Players wish they can play soccer all day [Sooro’s Rovers /2019.07.08]
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Players wish they can play soccer all day [Sooro’s Rovers /2019.07.08]

Okay, No. 8. Wait, is that No. 11? The playmaker. He’s good. My name is Juan, No. 11. I’m an attacking midfielder. (Sports ad model) We have been working with pro players… (Picked as Manchester United sub for Alex Sanchez) Juan got recruited to play in the highest level. (Could he play in the Premier League?) (All the goals scored came from his kicks) (Playmaker of Chelsea Rovers) I don’t need Ronaldo. Juan! (Owner and board members have Juan fever) Hey, Juan! (One player sticks out among them) Juan, let’s go! Juan, I love you! – We’re filming live. / – Let’s go! It’s live right now. Juan is so awesome. (No. 11, Position: Midfielder) (Video analysis continues) The atmosphere is great. The youngest is a bit big. He needs to diet… He looks to be in good shape. – Having size is good. / – He’s kind of big. I like that kind of body. Like Lukaku. (What?) He’s really got some weight on him. I saw his upper body, but now seeing a full shot… I think I saw him at the bar too. He looks so much different than Lukaku. When they’re fighting for the ball… – Jason. / – Jason. Jason is good at defense. (Tee-hee) (Weighty youngest member off the field) (Loving soccer at age 18) (Even in the tense locker room) (Brimming with energy) (I’m the life of the party) (No. 6: Jason, Position: Defender) He’s so cute. – He is, huh? / – He is. How much do you practice per day? They train by themselves 3-4 times a week. Then we have one practice together per week. Oh, one practice together. Because of the rental fee. And they all live in different areas. They’re busy trying to make a living, too. (Financial consultant) I work on a night training running to different parts of Scotland. (John Choi / College administrative staff) (Juan / Soccer coach) I coach little kids from 5-12 years old. (Kevin / College student) (Also working part-time) What I want? If I could quit my job and play football and get paid, that would be a dream.


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