Os 5 grandes erros do Dream League Soccer 2020
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Os 5 grandes erros do Dream League Soccer 2020

Another video for the channel, today I decided to bring it to you, the 5 worst changes in the
Dream League Soccer 2020, before
continue with the video, I want to talk to you
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I will talk about the game changes, version changes
from 2019 to 2020, many of these changes do not
were well accepted, see the Play Store as much
1 star rating, the game has a lot of complaints, let’s talk about these 5 things
that didn’t come as expected, in fifth place
I put the game graphic, had major changes
in this new version of the game, in the 2020 version the game is
with a graph looking like a drawing, it has a nice graphic from a distance, but close up a graph appears
more blurred and very clear, the graph gave a
declining quality, because of that many
people are complaining, in fourth place I put
the gameplay of the game, found the gameplay bad, because the goals are
virtually all identical, the goals don’t have different plays
equal in previous versions, in this version just play
across the field, and then throw the ball
into the area, all plays of the game is like this,
even playing career mode, in the third place I put
the defensive system of the game, the game had a defensive system
very good in the 2018 version, however, with the version of
2019 and then 2020, the game totally lost
the defensive system, for they try to leave
the most difficult game, they will worsen the system
defensive game, many attackers win from
defense just running straight, that makes you score a lot of goals, in second place,
I put the ways that we earn coins, many people talked about it, most believe that many for playing
always with infinite money, now that the game doesn’t have that anymore,
it became much more difficult, so they find it strange
and they think it’s little money, this is not something that will
take a lot of people out of the game, but it will bring a lot of people, now the chances are
equal for everyone, you will have to play for real
to build a good team, in the first place,
I put the option of playing online, many groups used playing
online to make a championship, and also to select
who do you want to face, in this 2020 version,
there’s no way to do that anymore, it hindered a lot
those who play in groups, those are just 5 big ones
problems of the new game, soon i will bring more
videos like that for you, I hope you enjoyed the video, God bless life
of each of you, until the next video
and stay with God, I went.

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