#SwisswatchesTalksTo: Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy Sean Fitzpatrick
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#SwisswatchesTalksTo: Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy Sean Fitzpatrick

On the 28th of June 1986,
I joined the greatest club in the world. We say in New Zealand, a country of four million people, living man and boy would change places with you tomorrow. Becoming an All Black in 1986 was, yeah,
it was the greatest moment of my career. My name is Sean Fitzpatrick, I’m
the Chairman of the Laureus World Sports Academy. My personal sporting highlight, golly gosh,
there are so many. I, obviously I was a professional sportsman
myself. So I was very fortunate, I played rugby for
the New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks. But I am a sports junkie. I’ve become a real fan of all sports. But I suppose, as a career,
we won the world cup in 1987. That was a major achievement
but I think going to South Africa in ’95 and ’96, when we lost the World Cup in ’95,
there in the extra time. It was known as the Mandela World Cup
and he, you know, that changed the world. And what we do now with Laureus, now that is so relevant in terms of
how sport has changed the world. And then in ’96, to get it back, we won a series. For me as a rugby player, that was the highlight. You know, my father said to me:
Play any sport you like as long as it’s a team sport. So sport gives you great values:
honesty, integrity, respect. We like humility. Humility is one of the key values in success. The values that you have, and that’s
what we like in Laureus, and just being honest and treating people the way they should be. And we have lots of very high-profile,
hugely successful people. When you get a group of hugely
successful people together, you’d be amazed how humble they are. That’s what we like at Laureus. But it’s more about the Sport for Good foundation,
in terms of the work they do, it’s truly humbling. So 20 years ago, I was invited to be a founder member. We assembled here in Monaco and with that,
we had a wonderful award celebrating excellence in sport and then, on the Sunday after the
awards, we met. I think, about 16 of us met at the hermitage
and we said, the awards were fantastic but we need to do something else and with that
was the advent of the Sport for Good foundation. We are very very proud of what we’re achieved. We’re not going to anywhere. Gender equality, all these things,
which are so relevant. A classic example of where sport is changing lives. You know, today was pretty impressive. That really sort of blew me away.
They came and spoke to the academy and how it is changing peoples’ views. Where women as children, girls in India,
they don’t dream. And that was one of the nice things that
one of the girls said today: Sport has taught me how to dream. These children started to smile again. And they’re children. And that’s what we’re saying to them: You are children and you have an
opportunity now to dream again. Well obviously we’re indebted. Without the support of IWC,
we couldn’t be doing what we’re doing. Their support over the years has been outstanding
and you know, having the watch where we have the drawing price of the drawing competition
on the back of the watch each year. That engages all the programs. So that’s nice and you know, we’re very
appreciative of the support that IWC has given us over the years. I know a lot of you’d like to donate to Laureus but can I encourage them to have a look at Laureus and go and visit their project. And I’m sure it will have the same effect
as it had on me. That if you were going to give any money, you’ll probably give two or three times more money than you were going to give.

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