Superpower Soccer Challenge Treasure Hunt for Mystery Artifact Heroes of Old Ep 1 | SuperHeroKids
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Superpower Soccer Challenge Treasure Hunt for Mystery Artifact Heroes of Old Ep 1 | SuperHeroKids

(upbeat music) (record scratch) (upbeat music) If you’re ready to see the soccer duel of the century, let me hear you scream! You’re a good crowd,
thank you all for coming. (playful music) Okay, soccer, soccer’s
cool. Gotta beat the boy. Here’s what I got to do,
gotta run past the ball, touch the flag, come back and kick the ball as hard as can. (suspenseful music) Okay, three, two, one! (suspenseful music) Huh? Okay. Three, two, huh? (screams) Why is my ring not functioning? (screams) – Hope, are you even trying? It’s not like your ring is alive. – Don’t listen to her, she doesn’t understand you like I do. – Hope, please take this seriously! Our power rings stopped working and your first instinct is to talk to it? Here, let me see it. – No – Guys, my ring is being weird. – I know, all of our
rings are being weird. Now give it to me I can fix it. – [Hope] No, I want to do it. – [Eden] I have more rings than you. (arguing) (doorbell) – Guys, the door! (doorbell) (arguing) (intriguing upbeat music) (footsteps) (exhales) (bouncy music) Huh? (suspenseful music) – Guys, check it out we
got some kind of letter. – A letter? – Oh wait, I’m late for my soccer duel. See you guys later. (upbeat music) – What does it say? – Dear SHK, I’ve become aware that you have an issue with your rings. I offer my service to your noble effort in returning power which
you so unfortunately have lost, with this
letter I’ve included a map that will lead you to the key. This is all I can tell you for now. Good luck, anonymously. Whoever sent this letter
knows why our rings don’t work. We have to figure out where this map leads to. What does it mean? – I figured it out. – You already figured it out? – Yeah, well, I am the oldest and I’m the leader, so. – Can I just try? – No, let’s go! (playful music) (kick) (upbeat music) – So, you actually showed
up for our soccer duel. – Yeah, I did, and I’m going to beat you in our soccer duel. I’m the quickest foot in the west. – We’ll just see about that. (rock music) – Put the ball in the middle. (rock music continues) (western music) – Ten paces? – Ten paces. (rock music) – Three – Two – One – Soccer duel! (rock music) (grunting) (groaning) – Ha! One out of three. – I got to beat this twerp. (rock music) – Three, two – Soccer duel! – Haha – One to one, next round wins. (upbeat music) (fizzle) – Three, two, soccer duel! (zap) – Uh oh. (goofy music) – This way. This way. This way, I guess. And now we’re going to turn left up this giant squiggly thing. – Eden, are you sure you
know what you’re doing? We passed this pavilion like three times. – Of course, Hope, I
know how to read a map. – It’s just, if you would show me the map, maybe it would go a lot quicker. – No, I’m the leader and the leader and the leader is the navigator. – Eden, if you would just listen to me. Wait, wait, I’ve got it! – What are you talking about? – I know where we need to go. – That’s not possible, you can’t just figure it out after
looking at that quickly. – Well, yeah, it just makes sense. – I’m the oldest, and I’m the leader and that’s my responsibility. – No, the leader knows how to lead people, which is me! – Eden, you’re obviously having trouble, so let me do it! – Fine – Eden! (sigh) (grunting) (upbeat rock music) – That’s the seventh
time in a row I’ve won are you sure you want to play again? – Yeah I want to play
again just give me a second (sizzle) – Hot, hot, hot! (playful music) – That was weird – What was that? – Nothing Eden? (suspenseful music) – Eden? – What do you want? – What are you doing
over here? What’s wrong? – I’m sorry Noah, I’m just
not a very good leader right now. Can’t do anything right. – Just because you’re not Hope, that doesn’t mean that
you’re not a good leader. You just do things Eden’s way. – You really think so? – I know so! You’re awesome Eden. – Thanks Noah. Noah, where is your ring? (suspenseful music) – I left it over… uh oh. – Eden, oh my gosh I’m so sorry of what I said earlier, I wasn’t thinking. – It’s okay, I was being
overbearing earlier. I should have listened more. – But I figured something on, come on! – I can’t fit through there! – Of course you can, I did. (upbeat rock music) – If I’m correct, the
last symbol should be right here! (zap) – Good job figuring out we had to press the symbols. – Thanks. – Why do you have a hammer? – Because the artifact is buried, and we have to dig it up with a shovel. – But that’s a hammer. – I couldn’t find a shovel, okay? Now come on. – I think I found it! – Is that it? – It matches the drawing,
it’s got to be it. – But what does it do? Let’s go. – Oh no! My ring’s gone.
Where could it have… (suspenseful music) Oh no! – I wonder what it does. – I knew it was real from the beginning. – Guys, guys! (screams) – I found you. – Noah, what happened? – This guy took my power ring. – Oh no, the artifact! – Why is it glowing. – I’m going to go touch it. – No, Hope, no! – Whoah! – Haha I got… whoah, what is that? (screams) – Hope! – Where did she go? – The artifact must have created some type of portal. – I’m going in after her! – What? No, Noah! – Where did they go? Ouch, hot! – You guys are insane! – Let’s just forget this ever happened. – Aah! Am I losing my mind? – [Hope] Where are we? – [Eden] I don’t know. – [Noah] Okay, we’re
all going to hold hands and we’re going to walk on three. One, two, three. – Whoah. – This is so cool. (cheerful music)

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