This week were are pranking Kurzawa and Rimane. My name is Guillaume Dubois and I work at the LFP. Here is a project for some new rules. A yellow card will be cancelled is there is a sincere apology and handshake between players, after the foul. I don’t agree. If a player deserves a yellow card he should get a yellow card. If you’ve known the other player for ten years and you tell him to give you a hug because you don’t want a yellow… A yellow card is a yellow card. All tattoos must be hidden. I’ll have to get them all removed. You need to wear a covering cream. I plan on getting tattoos everywhere so… What is this??? I have tattoos everywhere and I’m going to do my legs as well… Ah yes, that will cost a lot in covering cream… Why do they need to be hidden? And at the end of the match, when we change shirts, what’s going to happen? We can’t take our shirts off because we have tattoos? But there are covering creams now… What covering cream? I’m not going to wear covering cream to play football… The problem is, there will be kids that see them and then ask their parents, I want a skull and crossbones like so-and-so… But their parents will say no… that’s what parents are there for. I didn’t get tattoos at 17 or 15 years of age… I waited until I was 18… There will be some tattoos that will be allowed, such as health warnings, SMOKING KILLS, or LONG LIVE REFEREES, no problem… On social media I can write a message like that, but I will do what I want with my body. Next, until now, players have walked onto the field with children. Now the kids will be replaced by symbols with a local flavour… For example, in Lille, there will be dogs. Why? To add local flavour. But for the kids, it’s their dream to meet people like us and walk onto the field with us… why change that? It’s old… it’s been done… The dog doesn’t even care… And they will do their business on the pitch… And for the kid that walks out onto the field, looking up at you, their parents filming it… it’s something they will never forget. I did it when I was young and I never forgot it, it was incredible… A dog? The dog could be barking, could bite you… It could be something other than a dog, it could be a little Eiffel Tower for example… something local… Honestly, I don’t understand any of this… Spitting on the field will no longer be permitted… But when you’re on the field, it’s not the same as everyday life… we don’t spit just to spit, we need to spit. There will be spittoons around the edge of the pitch… But we’re not going to leave the field every time we need to spit… When you receive a pass from in front, you are not allowed to pass the ball backwards, if you’re moving forwards in your own half of the field… Like in rugby? No. So, when you’re in your own half of the field, when you receive a pass from in front, you are not allowed to pass the ball backwards, if you’re moving forwards… it’s to avoid just passing the ball around… I don’t know what to say… in fact… there’s nothing to say… I don’t know who came up with these rules, but it’s not somebody that loves football, not a footballer that’s for sure. Maybe they come from rugby or badminton… It’s people from television marketing… People upstairs who have never kicked a ball themselves… People that like entertainment! Ah ok… the theatre… For free-kicks, the player has to lift his left leg up to show he is about to take the free-kick… Ok, look, it’s a hidden camera guys… I was thinking this was too crazy… I was going to send a letter to UEFA… Subscribe to the PSG YouTube channel so we can keep doing this and we can see that they are not only great players, but also great characters as well, like this guy…

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