Soccer Coaching Tips For Beginner Coaches
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Soccer Coaching Tips For Beginner Coaches

Do you want free tips how to improve
your coaching sessions? We’ve got three proven strategies on how to make a huge
impact on your players! Check ’em out! Tip one is how to set the expectations.
Before every session don’t just talk to your players about the content of the
session talk to them about their mindset ask them what kind of characteristics
they will have to bring to each session. If I’m doing a passing session and
you’ve got to give your absolute focus. to every single pass you give your
teammate. By trying to improve the mindset of your players, before the
session or early in the session it helps to set the expectations should my
behaviour and my concentration throughout the remainder of the session. Tip Two, is use your tactics board! Tactics
boards are one of the most underused coaching aids in the game. Despite being on the pitch in
nearly every single session. Tactics Boards can be used for loads of things,
besides the usual stick magnets on it for a formation. Use it for motivational
quotes, use it for technique work, write the exact part of the foot that you want
a player to use when they’re executing a certain technique for a shot or a cross. Clearly state
the objectives of your session on the tactics board. You don’t have to refer back
to them that many times just once at the beginning once or twice at the end make
sure that your messages are sinking in for your players. Different kids learn in
lots of different ways and some kids, many kids in fact will struggle to
remember your coaching points if they can’t see them so get the pens out
an paint a masterpiece. Tip number three, is sit on your football!
As kids we were all told don’t sit on the ball you’ll egg it, you’ll get it out
of shape. The reality is that never happens. I coach your hundred fifty
different kids a week and every time they come into a team talk I ask him to
sit on the ball when they sit on the ball it maintains concentration it means
that they’re focused it means that they’re not doing kick ups or bouncing
their ball around when kids are sat on their football they stay ready they’re
ready to pop back up into the session at any moment but as soon as a kid sits on
the floor or lays down, they start playing with their grass to start
playing with the astroturf and let’s be honest they’re losing concentration all
the time so if you kids the maintain eye-contact and if you
want kids to keep listening to your messages get them set on the ball trust
me it won’t cost you a fortune in replacing footballs
tip number four is change your volume we’ve all been kids and we’ve all been
in a coaching session where the coach just stays at the same volume all the
way through. Sometimes a little boring sometimes a little monotone
what you need to do sometimes he’d just increase your volume increase your
energy or sometimes actually God the other way with it get a bit quieter
whisper to kids and you’d realize that as soon as you whisper every kid’s gonna
struggle to hear so they’re gonna listen harder they’re gonna want to hear what
the secret is that you’re telling them so change your volume not always for the
loudest sometimes for the choir but trust me you keep mixing up you volume
you’ll keep he’s concentrating so we hope you enjoyed those four top tips
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