Richard Cockerill: “It’s about reconnecting to the club’s history.”
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Richard Cockerill: “It’s about reconnecting to the club’s history.”

We are 145 years old so there is a lot of
people that have played for the district a lot of famous players and obviously now which
is Edinburgh as a club so I think that everybody has to connect with the history and who has
worn the shirt before. We have had probably tens if not hundreds
of internationals that have played for this team, British Lions, household names and players
that would be synonymous with World Rugby so I think it’s really important for me as
the coach to respect that and also for the players that play for the club now in a modern
era which is a completely different game and a different time to make sure that they
honour the people that have worn that shirt before them and recognise their is a responsibility
that comes with that and also from a supporter base it is nice that the new players that
are playing for this club now the modern players that aren’t potential all local boys that
have come through the system and play for their district they have come from all over
the world and care about what they do and they understand who has worn that shirt previously because there is probably to many to name but there
is so many famous people that have played for this club that we should respect that
and the supporters should be very proud of that but also not withstanding in a modern
game as we have done this year is this club making it’s own history in a professional
game. We have to have an identity both as a club
off the field. I have been told since I arrived here that
there has been so much change and every couple of years there is a new dawn and we are going
to reinvent ourselves well hopefully this is the start of what this club is going to
be about. Not only on the field which hopefully is making
strides in the right direction but off the field we have chosen a colour that is traditional
that goes back to the heritage of the team and I am sure that we can all identify with
that, young and old. We have to build an identity that everybody
can buy into whether that is supporters and how we play players that we bring in and this
is how Edinburgh train and behave and this is what Edinburgh looks like as a rugby team
and hopefully that will translate to what happens on the field. This year has been a relatively succesful
one with the amount of wins we have had and qualifying for Europe and actually being in
play-off’s for the first time ever in it’s own small way this team is made it’s own history
and we have got to try and build on that with a new identity that we can build on year on

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