terrifying. Alright Connor It’s your turn to get it. Connor: Fine! J-Fred: Alright, We are ready! *Bobby show his hair*
Bryan: Oh!!! Look at his hair!! *Everyone is Looking and Shouting* Bryan: C’mon get him! Go! Bobby: *Hurt himself(maybe)* *Bobby and Connor say Hi to each other* Bryan: Oh! Dang it. *High-Five* Connor: Losers. J-Fred: Alright so the winner of this round between the two teams is the team get the farthest When I guess down to Like two boxes or one box. It’s gonna be very easy for them to stop us you know Bryan: It’s still like 50/50 *Connor and Bobby say Hey!* Bryan: Which one Bobby? Bobby: That one! Bryan: Boom!!!! *Everyone Laugh* J-Fred: Whooo!!! Lucky dawg. Just do not fit in that box. Bryan: What’s the point of sitting on the pillow? How is that gonna soften your impact? J-Fred: I don’t know. Bobby: But If I go in there? Bryan: THIS ONE! Take him out!!! *Hurt again???* J-Fred: Yas!!! Bryan: What? Bobby: What the heck??? Connor: You guys suck. *Connor Shaded them* *Bryan did it for 3rd times* Bobby: Dang it. Everytime! J-Fred: (Whisper) Guys! I’m terrified right now. I think I’m gonna get tackle You guys should go follow us on Twitter. Oh, no wait guys you could Go subscribe this channel and click the bell icon to get notified of our uploads Because we want to be best friends with you. Bryan: Alright Bobby. Bryan: No, no this one.
Bobby: This one? Bryan: Go! *Get tackled down* Bobby: Yeah! J-Fred: I am stuck! Bryan: *Laugh* *Connor and Bryan playing with J-Fred* Connor: It’s a weird box creature *Metal Gear Song* *Introducing: J-Fred* J-Fred: There’s a bowling on the side this middle one, but they’re trying to throw us off because it has a bunch J-Fred: It had a bunch of pillows on it. *Got’em* Connor: That was easy. Bryan: I didn’t hear him coming. Connor: I just destroyed you bro. You’re like its bonus. I was like all right. I’m Canadian Bobby: I’m trying to put pillows on top of it to make it look like the pillows are fake Bryan: I didn’t even bracing for you. I didn’t hear you coming. *WWE sound* Bryan: Guys make sure you click that subscribe button down below and then that Bell icon So you don’t miss our videos that we upload Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays, Pacific Standard Time, on 4 p.m. *Bryan has Born* *Everyone Giggles* J-Fred: All right, so we’re gonna play football right now what we’re rolling around It’s two on two, and we have our arms and our legs tape it’s that simple. Let’s go let’s go Bobby: Let’s go. *Playing around* *Counting down* Bryan: This doesn’t make any sense! Bryan: Ahhh! My face! *Saying something* J-Fred: Oh gosh! Bryan: This is the weirdest game of Football I’ve ever see in my life. J-Fred: *Grunt* Bobby: I got him! Bobby: He’s down!
Bryan: He’s down! Bobby: It’s down right here! J-Fred: Hut.. Hut.. Hike! Bobby: *Counting* J-Fred: No! No! J-Fred: Go! Bobby: Get him! Bryan: Ahh Connor! *Don’t know what they saying* Bryan: Taco! Bryan: He’s down!
Bobby: He’s down! J-Fred: I’ve never been more comfortable in my life! Hut.. Hut.. Hike! Bobby: *Counting* J-Fred: oooo! My neck! *Bryan hit him in the butt* Bryan: Stop! J-Fred: Alright, we are standing up now and there’s two hand touch Alright! Hut. hut. Hike! Bryan: No! No!
Connor: No! *Connor pushed Bobby* Connor: Get out the here Bobby! Bryan: That’s my teammate! *Connor tried to pull him up* *Bobby giggle*
Bobby: Help me. Connor: Oh!!! Jukes! Bryan: No! He can’t! Connor: Yeah! those Jukes! Bryan: Yeah got him(x4) Connor: Blue! *Dead Silence* Helmet! J-Fred: *Laugh* He’s only one helmet. Connor: Hike! *Bobby tackled Joey* Connor: Ohh!!! Bobby: Still good! J-Fred: That was a bad throw! Incomplete past. *Bobby tripped* Bobby: Bryan get it! get it! Bryan Get it! Bryan: No! J-Fred: Get it! J-Fred: He’s got it! Touchdown! Bryan: Owwww! You kicked me. J-Fred: It was incompletepast I never even caught the ball Bobby: no no no It’s unlimited like If you drop the ball so good J-Fred: Oh sweet, so we just got in touch them.
Bobby: Yeah… Bryan: Hahahah *Yeah..* J-Fred: Oh yea we got a field goal. *Epic kicks* *maybe not* Bryan: Alright, Eye ball. J-Fred: Alright. *Bobby makes Morgan Freeman voice*:As the penguin marches across the Antarctic Ocean He searches for his mate. Which is sitting beside him with the egg Bryan: *Laugh so hard* xD Bryan: I got it(x2) Oh gosh *R.I.P Bobby* Connor: Touch him. I got him. Bryan: Woah I thought it was tag for a second there Connor: I destroyed Bobby in the process tho. I am sorry Bobby. *Instant Replay* Bryan: Ohayo Ohayo Go! Bryan: Yeah! You got him! He’s tackled. Bobby: Joey just touched me. He touched me. Connor: Yeah He did. Bryan: 2 for 2!!! Set Hike! J-Fred: Wait.. Whe— Bryan: Bobby! You got him, He is covered. J-Fred: I got him! *Joey trying to snap is neck* Bobby: Eyy!
Bryan: Eyyyy!!! *Fart noise* Bryan: Set Hike! Bryan: Yeah!!!! *Touchdown!* Bryan: 1/1 Bobby: Oh! Field Goal. *Bryan Hops* *Shake Song for Bryan* Bobby: *Counting down* Bryan: Awww!!! Dang it! Bobby: That was close tho. Alright here we go! Bryan: Bobby get up! J-Fred: Lateral! Bryan: I got you first! Connor: I don’t have it. I don’t have it. Bryan: Yes he did! J-Fred: He had it(x2) Bryan: Why you can’t say it. Connor: *Keep saying “I had it”* Connor: Hike! Bryan: one, Mississippi two, Mississippi three, Mississippi four Mississippi five, Mississippi six, Mississippi seven, Mississippi Connor: Ohh!!!! Bryan: Bobby get it! Connor: Yeah!!!– *R.I.P Audio* Bryan: You guys go check out the hoverboard football challenge right over here. Well, we were playing some pretty cool Football challenges on the board
Connor: And also go check out get good gaming it is our four player Lan party Challenge, We play games like pub G and rocket League. It’s super awesome. J-Fred: Matthias is in it.
Connor: Matthias is in it. We’ll see you guys over there.
Bryan: Oh now. They must go J-Fred: PEACE!
Connor: PEACE! Oh! that broke.
Bobby: Oooo! Did it?

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