Sesame Street: Bert And Ernie Water Sports
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Sesame Street: Bert And Ernie Water Sports

[WATER RUNNING] BERT: Ah, there. Well, Brad, I think
we’re all ready. How about your bath now? BRAD: Take a bath. BERT: Yeah. ERNIE: Hi there, Bert. Hey, what are you doing? BERT: Oh, hi, Ernie. I’m just about to give my
nephew Brad here a bath. ERNIE: Is that right? BERT: Yeah. ERNIE: Hi there, Brad,
how are you? BRAD: [BABBLING] ERNIE: Is that right? [BERT LAUGHING] [BRAD LAUGHING] BERT: Isn’t he cute? ERNIE: Yeah, sure. Hey, listen. You got everything you need? BERT: Huh? ERNIE: I say, do you
have everything you need for the bath? BERT: Yeah, I got, um,
I got– let’s see. I got the towel over there. Got the washrag. Got soap in the tub there, and
the water’s nice and warm. Yeah, yeah. ERNIE: Bert! Bert, you’re not going to put
the baby in a tub like that! BERT: What’s wrong? What is it? ERNIE: What’s wrong? Do you realize that there’s
nothing in there for him to play with? Bert, do you call
that planning? I’ll be right back. BERT: Oh, Brad, I’m sorry. You want a little something
in the bath to play with? Oh, I’m sorry. Uh, Ernie, what is that? ERNIE: OK now, here we go. BERT: Ernie! ERNIE: OK, just a few of the
things that you really need. BERT: Just a few, huh? ERNIE: I mean, you can’t take a
bath without a rubber ducky. Right, rubber ducky? [SQUEAKING] ERNIE: OK. And then a sailboat for the
rubber ducky to play with. BERT: OK, that’s fine. That should do it. That’s fine. OK, in the bath. Here you go– ERNIE: See, what you can use
is two sailboats so you can have a race. BERT: No, no. There’s no reason for– ERNIE: There you go. BERT: All right, that’s fine. That’ll do it. ERNIE: And then, let’s see. How about a shark to swim? BERT: No, it’s OK. ERNIE: It’s OK, it’s
not a shark. BERT: Just a pretend. OK, Ernie, that’s all. Come on, that’s it, huh? ERNIE: How about this
thing here? I don’t know what it’s called. A ring. [BRAD GROWLING] ERNIE: And then you
need a beach ball! BRAD: Bouncy, bouncy! ERNIE: Yeah. BERT: No, no! Come on, now, Ernie! ERNIE: Hey, listen. Brad, do you likes swans? BRAD: Yeah. ERNIE: Here’s a swan. See there? Into the water, swan. BERT: Ernie! ERNIE: And then there’s a baby
swan to go with the mommy swan BERT: Ernie! ERNIE: Say, “baby swan.” BRAD: Baby, baby. BERT: ERNIE!!! ERNIE: What is it, Bert? BERT: That will just
about do it! I cannot give Brad a bath with
all those toys in there! ERNIE: You can’t, Bert? BERT: No, of course I can’t! ERNIE: Uh– oh, well, listen. Don’t worry, Bert. I know how to take care of it. BERT: What do you
mean you– what? What are you doing? Ernie, what are you doing? [WATER SPLASHING] ERNIE: Well, you said you
couldn’t bathe the baby with all these toys, and I didn’t
want to waste the water, Bert. [SQUEAKING] ERNIE: Right, rubber ducky? [LAUGHING]

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