Soccer Throwing Techniques
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Soccer Throwing Techniques

Hello guys, this is Gabriel Carrera from
best soccer tricks dot com. Okay, we have a simple soccer video. I know it this seems
obvious but it’s really really important to know how to properly do at
throwing. Especially for beginners, for kids, children that they’re starting to
play the game. It’s really important to know how to do proper
throw okay. It’s part of the game. So we’re going to show in simple steps okay.
I’m going to show it in one way so you have no confusion and it’s really important
and I’m going to say maybe the main mistakes that people do okay. So
we’re going to be doing like this, I’m going to be coming like that… First of all, I
wouldn’t recommend touching the line okay. You don’t have to touch the line. If
you touch the line, well that’s a mistake first mistake so you have to be outside
the line okay. If you want take a few steps back okay because if you need to
take some distance okay walking towards okay, have one foot planted
and the other at same time okay. So you have to come with that foot, plant
the other foot and at the same time you’re planting both feet, you have to
put the ball behind your head okay. And then just throw the ball okay.
Again, two steps okay take a few steps back, walk, plant one foot as you’re coming, put
the other foot next to the other one and put your arms behind the ball if you
want more power okay just go back your body and throw
it. We’re going to demonstrate. [Soccer player doing a soccer throw in] I know sometimes, at the beginning
it might seem complicated, it might seem that I’m lifting my heels. Like
this. If you do this, that’s a mistake. It’s a bad throw. You have to be able to just go plant
your heals… [Soccer player doing a soccer throw in] That’s it. It’s OK if you put your legs closed
okay. It doesn’t matter… You put your legs closer it’s okay.
I would recommend going wider because it’s going to give you more power to throw longer okay. I would
say if you go for short that’s okay just do the same technique, you pass it where your teammate is.
So don’t go simple mistakes, don’t go front like that. Mistake don’t throw it… you
don’t put the ball behind your head. Just throw like this… That’s a mistake, or
like this to the sides, that’s a mistake or you go to the side like this, mistake okay. You
have to be able to plant your foot to come back like that. Make sure to practice
the technique especially if you are… my team. It might seem that is not
really important. It might seem something that is… “Ah, it’s just a throw” what
matters the most is just playing the game and playing your foot. Me it’s not, it
might not be true because if you are a left back that wants to attack and come
come to side and wants to come in front or just play in maybe a defender more in
the back maybe it’s really useful to practice this soccer throwing technique, so it
becomes natural for you. I’ve seen players who are left backs and they go
they take a few steps back, they come running and they go and they throw it in
really really far and then then the striker takes the ball puts
the head back, the ball his coming he does an assist to another player that
is coming from behind and the other player head’s it. and it’s a goal, simple. You see how
how like a simple thing that without this job which is throwing, putting it in the
play. You see how this detail can make a difference between a team that is win
one nil and a team that is tying the game you know.
By the way, this example happened in the World Cup in 2006 World Cup in Germany. If you
have time to watch it… I’ll give you the match. The match is
between Ecuador and Poland okay you see the first goal between Ecuador Poland in
the World Cup 2006. You’re going to see, you’re going to
see the left back okay he’s going to see, he’s going to throw it
really high really good with power and you’re going to see like I said the
striker jumping even before the ball in other the back to the other striker and the
other striker is going to score an amazing goal. It’s an amazing goal and I knew they did they
knew exactly what they were doing. They knew it,
they practiced it. So it might seem fool just to think about… Ah I’m just
playing with my hands and that but it really can make a difference if you
take it seriously okay. Like I said, small details can make a big difference in your
game, in the way you train, in your soccer career. So not just for soccer but for
everything. So make sure you take it seriously and do it well you know. If you
do well from the beginning you’re going to do it better as the time goes.
So try this, improve it and work for, work at it.
Thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video and we have more
videos coming up. Make sure you subscribe to our Channel and check out our website.
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I hope how you like it and we do it for you guys. We do it, because we want
you to to improve and give you as much as possible. So I tell you please you
know, improve take the time to improve to take the time to train. If you want you
know take the time to take notes as you go in the videos that’s really important
also. It’s going to keep yourself knowing the details, the things that I pointed out.
You’re going to know it and is going to make a difference.
So thank you thank you so much guys for watching
it’s been a pleasure. [Best Soccer Tricks]


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