Soccer Skills ► Overcome “Bad Form” Before It’s Too Late
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Soccer Skills ► Overcome “Bad Form” Before It’s Too Late

one of the most important soccer skills
you can learn to develop is your ability to overcome of bad for and what I mean
by that is during your career there will be times when you’re not playing as good
as you shoot we’re not playing as good as you know ok so your ability to
determine how much long-term success you have in this game and I quote where he
was an analyst or former pro he was saying that what determines a great
player is not what he does when times are good at what he does when his team
is weighing a plan is what determines his greatness what he does when times
are tough times are bad he’s not playing well maybe he’s not getting any playing
time his team is losing games he’s not scoring goals he’s not making an impact
on the game he what is he doing during those times has he overcame it was hard
times his ability to overcome those hard times and get back to the good times is
what will make him and that’s what we’ll meet you if you can develop the skills
and learn to develop and add to that will help you get through these hard
times because believe me they are not always your best and I should start by
saying that it recently I had a little bad patch of rough patch of form that’s
kind of my idea for doing this video because this really is back let that
consume you you’re just going to spiral down become worse and worse until you so
frustrated with the skin and never wanna play casey you get at you or you can
have the attitude of figure this out do whatever it is he’s
to get back to where I want was even better to get to my best ever solo scene
I had a bad habit forming these days last couple years pretty good for the
level on plane at me ask too much time on the pitch don’t lose the ball very
often have a good impact on the game and not be talking on just be honest with
you guys just being honest with myself but I did in the past there where I
wasn’t scoring and I was losing the ball way too often it wasn’t doing the things
that I was doing was playing you know what I knew what I should be ok so for
me a couple of games I’m on top of it I got that mental thing figured out and i
realize okay well just look back to let was doing and get back to that in order
for you to overcome the former in Ranau fast one right now just think back to
the time when you were claimed well you were doing all the right things commitment to rate the side of the road
hunger the rate style of play what we doing differently compared to now ok and he comes down to you were
practicing your finishing now you have been practicing your
finishing for a no-brainer unless you step out of yourself and
analyzed what you’re doing wrong fuel off the field and compared to those good
forms those times compared to the times bad you’ll never be able to figure it
out so allies what you doing in the good times and ask yourself am i doing
everything the same where am i doing things differently in my training to
troll my plane a pass here in my taking too many touches here not shooting when
I used to be shooting situation things differently in this situation
when I used to do that he you need to step outside yourself in need to analyze
your game because no one else is going to do it now if you’re having certain
problems that seem like you’re feeling really slow stronger league’s working on
the gym start working on becoming faster maybe that will make a difference and
maybe you are finished isn’t up to par so do those finishing girls maybe 15
minutes to finish practice go along way to get your confidence back in front of
you or your tax lien or your position on the field losses you need to figure out for
yourself when ya gonna put in the work for you need to put in the work for
yourself but overall you need to have the attitude late hey I can do this I
actually Green before there’s no reason I can play a great game and I think for
a lot of us and then happy and what if I can never get back to the player that I
used to be do not think that way because believe
you can do it again in the past trying new things and where to get but if you do something about the
results and just look at every you practice referee new game opportunity to get back on track ok this
recent passion about it was only two days didn’t score but for me I need to
get back to what I was doing I need to get back on track railway track and rain
we get back on track and you get back to my best look at that analyze your damn
when you change when I needed you differently you have the attitude of the
cat came back and we’ll get back and it’s only a matter of time ok so again I call these videos are
added to the attitude that hey I’m in a bad storm rain now do whatever it takes
to get back to you gonna be fun and then just look at what you doing to us
compared to what you’re doing right now your train differently at different
habits and the fuel where did different things in different situations when you
add to your mindset during the game was different cable you need to look at
yourself you guys need to change it in order to get back this video how do you
know anyone else you know is going through bathroom please share this video
with them to help them get out of that funk as well please give me a leg please
comment below he’s come back tomorrow thank you for
watching this video on soccer skills


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