Retired Numbers in Sports | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] Followed by,
Retired Numbers in Sports. – Sports, 200, please. – [Alex] “After they retired
Derek Jeter’s number 2 in 2017, “the only single-digit number
left for this team was 0.” Randy.
– What are, what is the Yankees?
– Yes. – Sports, 800, please. – [Alex] “To honor Jackie
Robinson, in 2014 UCLA “retired this number in every sport.” Katie.
– What is 42? – [Alex] You got it. – Sports, 400. – [Alex] “Every team in
the National Hockey League “has retired number 99, in
honor of this ‘Great One.'” Katie.
– Who is Wayne Gretzky? – Yes.
– Sports, 600. – [Alex] Answer, (sirens)
Daily Double, alrighty. (applause)
Took us a long time to find it. You can’t catch Jennifer in the lead, you can get close. – 3000. – [Alex] Three it is, here is the clue. “The Seattle Seahawks retired this number “to honor the extra player, the fans.” – What is one? – [Alex] No, it’s 12, the 12th
man, they refer to themselves as that. So you’re at a thousand, and here’s the thousand dollar clue. “In 2013 da Bears said
this coach’s number 89 “would be the last number
the Chicago NFL team “would ever retire.” Katie.
– Who is Ditka? – [Alex] Mike Ditka.

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