Psychoff New Trading Course Reaction…
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Psychoff New Trading Course Reaction…

so it looks like Psychoffs caused a bit of
a hoo-hah with his new football trading course so for that take the opportunity
to record my reaction and get the man on the phone for some answers Caan again
this time talking about Psychoff new football trading course so he released
it yesterday or possibly the day before it is a high level price tag and I think
that that’s the reason for it but you know if the Internet is anything to go
by particularly Twitter then a lot of you guys are a little bit upset about
this and you think that maybe it’s a little bit too pricey and I’ve seen you
know a few nasty remarks floating about around there too but yeah easy internet
waits to be expected so is it fair that he charges that much money and is it
worth it I think they’re the most important questions I probed him with
several which will you know will add into this video in a second but before
we do I think personally I’m on the fence so this from a little bit I can
see how it is quite a steep price tag it’s not something I would have opted to
do myself I don’t want anyone makes a video about myself but that’s part of
the reason that I haven’t done a course is because I think they won’t be able to
charge enough and then if I did charge enough for me it would probably be too
much for it for a lot of people online but is it justifiable well you know if I
think back to using things like accountants and solicitors solicitors
I’ve used in the past I’ve been 350 quid an hour and the only thing that I’ve got
from that quite frankly is unloaded by ex-partners in the court so that
certainly wasn’t value I would say that of course like this where it potentially
teach you to make money is definitely going to be a lot more value and that
said ten hours two-and-a-half grand for the Advanced Course does seem a little
bit steep but it’s gotta be justifiable for the Psychoff off to because
obviously if he’s gonna take himself away from football and and put the
effort into creating the course and the associated costs with that because I
think a lot of people forget about that too then it has
to be worthwhile just before we go into the questions we’ve Psychoff as well I
think it’s also important to mention that there’s probably a little bit of
bias here from the general industry because bookies and the like make it so
that you know the general feeling is that information should be free and
you’ve got a bear in mind when somebody’s put their heart and soul into
learning how to trade and make money doing that
they don’t want to give that away for free and well quite frankly with the
bookies it’s not free anyway it’s just a lot of time people don’t realize it
because the end of the day bookies this was a bookies deal the
information would be free and they’ll be selling you ten pound notes from so
you’ve got justify in one sense or another so little bit of a backstory how
I know Psychoff I’ve met in many moons ago via the geek of geekstoy I asked for
an ad on the software private add-on and something that they do is quite
expensive but you know depending on what you’re doing for larger stakes so it
wouldn’t possibly be quite so noticeable in the market and they turn around
enough because Psychoff had already asked for it so that’s how I originally met
psychoff off we’ve had a beer he’s a nice guy
and he’s from Turkey so sometimes English is a little bit broken and
that’s why I we opted to do the questions in the format that we have so
when I called him there was three questions that I asked and these are the
questions that I thought to myself they’re gonna be the questions that you
guys are gonna want him to answer the first one was what’s special and unique
about your course secondly how much have you made from football trading this
month and why is it so expensive how can you justify it to us Psychoff that
that is a reasonable price and one thing to say about this as well I have seen
Psychoff profits personally with my own two eyes so there’s lots of crap that
you see online about people saying about photoshopping and videos and all this
kind of jazz right there’s not many people that do make a very large amount
of money from Betfair trading some I’ve some I haven’t some I suspect they
do but I don’t really know it is the Internet and Psychoff is not one of
those people Psychoff off is somebody who I know is legitimate and I would quite
happily endorse myself as a profitable trader which is not something
that I would do for many people you you you


  • Caan Berry Pro Trader

    What do you guys think? Keen to see what people have to say below. Also, correction: price mentioned was for both packages.

  • Diogo Silva

    The problem is not the price. He could even charge the double.
    The problem is the very big, big red flag.
    Anyway, he is free to charge whatever he wants. And anybody is free to buy whatever he wants.

  • mzaja0

    Price of a good or service is determined by what someone is prepared to pay for it. If he can charge £250 an hour and the course is sold out, then there is no debate the product is priced fairly.

  • Phillip Addison

    Caan, I know Psychoff personally too and can vouch for his profitability. The course will be a great insight into the methods and thought processes he uses but discipline and experience will in the end be the deciding factors once the course time has long gone.

  • Scott Young

    Good video as always Caan, seems a genuine guy tbh and backed up by the answers he gave, if people are willing to pay the price and understand the outcome with the expectations managed then why not, good luck to them, this is a long and tough journey so anything that can and will help should be welcomed.

  • pnr8uk

    I think it totally unfair persecution of something no-one has a clue about as always. No one will know whether it's value until the first attendees come out of his first course. Trolls getting offended about something they have no idea whether it is value or not. Value is perceived on everything we do, somehow people are convinced they know what the value of this course should be but in reality they (like me) have no idea. Another example of how being offended is the new weather!

  • James

    You can figure out how Psychoff does it, just by looking at his previous trades. Laying the current correct score, hoping for a goal, for example, just one of many.

  • Gym Westwood

    by ask him some question on the phone , hes got a turkish acent , and then that , it was just msger , i struggled reading it with such an accent

  • Alex H

    If someone is absolutely serious about football trading (most people don't have what it takes), then it could be worth it but it is probably too expensive for the average person dabbling about especially when I believe learning to trade is going to have the inevitable losses of thousands on top of this no matter who your teacher is. That being said it could also save someone thousands in losses. Good comparison to solicitors fees here, Psychoff certainly has a right to charge this much everything considered.

    I suppose Psychoff's course could be compared to having a celebrity personal trainer. You are almost certainly going to get better results and there shorter, but 99% of it is up to your ability to take action and keep practising so is there value in it? Hard to judge

  • Christian F.

    Everyone think they get a good strategy, people don't understand that there is no strategy, is about finding value spots and that's hard . No-one can really teach you that.

  • Gary K

    Twitter has blown up over this, as said below he can charge what he likes and if you think its too expensive then don't buy it. You really have to start with psychology though, to win big you gotta risk big and most of us don't have the appetite for it. 2.5K is alot but then if you look at it as education and you can gain a skill you can use for life then its peanuts to 30,40K,50K for a uni education. I think perhaps the way its being sold (like most online courses) is perhaps tempting with streets of gold but like anything do your own due dilligence! Also remember 2.5K for the course you going to need a few grand for a decent size bank to get going as well.

  • Karl Goulding

    I have seen Ben Michaels charging quite a lot too Caan for his Sports Trading Course, and Psychoff doing this too for newbies isn't justified you'd need to be profitable or have a nest egg laid away to go with Psychoff. I would have to be profitable for at least a year before laying out to this golden ticket scheme. I have learnt more with you and the BTC than any get rich quick system.

  • 5arrbee

    Don't believe you can teach how to read a football màtch like Psychoff does. You need to be a football fan and have watched a lot of games before even contèmplating psycoff's course. Any true football fan can see when a goal is coming or a game is stagnating. Which market to get involved in , execution and staking are the main things to be taught IMHO

  • Hamand Vaid

    Some excellent posts in this comments section. I bought Caan's video course and for the breadth and depth of information in there, he could charge double or triple I think. I remember mentioning to associates who talk about wanting to trade, but balked at the original price. So it's all relative. Psychoff has the numbers to back up these course prices and I missed the launch ugh, but I will be ready for the next announcement for sure.

    I think the other really important point is: with Caan's course or Psychoff's course, I'm hoping people realise that it's about execution and application of the knowledge. Nobody is claiming a turnkey moneymaking system; you have to put in the work.

  • Chris Holmes

    You need a new chair! We can hear it squeaking through the video and also, if you sit for long periods a really high quality chair is a worthwhile investment. Checkout orangebox (I am in no way affiliated), the company i work for purchased them for our new office and after trying them I was absolutely sold. I now work from home (plus trading/matched betting/gaming after work hours) so probably spend 8-12 hours per day sat down so I invested in the orangebox eva and I feel so much better, plus it doesn't squeak 😉

  • sports betting tips

    What you think caan I was in starsports Mayfair London mainly to get a quiet bookies to use sis tv to do few bets on betfair exchange I play I placed few bets so they can't accuse me of not betting but manager was standing behind me watching me on betfair he told me you can't use betfair in here and said I can't go back the place was full of rich idiots betting on favorites

  • Jeshu B

    great overview and inside clarity. I'm like you, football I now about but horse racing is my passion… It's worth it for those who look at the bigger picture! Cheers @caan for sharing and the participating of @psychoff too 😉

  • NightCrawller

    It is not how much you've made but how much return it is. Because one can bet 50k @ 1.90 and lay at 1.50 and potentially make 15k and 10k on fav and non fav respectively.

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