Seleção dos piores jogadores da copa no Dream League Soccer 2018
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Seleção dos piores jogadores da copa no Dream League Soccer 2018

Save staff plus a video to the channel
and today I decided to bring you here the selection of the worst players in the cup I’ll get every player who did not have a
performance as well as expected I’m going to make a team here. and maybe it works for
people play an online game first I will restart
my Dream League Soccer so that my team stays
that of the very beginning and I start from scratch
set up the right team I’m going to use the Globo team as a base.
and I will add some players There are many games I did not follow.
I just watched matches from Brazil. so I’ll get some here
players of the same Globe which they set up, I’m going on transfers Starting with the goalkeeper we will try
the Caballero something like that, He is the goalkeeper of Argentina.
that gave a super failure in the Goal and Argentina did not do so well in the World Cup
so let’s get him here, It’s just that I do not know how to say that
his name is translated here I do not know how the
his name is spoken like that I’m going to get Alisson from Brazil. because when will they need it?
did not play its part as expected, Alisson as second goalkeeper
I’ll get Sergio Ramos here. which was not all that, has the Pique, is one of the players who could
have made a better cup also has the Otamendi, Nicolás Otamendi … Paulinho do Brasil, He did not play much ball. he did not present that
football he was playing, he is not a top-level player, but he is a good player and was even hired by Barcelona
but returned to the Chinese team again, there is another that I had forgotten about him I only remember the first
his name’s letters It’s the one right here.
I had forgotten him João Mario from Portugal
also did not have a good cup I chose him more because
he is in the selection of the Globe so I chose him has Ozil from Germany, there is Gabriel Jesus,
We can not forget him. He did not make a good cup.
It was more to watch even there is Lewandowski, we know that the selection of
Poland is a weak selection so we can not charge too much because there is a player who was worse than he ended up being champion of the Cup,
he is Giroud … he did not even do a thing
and he being like a forward, did not do anything in the cup and ended up being
champion with France, we also have Messi we can not
forget him that popped in the Cup, popped up in the national team and
to be in our team now I’ll add a few more here, the Fernandinho, he was a crucial player to
help Belgium win from Brazil, we can not forget William,
we can not forget Neymar, Neymar did not play that ball.
what he is accustomed to playing I do not play everything he does
There’s football in this cup, and not in the past, in the past until he played well
but after the injury neither he nor Brazil were the same, the Carvajal, now I’ll try to go there fast
if not the video will stay with 3 hours, already gave 32 players already
and I’m going to sell I’m going to sell some here I’ll sell the goalie,
I’m going to sell the sides here, looks at the side pique,
then I arrange his position, I bought here the Carvajal, the bait has the bait,
has the Asensio, did not play much ball
and he owed much There is also the goalie
that’s where I forgot my name is the David of Gea, was one of the goalkeepers who did not
had that Cup that he deserved, Let’s set up our team here, I’m going to do the training here.
of the globe so that you so that later they do not speak
that I did not copy from there in the formation of Globo
we have Caballero in the goal, I’m going to take Alisson, Gerard Piqué plays more
here in the formation of Globo, the Nicolás Otamendi is right,
I’m going to take Sergio Ramos and put it here, I’ll put the
João Mario in the place here, Neymar will take it and
put the Robert Lewandowski, William not here who
play it’s Gabriel Jesus This is the formation that the globe has made and I copied only that I
I added a few more players, now here to play
against some adversary I’ll get and put Neymar
here in the place of Gabriel Jesus, I’m going to put in a more
closed to give the ball more spin, Because I believe
We’ll get some player who has a
team stronger than mine, Lets play here in the 3-5-2 formation, Neymar will leave him here, Let me see who else
has his high skills, I’ll put this
another goalie to play, Let me see who else
has his high skills, I’m going to take Fernandinho and put the bait, My team is going to stay anyway I do not
I have players right for each position. but it will stay like that and we will
will try to find some player here, for us to play, staff is here
asking for five match I’m just going to play those
five games very fast and I’ll be right back we finished our fifth game, now I go here, I was seeing that my camera
It’s not the way I like it, I like to leave it in the ball and 0%
away now we can play, I’m going here to look for an opponent, It’s really hard to find You who like these styles of videos comments in the comments what is your team
favorite of the worst players in the cup and we will see which is the best, we have an opponent here
which is a bit good has Cristiano Ronaldo,
Bale has a very strong team, but let’s play here
and we’ll see what’s going to happen He is in a 4-4-2 formation
is a very strong formation too, let’s know if he plays well,
his rate of victory is very low, he is more or less still,
does not play that much, but even so let’s go
try to win this team, I hope my net helps
also and not so many crashes, good goalkeeper, Can you see that my internet?
it’s not so good It’s kinda bad, I think his team is in the hundred, his team is in the one hundred and I
I do not think I’m going to win even more with
the game crashes here they told me so that I
tighten the C when it was corner, kicks here Look there, let’s see if Lewandowski
take this ball and get up, come on … Took our took our order, our mistake,
it’s not possible, which is bad for the player when
do not have your high skills that he heads the ball all wrong, i messed up i messed up nothing look at the game lock, wow, I do not believe the
Lewandowski missed this goal It’s giving a lot of locking.
The game is catching a lot. Look at Neymar … It’s Gol … 1 to 0 for us, Wow, I thought it was the
Neymar but he was the Messi 1 to 0 for us looks at that
torn up that we gave, we passed between the two defenders
and here we ended up doing goal, my internet is good but the internet of my
opponent is think a little bad so it’s giving
some crashes in the game, Our goalkeeper is saving a lot
the goalkeeper is saving a lot, I’m very scared of corners because I’m at arm’s length
very easy to take goal, that’s my fear, look very easy
take a corner kick, César martins … we will return here, Let’s play this ball, The game is running smoothly.
so the ball goes forward the game starts to crash, OUR GOOD … 2 to 1 FOR US … Then they say that I only play with time.
at most, with modified time Do not have it here, We’re playing with the
worst team ever and who knows more ahead
people play with the best of the cup, Get that ball off … It’s good that the guy is bad,
or his team is not very good either 2 minutes of extras, I’ll try to kick the side of here, give me a blow here do not pass, first time is up and
we are winning from 2 to 1 the game is very dramatic and
we are going through a lot of suffocation too my tongue is still locked here, my tongue is already caught, Let’s see if the player
will continue to play, or if it will quit the game, I think he will
keep playing here, the ball is our first touch is ours, that the game does not crash
because the game is beautiful, I’m going to advance my defender.
I’ll leave it here. Knock on the head … Good … Shuffle forward … There’s no way I’m going to get screwed here,
have to hit that ball forward, It does not give me the time to think
he already grabs and retrieves the ball, I do not earn a headache, now the locking helped me, I think he closed his team. because my team is not so
loose as it was in the first half Look, my team does not win, Wow, the guy is kind of mean. and also remembering that
long time i do not play online again Wow, I do not believe two and two. two to two staff, the crashes are not helping
The team does not help much either. but let’s see here if at least
we can do one more goal for not ends tied, look at these crashes the internet of
My birthday must be very bad, and now … enshrines He will leave the game. Wow … LEWANDOWSKI … just turned the ball
we did nothing else beautiful game same … ours at the end of
people ended up winning, 3 to 2 for people went
a well contested game, can see that my players are with the
your normal skills are not high, it was more this three to two staff and now I’m going to bring more games like this
I’ll play a little more online I will choose some teams to
that I can play online too If you like videos like this comment below as you
want more videos so on the channel, Forgive me for the crashes in the game, My internet is good and it has 8 megs more.
even so the crashes do not stop, Thank you very much to all of you
what are you watching so far? and until the next video, stay with God, WENT.


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