#NYPD Ret Detective assaulted in Nashville bar over wearing red hat! #DutyRon
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#NYPD Ret Detective assaulted in Nashville bar over wearing red hat! #DutyRon

good evening YouTube DutyRon a retired NYPD Detective back again
here with another video as you guys know I am a retired New York City police
detective I speak about all things true crime PSA is all different crime related
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ladies and gentlemen I have a wonderful wonderful treat for you guys I have a
great friend of mine who I worked with in the trenches in PSA 2 in the New York
City Police Department back in the fighting 90s era I got a great friend of
mine on Zoom tonight welcome and Joey Brooklyn Thank You Cathy Thank You
Joshua H for being in here Astro haterade all of the channel members
everybody who supports this channel on social media by sharing and positively
interacting I want to say a quick thank you to each and every one of youse I
know you guys are big supporters of law enforcement in your local military and I
thank you so much for that tonight I do have a special guest his name is Daniel
Sprague and we have spoken briefly about this he was down in Nashville Tennessee
so celebrating his big 50th birthday and he had an incident where someone mistook
his hat for make America great again hat it was a make making 50 great again hat
and he was wound he wound up getting assaulted and I have Danny it was kind
enough to come on in and join us so let me just bring to any in there he is he’s
joining us live by video soon guys I want to introduce you my good friend a
retired New York City police detective right here Danny Sprague served 20-plus
years in a New York City Police Department as a police officer in the
housing police also a elite NYPD ESU cop Danny thank you for joining thank you
Ron for having me on good dear for me again amen likewise brother it’s always
great to see you Danny is not only a staunch supporter
or more enforcement in its military he also is a pipe player in the pipes and
drums for the New York City Emerald Society band and he has performed and
came to celebrate my mom’s funeral mass just this May and I want to say thank
you from the bottom of my family’s heart my brother’s a retired lieutenant we
have more enforcement in my family it runs deep and what you did for me with
my mom it was just tremendous I called him up you know on a whim and said hey
Danny I need you and he came right out to the to the church and played the
bagpipes he also said one of his great friends to
my father’s funeral in 2014 we have been friends going on 26 years or so Danny
when did you get the police academy I came I was in the January class of 92
and then I was in PSA 2 in June they ended June early July 492 right so yeah
I mean I came out in 91 so I could still call you a rookie because I came but
yeah again ladies and gentlemen Danny was kind enough to come on to tell
his story and I’m just gonna give a quick synopsis of what happened and I
want to show a news report a news clip that Danny did with one of the local
affiliates he was interviewed I think by numerous different outlets but basically
a pix11 and Nashville affiliate the Nashville
affiliate was a smaller clip I’m going to show you basically the news 11 first
but uh Danny again your 50th birthday I saw the pictures on Facebook I was happy
to see you guys out there a bunch of retired guys having a good time
celebrating the big five oh and welcome to the club by the way I’m already back
six years into that establishment so I got you beat by six but yeah you know
you’re down there your wife threw you this surprise 50th with all the boys and
just having a great great time and some misguided subhuman took it upon
themselves to tap you on the show and give you a quick coldcock right to
the side of the face I could see it’s still swollen up there too mr. Leland
yeah so Danny just tell him I mean don’t tell the whole story
because we’re gonna go into the news clip but basically give him a little bit
of what what happened to you they’re just down there like you said having a
great time celebrating my 50th and my wife was surprising me with people you
know coming down I thought it was gonna be a trip just by ourselves and do I
have the whole course of the weekend people just popping in and you know is
shocked to see everybody there but at just one point in the night like you
said some some female wasn’t too happy with my hat I’m assuming and um you know
she decided to you know speak out on it but not in the way that most people
would assume that she should have spoke out I mean just to me it was so
troubling to actually see it for her you know as seasoned law enforcement guys
we’ve seen everything but when I saw the picture of you and we’re gonna show that
a minute when I show the saw the picture of you with the hat on and the blood
coming down your face it’s all over the news all over the you know the internet
I myself gasped I was just like whoa what the
hell is going on here and you know it’s just a testament of how crazy our
society has become over politics and you know listen whatever your political
party is what makes America great is that we all have the right to choose
what party we support and at the end of the day nobody expects to be assaulted
for supporting a President of the United States
no man socked in the face if they’re supporting Mike Bloomberg or Bernie
Sanders and nobody should be getting socked in the face if they support
support the bushes the Trump’s you know whoever it just doesn’t matter I’m gonna
segue into this clip I want all of you guys to listen to this please share this
on to your social media put it on to Facebook Twitter and Instagram and get
the message out there this happened again in Nashville Tennessee and I’m
gonna you know segue off welcome that is a duty Ron family thank you for joining
duty Ron alright here we go folks birthday
celebration ended and quite a knockout literally yeah a former NYPD officer
still recovering after being attacked him in a bar for what he was wearing
Daniel Sprague joining us this morning to share his story good morning to you
we could see the bruise on the left-hand side of your face there a little bit of
a bruised eye so explain it to what exactly happened you were celebrating
your 50th birthday and you were wearing this hat yes it says make 50 great again
although some people might see it at a distance and think it’s the make America
great again is that kind of what prompted this that’s what we’re assuming
because that that weekend I went down there with my wife and it was just
supposed to be us for our 50th Nashville 50 Mike 50th birthday to Nashville and
she surprised me my friends coming in so she bought me the hat and the shirt and
everything the shirt said making America great since 1970 the air is born with it
it was a black shirt with an American flag and in the afternoon we met up with
a bunch of my friends who made it in at that point and we all went out to eat
and do different things and then we were hanging out in this one bar listening to
all the country music and people all day long you know looking at the Hat liking
it some you could see didn’t really like it because of the distance but when they
got closer they saw that it was make 50 great and they’d walk by and say happy
birthday so is it was all nice you know everybody but how did you get hit so as
the night was going on and like they said people all saying it you know we’re
all about the place and I’m I get grabbed which I was getting grabbed
because we would everybody hey talk this take a picture do things like that so I
was in the middle of a conversation with somebody and when I was getting spun
around I’m finishing my sentence and as I start turning around I wind up getting
punched in the face by this lady that I don’t recall ever seeing her at all in
the bar she was behind me and you had no conversation with her prior no so you’re
saying this is totally unprovoked totally did you turn around and hit me
did she say anything after she was grabbing my hat as she was hitting me
and then she was just yelling how dead how dare you so I would assume and she’s
holding a hat like that that you know she didn’t like the hat and she either
didn’t take the time to read it or you know I have no idea you know what they
did well the security in the bar was right on top of itself I’m just gonna
stop it right here so you guys can see this injury to his face again he’s got a
black eye and it looks like the left side of his cheek high up towards his
eye has a deep gash that goes down to the bone so there’s a woman hid him with
such force that he I mean he really is opened up here and this is days later
you’re doing an interview and it looks like he was in a you know in a battle so
I’m gonna let it continue training us they took me towards the back and then
they took her to the front and I I told them that I want the police here and you
know I’m gonna press charges on her and they informed me that she was gone so
you know we did call the police we were waiting it must have been a busy night
and I decided I would just go in the morning and make the report so I you
know made the report in the morning so at one point out you you are in fact
a president Trump supporter yes I am yes um and what did what to take away then
from this a you you know you were obviously saying that you were injured
in all of this but that you should be able to have conversations and
difference of opinions with people right yes I mean you know I was not the trunk
I’m an avid Trump supporter from the day he came down the escalator I always said
he was gonna be the guy I knew day one if I you know I could have made money if
I bet it on it ya know but I I knew that that you know the Hat was a great slogan
and all that but I also know it was it was creating problems but I didn’t think
that I should not wear it because of that but I just never went out on ball
one when my wife gave me this I thought this was great what a what a nice parody
on a play on words and obviously a lot of people didn’t did like it so by this
happening it just it just you know there’s no conversation there’s no
ability you know I wore the half of the rest of the weekend you know
it empowered me in that aspect it was gonna make me you know hide that I’m I
turned 50 and less offensive about that maybe she’s 49 you know and she’s a
birthday’s coming up but but the the when later on that weekend there was two
couples african-american coming towards me and I could see that they saw the Hat
and the girls showed that they they weren’t too happy with it when they got
close they read it and they wish me happy birthday right I actually leaned
in I was talking to my said thank you I said but I said you didn’t like the hat
off right no I thought it was the other hat and he’s like but I said what was
wrong with the other hat she’s like it’s offensive and I and she was you really
should take it off I saw a list and I said thank you for you know saying happy
birthday it’s night a girl punched me in the face on it she expressed it that was
uncool uncool for you know she’d never happened but as she was as she was doing
that’s why you should take that hat off because of that and I said but why it’s
offensive and not back and forth offensive offensive she couldn’t give me
a reason why it’s offensive she just stuck with the word offensive so she
went about her day we were hanging out having a great time as she’s leaving I
just said hey enjoy the rest of your weekend in all this she was I really
just wish she’d take the hat off so I said why again she says offensive I said
but you can’t give me a reason if you gave me a reason even if I disagreed
with your reason if you were able to change the word from offensive and
explain it I would have taken the hat off because I wouldn’t have wanted to
make you that right so nobody wants to have a conversation they want to do you
want to do with this I want to hear it so people can’t have those clothes I
want to I want to a yes that people can get a conversation going and you you
don’t have to agree with people you can have that debate and argue and walk away
like a I agree to disagree right now or I also want this girl to be found and
I’m hoping that the tech detectives are getting closer to do it so that we can
show that you’re not gonna get away with it there’s no surveillance in that there
is there is they should be going through all that all right all right Daniel
thank you for coming into sharing your story Leslie appreciate it I do hope you
know that shiner gets cleared up for it okay so that’s a one clip I want you
guys to take a peek at the second one this is from local Nashville affiliate
so I’m gonna I’m gonna play this real quick for you guys
then we’ll come right back on to daniel Sprague was at the stage bar on Broadway
sporting gifts his wife gave him for his 50th birthday bash the red cap with
white letters reading making fifty great again was clearly too much for one woman
at the bar these photos show the damage done Sprague
a retired police officer from New York filed a police report he says someone
needs to make a stand Sprague says the woman needs help he’ll
press charges if they can find her his message to the woman okay so there is a
there is a photo of Danny short period of time after this happened he’d
continued on like a warrior having a great time with his friends a bunch of
retired cops retired detectives and cops and he went on about his day I’m gonna
segue back into Danny Danny what a tremendous interview that he did
tremendous with both of those outlets and I know that you you were going on
other other things I just didn’t want to drag it out here the message you sent
was clear and concise this woman has severe issues she has obviously anger
issues but this is bigger than just that one person because this is happening to
a lot of people throughout the country anybody that goes and expresses their
political opinion is now subject to assault is that what we were coming to
and I know that’s the message you were trying to send yes exactly it was a you
know we can’t just react in our eyes because something doesn’t you know go
our way or not you know going based on you know this incident and what you just
saying that you know that she has issues you know me and you we work together we
worked in a pretty tough area we put on that uniform every day and every day we
knew exactly why people were looking at it some people were looking at us
because they were trying to you know see where we were and what that where they
were gonna act or you know people look at us like thank god they’re here and
you know and they can go about they day parks ly safe you know that they can you
know not worry about certain things you know I go into another area and I know
you you know did some volunteer work with fire department so you go into
different areas everybody has different things but like I had to kilt on so a
lot of times with me wearing that kilt and you know you get different looks you
get people looking at you because they know what the kilt represents and you
know that it’s part of your history if some people look at you that what is
this grown man wearing and what most people would say is a start but it’s a
kilt so you know you’d get those and you get curious questions or whatnot when I
put on that red hat that day because you know like I said we went down there was
a 50th birthday party my wife said we’re just gonna not a 50th birthday party it
was my 50th celebration and she said it’s just gonna be us but then the day
that people were gonna be rolling in and we were gonna meet some of them she had
all this group activity planned and then she was like you know you’re not gonna
wear the shirts I bought you in the Hat and stuff so of course I put it all on
and I had a shirt saying making America great since 1970 was a black shirt with
an American flag on it and then it was the Red Hat that said you know make 50
great which resembled what would be a maggot like so this is the Hat and
everything you know make fifty great there is over once I put that on like I
can I could see a completely different way
again I’m used to people looking at me like I said and really was reading the
whole thing as you know you got a vibe right yes and and a lot of people you
know you could see really just it’s you know really made them proud and you know
and they and encourage them like you know that there’s supporters out there
like they’re like love that hat and like you know you know some people like oh I
can’t wear mine but everyone who’s coming up close they were saying happy
birthday and even a lot of the people who you could see when they saw it they
triggered I’m a different way they weren’t happy with it but as they got
closer and they read it they they said you know hey you know happy birthday and
stuff so for the most part people were you know whether they were torn on why
they liked it or didn’t like it at least when they got close to me they would
acknowledge you know happy birthday and keep going that that was going
throughout the entire day you know right so yeah so I mean this is this is the
sentiment throughout the United States and I think it’s also throughout the
world I mean you could probably have been in the UK and got a similar
response over there you could have been in a different country and maybe had a
similar thing happened but here in the United States I mean I just did a quick
search an hour ago for people being assaulted wearing make America great
hats and there was a plethora of different incidents throughout all the
states up in New England in Arizona in Washington Florida they were all over
the place so there was just so many of these reports of people being assaulted
eggs being thrown atom paint just all kinds of craziness and I say this this
is like you know like you said we as law enforcement professionals and I told you
Danny before we went live there was a law enforcement professional in it was
in Florida he was coming home and his wife s and the stop off at Target to get
some cleaning supplies and he had shorts on a thin blue line shirt like this
and he put a hat make America great hat on as he was checking out the person
behind them said you better take that effing hat off or you’re gonna have a
problem and he said and this is a cop who was shot in the line of duty
previous underneath this vest shot a line of duty never thought he would
return he finally returns to duty in two weeks later this is what he gets at a
target and he wound up turning around the guy tried to take his hat off of him
they had it didn’t go as well for this person because they got arrested on the
scene a woman who was a husband and wife well-dressed with a five-year-old kid
with them and the husband took it upon himself thank subscribe go near his
personal space and went to go grab his hat at that point he turned them around
thank you for subscribing to the channel he turned the guy around put him up
against the plate-glass window 9 when one was cold when 9-1-1 came the wife
said that the off-duty cop but she didn’t know it was a cop she said that
he attacked her husband they went to the videotape and they got they he the guy
got column so you know again you’re having a celebration it’s clear on that
hat it says Mickey make 50 great again it doesn’t say making America great
again ok the rollers and the lettering on the stitching is what were the
triggers for these people and you know we are in a society now where social
media and smartphones and nobody is interacting with each other they’re just
looking and not paying attention if this person or whoever was in this group
really took a good look at you they would have known that that was not what
it was and oh absolutely but they didn’t even take the time to do that
no they didn’t they they they came up from behind me now I’m sure at some
point they were in front of me I would assume because of where I was you know
situated in the bar is in the back end of the bar there was a back entrance so
they very well could have come in through the back and then just caught me
on maybe one of my turnarounds with just talking to everybody
you know there’s very good possibility that they came in from the front of the
bar and they saw and from a distance maybe I can give them that they thought
it was because they they couldn’t you know get the words yet but it once they
got close enough and if they woke behind me then they should have been close
enough where they were able to read it so I would just you know and giving them
the benefit of the doubt that they were they were a distance away when they
first you know got sparked by it and let me say this – there’s so many positive
messages in the chat I’m gonna read a couple of them in a few seconds let me
say this Danny and I’m not saying this because we’re brothers in blue and you
know we’re good friends the way you handle this was complete class like you
hands down and this is the sentiment in the chat as well I’m reading the live
chat you handle this like a true gentleman and you’ve always been a
gentleman every you know ever since day one when I met you as a matter of fact
you’re a great painter because you used to paint the PSA like there was no
tomorrow but you’re a gentleman you are a great father great husband and a great
retired New York City police detective so think here’s here’s some of the
messages in the chat gee a peach says Thank You Danny for your service sorry
this happened to you it’s not right and I hope she is found and prosecuted this
happens every day and violence is not the answer
MJ Doris says Danny too bad no one did a citizen’s arrest other messages that are
coming in just thanking you for your service thank you for for your police
service so again I appreciate all the great comments in the chat and I’m gonna
segue off of this the story here to talk a little bit about an organization that
Danny runs called with arms wide open now I’m gonna let him explain this to
you guys but it is an organization that he runs he’s co-chairman with Merritt
Reilly who is another police officer we both are friends with and worked with in
PSA 2 back 90s we were out there when the crack
epidemic was on fire so we were out in the trenches together but these both of
these guys Danny and Merritt have children with special needs and the this
organization with arms wide open I’m gonna put a link in my description down
below and I’m also going to share their website and their Facebook page with you
guys the they do great things for family members within the police department and
I think you know outside of the NYPD you could correct me on that Danny but
I’ll let you take it arms with arms wide open Danny go ahead well I mean there’s
a little bit of a connection and to is that you know this girl this individual
was triggered by a hat the color of a hat and you know most people would agree
that the you know a color shouldn’t trigger you off to rage where you can’t
control yourself and stuff but like if that does I’d really feel bad for her
because what she can do with a real life crisis hits so my like you said my
partner a good friend of me and you Riley he has a 17 year old son who has
cerebral palsy he’s nonverbal wheelchair-bound and non-ambulatory and
Aiden and he’s a twin brother so he is a twin that’s a merit and he was born in
he you know he had some issues that are at birth and swelling on brain and as a
result of everything he’s you know he has cerebral palsy and like I said the
nonverbal merits been dealing with this for years and and going through a lot of
stuff and not even telling you know his close friends all of us and yet somehow
things are going other things are great things are great but he was dealing with
this stuff because he was gonna burden everyone else he just thought well this
is my this is my you know thing and I would say probably when his son was
around like eight nine years old he asked me like hey listen I’m thinking of
starting a group up and you know you know trying to you know help police
officers you know have a little support group where they come and talk and stuff
then I was all on it I it was great and we talked about it a
lot but we just never got it off the ground and then you know when my wife
was you know pregnant with my fourth child we got a phone call from the
doctor saying that you know your son has the test came back positive your son has
Down syndrome and come in and we’re going to terminate so obviously we
didn’t terminate we found a new doctor we have a gorgeous son Owen and you know
he’s changed our life and once I got my wife you know set and I you know I felt
that she was in a better place and you know we were still in the pregnancy she
told me go and see Merritt so everything Metra thought of everything he dreamed
about with this foundation came true that night was they were the first ones
to say thank you very much I mean I think congratulations you know on your
child and we talked about it and just just talking about the positives of life
and how it’s gonna everything is gonna be better you’re gonna see trust me you
know this isn’t a you know a bad hand this is you know you got the right hand
there so we then started this foundation and the foundation helps we
predominantly focus on police officers and you know the reason for that is
because police officers usually tend to you know go out there and they’re
helping everybody every single day they’re not talking to their partners
about what’s going on in their own life they’re more focused with you know doing
their job and then they go home and they they feel that they’re not doing enough
for their family and it becomes stressful for them so but we do help
outside the family outside the job and you know help where we feel that it’s
needed that you know you know certain circumstances and we would help we
offset with you know course for new wheelchairs course for therapies
prescriptions you know a lot of people don’t realize that even though we have
our Medicaid our prescription plan that the the world especially in seizures
they change medicine so frequently try and find the right medicine that the
insurance companies knowing this they still just deny it they deny because
they’re like oh well he just got this medicine so we’ll only pay
for this medicine even though it’s creating you know more seizures for the
child and you have to get them off immediately they’re like well we paid it
so it’s a 30-day wait until that prescriptions up then you could change
prescriptions so it’s coming out of parents pockets so we try to offset the
course of that and some you know and certain therapies are considered not
fda-approved and they don’t think that they’re they are worth it that you know
later on there’s a surgery that can correct it but surgery just makes the
child worse so you need the therapies to try to avoid ever having that surgery so
there’s so many different little uh you know variables that we wind up helping
with and some of it is just a mere being able to talk to the person and and you
know letting them know that we’re out there and just little stuff like you
know how to you know navigate the school system how to navigate you know when
they’re getting older and stuff like that so just support you know support
yes families who are and have been through and are currently dealing with
you know life with a child that has special needs and you know what so many
people as you try as you were putting in this together you know so many people
can’t deal with everyday life things nobody here has any idea of the trials
and tribulations the ups and downs of family goes through like yourself and
like marriage you know and there’s tens of millions of you know there’s hundreds
of thousands of families like that out there so I think this is a great
organization that you guys put together I’m gonna show it we’re gonna segue off
onto that I’m gonna show everybody the website real quick so you guys can see
it there it is and this is with arms wide open website
this is directly to it it’s NYPD waa wo org and um it gives you a little bit
about one of the great things that these guys are doing and anybody that has
given super chat during the course of this broadcast and has donated to do
tear on channel I will be forward those donations of super chat or any
PayPal donations straight with arms with white Oh with arms wide open Thank You
Ronnie thank you anything that comes in during this broadcast dawnie color guy
in Jackie thank you for your donation I greatly appreciate that it’s gonna go
straight to with arms wide open I’m gonna give you about this is Merritt
Riley the chairman it’s gonna give you a little bit of a background on him I
encourage everybody to go and visit this website if someone could copy that and
put it in the chat and put a link in there so some of my moderators if you
could put it in Merritt Riley again I’ve known Merritt just as long as I
know Danny maybe a little bit longer not much just a little bit longer we were
out on patrol together in PSA 2 and we definitely were out there in the
trenches and Merritt is still out there doing the job to this day this is his
story and then you could click onto Danny’s I don’t quote I’ll never call
him Daniel Sprague I always call him Danny Boy to me so here’s his story I’m
not gonna read the whole thing but on the right you could see the Steven
McDonald scholarship fund Steve McDonald as you know was police officer was shot
in Central Park a very very long time ago and recently passed away his son is
Sergeant I think now or maybe yes sergeant sergeant and warrants he worked
in the warrant squad where I work Johnny comer worked with him when he was a
detective and then he got promoted there’s dad passed away recently and
there’s a scholarship fund that these guys are putting together here within
their organization let me look at the Facebook page so I could show you guys
that real quick so can anybody just join this page Danny yes the page for the
Facebook is an open page and we monitor what can go on it but it’s basically all
we want operational stuff children new new
training therapies we put out there it’s just a you know be a resource page for
the you know for the special needs community awesome I love this picture
I’m looking for merit I don’t see him but I see you where is merit there it’s
a picture I wouldn’t you guys did the Polar Bear Plunge or something yes yeah
marriage should be there somewhere in the center I see you you know you’re
leaning over I see you there okay yeah he’s right behind you he’s right behind
into the right I see him now I see da Reedy thank you for the $20 super chat
that will be going to NYPD with arms wide open I’ll I’ll be sending Danny a
check for any of the super chat that comes in here and thank you to each and
every one of you who has donated during the course of this broadcast so yeah go
on to their Facebook page only inspirational messages they monitor this
closely raised disease awareness event they got coming up February 27th please
if you can donate Danny do you have donation links yes it’s on it’s on our
website okay oh you can get them in where people arms wide open dot org Danny I am NOT technologically advanced
being a little slow when it comes to this stuff but I’m gonna do it right now so I can’t do it if somebody could copy
and paste that NYPD waa wo organ and put that in the chat we we both greatly will
appreciate that let me get Danny back up alright Danny
Boy so we’re 35 minutes into this anything else that you want to put that
we might have missed in regards to your great foundation that you guys got going
on the organization not just that it’s you know it’s out there to you know just
try to bring awareness to these children to get the parents to realize not
keep them you know tucked away don’t go someplace because you feel that well
it’s only gonna you know hold people back you know we try to you know you
know spread the awareness not just for the parents not just for the children
and not and but for also the general public like we want everybody sort of
like our political environment to get along like you know you have a lot of
parents that you know they take this as a as you know something bad a negative
and then they don’t go to restaurants because their child acts up a little or
they don’t you know go someplace because you know of the equipment they got to
bring and how bulky it is and then you know you have you know other people who
don’t go that that you know stare and instead of just listen every case you
see something it’s gonna catch your eye but but don’t stare they give you if you
find yourself staring at that exact moment you find yourself staring you
should go over and either offer assistance or say hey how you doing I’m
you know so and so and you know what’s your name X and don’t ask the parent X
the child right you know if the child can’t speak the parent will speak but
when you acts your next question it’s directed at the child again
so you know that that you want them to feel that they’re your equal and you
know what parents that are afraid to take their kids out it’s just when they
get out there treat them like you’re any other child like you know if they do
something wrong you tell them no if you tell them that you the behaved but you
don’t stress that they’re not listening to you you know that they they might be
overstimulated any you know that’s a fantastic message to send out Danny and
you know there are some people who just are kind of ignorant to it not being
mean but they just don’t realize it so I think it’s important to get that message
out to people that hate these are human beings and if they can’t verbalize to
you you still need to address them and like you said the parent will take over
or their caregiver or whoever’s with them aunt uncle whatever the case may be
these are you know beautiful loving children and I mean I remember some
years ago Merritt had a slogan I don’t recall and Merritt’s gonna kick
my ass for this but it was something like being challenged is inevitable but
being defeated is optional there you go thank you so you know awareness is the
main you know focus here is that everyone should realize that you’re the
staring it’s just outright rude and you know maybe human nature some people just
you know get caught up in a moment but you gotta catch yourself and reel
yourself in and you know just do the right thing like you said you know
donations talking getting involved and educating yourself educating so many
people just don’t know how to act and if they listen and educate themselves it
makes things a lot better and this goes full circle to make
America great making 50 great again whole thing ties into everything that’s
going on so I’m gonna go to the chat if anybody has any questions for Danny I’m
gonna pick the questions I know they’re gonna come by fast so I apologize in
advance if I don’t get to all of them I want to say a special thank you to
everyone who has super chatted during the course of this broadcast the fundage
that came in with those super chats I will be repurposing it straight over to
Danny’s organization in merit and I say thank you so much to each and every one
of you and I know Danny does too let’s see any questions coming on in on the
chat I know there’ll be some questions about I saw a few that they asked about
the video is there any video from the detectives from the Danny as of right
now the last time I talked to the detective he was going to be going to
the bar to pull the video he said that you know it just depends but it’s not
it’s not that they’re trying to make it difficult sometimes they give the video
right away other they just asked them to get a judge to
you know sign a subpoena but he says he’s never had them you know where they
outright said you’re not gonna get it and challenge them and made them you
know jump through hoops so it’s just a matter of waiting I was talking to him
on Friday with the holiday weekend so I tried him today and I’ll try him again
hopefully he gets back to me sometime tomorrow all right
hopefully you get something from them Jack’s mom in the chat Jack’s mom in the
chat now guys Danny can’t see the chat because he’s on tsums
I’ll get him educated on YouTube so he can grab his wife’s phone next time and
he could see the chat because I will have him back on Jack’s mom says Danny
how old is Owen when Owen is honest six years old so this beautiful son is 6
years old and if you go over Danny’s Facebook page which I’m sure is either
private or public but if you friends a nice it’s it’s a public it’s our Daniel
Patrick so if you go to Daniel Patrick do you mind if I put that up there Danny
I’ll put it up that’s fine go over to his Facebook page and friend him and I’m
sure there’s pictures of his beautiful family on there you know you know I have
pictures of my kids all over mine as well
so Sofia Howard who was a channel member and so was Jack’s mom she they say Thank
You Danny for your service and bringing your story to us we appreciate you god
bless you and family very nice thank you thank you let’s see if there’s any more questions
I’m gonna do a couple of Judy runs super Chuck seems to be acting up on me guy
and Jackie you did give it to us and super chat earlier but I was in the
middle so I couldn’t but I heard the notification so thank you for you sir –
Chad a 6 is an amazing age yes Stephanie it is 6 is a 104 age happy belated
birthday from Joshua H our producer he’s in the chat so Josh who you met before
we went live he said happy blessed super Chuck was acting up it’s okay we’ll get
him they’ll come through red like wine says Thank You Danny
with a heart Kathy Sicilian temper she’s straight out
of Brooklyn she says Danny may God bless you and
your son that’s Mike that’s Kathy Sicilian Kathy from Brooklyn she happens
to be a friend of mine Danny I know her personally her and a husband Joey are in
the chat and they’re good old Italian folks and they’re both Eucharistic
ministers so they are holy religious people
sending you a lot of love and respect they get a kick out of well when at
church he goes up and pretends easy Eucharistic minister he stands right
next everybody at the Eucharist wow that’s awesome awesome guy and Jackie
who has donated during this chat says happy fiftieth birthday Danny with a
bunch of happy birthday cakes Trevor JP says Thank You Danny for your
service thank you a bunch of really really great stuff
coming in all positive stuff Jack’s mom says duty runs super chat is not enabled
several people have given super chat so I think it is enabled check it again
happy 50th birthday from Beth to Danny and thank you so much for your service
thank you everybody’s just thanking you bread like wine says she used to be a
minister any questions in regards to the criminal case or any questions about
Danny’s organization thank you gee a peach says bless you bless you
both your families our president of an America yes thank you that’s great Joey
Brooklyn says love and respect Danny awesome love that prayer at duty run
there you go it’s all about listen the channel is all
about love and respect here and we do you know we do let everyone voice their
opinions hear it as long as it’s done in a respectful manner you know I I don’t
care what your religious faith is what your political beliefs are we don’t get
political because it always leads to an argument and you can agree with me on
that day so yes well we tend to stay away from
that well like you they get you’re reading
that and you saying you know how everybody is all positive when when it
was first broke with my semi councilmen he put it out there and it started
getting a couple of negatives not in a bad way just people voicing their
opinion but then some you know people I know would were you know coming to my
defense which I didn’t need and that’s one of the dangers of the you know
social media that you know people say what do they want and you can’t
interpret you don’t know what the person is truly saying so I figured it was very
important for me to put out the story and to you know make it as clean and
quick as possible but then at the very end I ended it with saying that please
don’t respond to any comments negative or positive if you’re unfamiliar with
the person because of two reasons one because it could be one of my friends
and we have a very good relationship and good sense of humours and two if it is
one of the you know misguided people you’re arguing with them all you’re
gonna do is you’re gonna you’re gonna add to them thinking that they’re right
because they got somebody to argue with them so the most is a fire if it’s a
negative comment just let it go and it will see multiple and you see people
going back and forth well then you know they’re my friends
you know so it’s you know it’s the same as that night that girl if she took a
second to read the Hat it could have been a different story
it could’ve a you know she still might saying happy birthday to you give me a
hug yes and I don’t know if it was on the Channel eleven I think it was on the
Channel eleven where I talked about the the two young couples that were walking
by and the girl saw the Hat from a distance and she didn’t like it I could
see it on her face but when she got closer she saw it and she realized that
it was make fifty grade again so she like you know smirk when she got close I
said you liked the Hat and she said yes I do like the Hat happy birthday so I
was like that’s great I said but you didn’t like it a second ago and when she
when I said that she she agreed and she said no actually I was gonna actually
take it off and I said well why would you actually take it off she goes
because it’s offensive so I said well what’s offensive about it and she’s just
like well its offensive and she that just was our broken record and I said
well I thank you for saying happy birthday the girl
last night you know spun me around and punched me right in the face you know
and took my hat out how dare you so she was adamant how that was wrong and now
that is no way to react or anything else but she did add that that should be a
reason why you shouldn’t wear that you know that people react that way but I
said but but why can’t I I said people with Bernie hats I don’t see anybody
going after them and Hillary and all these different things yeah so she
couldn’t answer me with why it was it was offensive she just kept saying you
reusing the word that it was offensive so then that goes on about an hour later
she’s leaving and when she’s leaving I just said have a good night you know
pleasure told me before and she agreed and she just said I really just wish you
take that hat off and I said but why is it offensive just tell me why it’s
offensive and again she just used the same word it’s offensive so I told her I
said before she left they said listen if you gave me a reason and I don’t care
what the reason was even if I totally disagreed even if I felt it was I pulled
out of thin air if you gave me a reason I would have most likely taken it off
because I don’t want to make anybody feel uncomfortable but if you’re using
talking to have a good time you would celebrate birthday yeah but if you use
talking points and that’s the thing is everybody wants you used to like I can
give you a reason for everything I do in life you know might not be the greatest
reason but I can give you a reason for everything I’ve done and and I’m willing
to own or listen to mine or somebody else’s opinion you know I’m ready to you
know be passionate for why I feel on something but I will also listen to
somebody and if they can give me a reason that way on the same and I’m
willing to change adjust not not change my views completely right but I’m
willing to adjust them if I realize wow I never looked at it that way you know
you know if everybody would act like that I don’t think we would have as much
nonsense going on like that no we didn’t have this nonsense right back in 2015
you know no I know I know listen I like I say many times like if I don’t so if I
didn’t vote for a president and he became president like
Obama yes I didn’t go and bash him you know I I was in warrants
I was dignitary trained exactly when United Nations General Assembly came and
Obama’s plane landed in the helicopters came in at the heliport I was there put
my life on the line and respected he respected the office I respected that he
was my president I didn’t vote the day but I never I never said he’s not my
president I always said this is the president United States but run on
another thing like that if you happen to be on one way he was ahead of schedule
and he had a moment he went over and he started shaking hands with all the
detail and taking pictures with the detail that picture would be hanging in
your you know because it’s the president in the United States I don’t care if
it’s a president you voted for but you would never disrespect and you wouldn’t
pass it on to your children you would explain to your children I wasn’t a big
fan of him but I had give him respect because he came over he introduced like
nine engineers but he shook everyone’s hand he took the moment he was a human
being I’m good man he just wasn’t political on the same political views as
me right right exactly and you know like I said expanding on that guy in Jackie
thank you again for the $5 super chat thank you thank you for that thank again
like many of the things that he did you know lighting up the White House purple
for when Prince died right but when one of us got killed he wouldn’t light it up
blue those are things that blew my mind but I never would go and start
loudspeaker in it and saying F him he’s no good he’s I just kept it in my pocket
and I just said okay this is what it is it is what it is what I’m what’s gonna
what am I going to gain by kicking and screaming like a little kid when you put
your children in a timeout or if you you say oh you know I have to correct you
because you’re wrong nothing gets done by that so I always you know I’ve always
I’ve always gone on the platform of hey you know there are certain things you
can’t change and there are certain things that you can
and you fight the battles that you hope that you can win but when you have you
know people that are struggling with each other because of their political
lines that’s you know a dangerous situation and there’s the direct results
where are you right over here what right what happened to you you know these are
what would it have been if she was really over the top and just stuck a
knife in your back or on your side or shot you now we’d be talking about a god
forbid horrible situation here but we could have had you dead or injured or
hurt really bad and meanwhile you have your son when you have to take care of
and this woman knew nothing about you just like you said nothing about you you
are one of the kindest most giving people that I know you know you’re out
there you did a job that was a thankless job for 20 years you went out there
every day putting your life on the line and I’m not your own horn because I did
the same thing you know and she had no idea who you were or what you were about
and had she gotten a chance to know you you probably would have wound up having
a fun time at night and being friendly with her and having a great old time I
think it would you know usually how the night ends up if people give each other
a chance you know exactly so our point and your point is well-taken here but
again I appreciate everyone putting the NYPD W a wo org that’s with arms wide
open I encourage everyone to go and check out Danny and merits website
contribute to it positively interact with it let them know that you’re from
the duty Ron family me Danny and merit all worked in the same command together
we are brothers in blue and our I’m proud to say that we’re still friends
we may not yes every day we may not hang out all the time but he knows and I know
that and I’m living the slow boil away yeah when my mom passed away I called
him and he was like Ronnie I could be there I could work things out
with the wife would you know coverage you know the kids I’ll be there and sure
enough he was there on the day before Mother’s Day is when I buried my mom it
was a Saturday and Danny was right out in front of the church at Holy Spirit
the new High Park playing the bagpipes my mother and I thank you for that Dean
thank you so much yeah you’re welcome coming out so guys
if you don’t have any more questions I’m going to conclude this live stream we
will do more Danny I have remember Dennis Desmond remember Desmond yes yeah
he is he’s on the channel a lot I’m surprised he’s not here tonight
but he comes on on a regular basis ralph sarchie is good it’s good Oh Ralph I
mean everybody knows Ralph I’m gonna have him on one night we’re gonna talk
about some of his stuff that he does with the paranormal and infinite beauty
thank you so much for the $10 super chat support fathers slash men’s rights I’m
with that amen to that I like it I like it I say we support
everybody but it’s a great message Thank You infinite beauty thank you for the
super low that’s my automated message super chat so these are donations that
are coming in Danny and like I said I’m going to give all forward these
donations to you and your organization and I will probably wind up meeting or
exceeding those so I’ll present Danny in a week or so with with the proceeds from
this broadcast you can 99k Tilia subscribes it Oh welcome you’re welcome
guy and Jackie thank you Andy MELAS together again if you send PayPal
donations just marking it on it just mark on it
with arms wide open so this way I know and I see it and I will forward that to
Danny as they come in again thank you so much for being here Danny it’s a
pleasure and an honor I hope your face heals up he you know it’s funny before
we close I just want to let you guys know because Danny you didn’t even
mention it but we spoke about it before the livestream started
he is experiencing more trouble with his face calcium I think it’s building up in
his left cheek he could see it in the video this is a very crystal-clear zoom
meeting video his cheek is got some calcium starting to collect and he we
both feel that he may have possibly broken a cheekbone or have a broken bone
underneath that surface from the result of this attack so he’s going to be going
to get further medical assistance and look into that so I’m hoping that that
all goes well and maybe you keep me updated so I can you know keep all my
people yes I will my wife’s a physician’s assistant that night she
told me we gotta go to the hospital and I didn’t want me I didn’t want to
interrupt anybody’s weekend or anything else like that it was just starting so I
decided to you know tough it through and what it is it’s like I could feel
considerable and it’s like it’s bone it’s hard compared to over here so it’s
it’s indicating that something was fractured or there’s a chip someplace or
something some kind underneath there for it to swell up like that so and it’s
hard so it’s just not it’s not going away it’s not like swelling it’s nice
well yeah if this assault took place February 7th where today is the 18th
going on the 19th or so it was a good time ago and yeah I hope
that I hope the hope that all works out Danny
anybody else have any closing remarks or anything like that yeah people are
saying they could see it you could see it on your cheek so thank you guy and
Jackie from Canada I believed guy in jacking it up in Canadians at duty Ron
and Danny thank you for your service thank you thank you thank you alright
guys we’re gonna close it out Danny I’ll talk to you soon we’ll keep in touch as
I always say subscribe to my channel follow me on Instagram Facebook and
Twitter all one word duty Ron follow Danny on Facebook that’s Daniel Patrick
go to his NYPD WAW with arms wide open net stands for dot org
and contribute to his great organization thank you again guys all god bless
america and good night everybody from New York City


  • DutyRon

    This video starts at the 40 second mark. Here is the link to Danny's NYPD with arms wide open website I encourage you all to look at it and donate if you can! Thank you all πŸ™πŸ™
    Please consider watching one of my other videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7vUvfzySeMBqiZNcc9hMpv6j1GLsh5po Thank you! I appreciate you all so very much

  • Raimond799

    Crazy world! I hope the police will found her and justice will be served. She should be punished hardly because there is a clear political motive behind her act.

  • Catherine Fleming

    Like red flags to a bull. Hope it works out and you find her. Sad they outcome off wearing a hat.Regards from Ireland.

  • Conservative Catholic

    Us conservatives get attacked no matter what we do. The fact that this is only a "Maga style" cap proves that we are on the receiving end of the liberals/Democrats hateful disgusting abhorrent behavior. I hope she ends up in Jail.

  • Blaze Fairchild

    Maybe she was just offended he was wearing a hat indoors ?πŸ˜… No reason to put your hands on anyone for any reason at any time . I don't understand anyone punching a man in the face , I hope they can find her & arrest her. This political thing is starting to remind me of the Nixon days. You are judged by who you voted for .

  • Melita Colombi

    The hate stems from the leader of this country. He supports violence and division. The hat was a symbol of his hate. Our culture is changing to that of acceptance of acts of violence. People are angry our country is going down and people will react. No one has a right to assault another! But it’s now encouraged. It’s going to become more dangerous.

  • Hunter

    Good grief! Glad you are ok Danny ❀️🌹😊, great vlog DutyRon. BTW, someone out there, please come forth about this woman. She is very ill!

  • retirishdetective

    Two great guys and great cops, my brothers we worked together in Housing PSA 2, Danny feel better brother, great job Ron. Be Safe

  • Blondie1025

    Great collaboration. Thank you, Dutyron, for this broadcast. Danny seems like a great person and I hope they catch this perpetrator who committed this violent act. I will be going on Arms Wide Open and I will be making a donation. πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’–

  • GirlLearning TheWorld

    I’m not of the same affiliation. However it doesn’t even matter if it was a MAGA hat or a play on words. No one should ever be victimized by their political affiliation. PERIOD

  • Stephanie Michelle

    Thank you for your service Danny and Dutyron πŸ™πŸ‡±πŸ‡· I wish all cops were as intelligent as youπŸ™πŸ™ I heard the story you told about the little boy with cigarette burns on him..breaks my heart..I'm glad you didn't leave when your partner said, let's go..I'm glad you rescued him..thank youπŸ™ when did that happen, 1980s?

  • Mary

    You are both outstanding men we owe you so much for your brave service in Law Enforcement, a Krazy lunatic targeted some Trump volunteers in Florida and tried to ram into them with his truck , I'm sorry but being honest here some of these lefties are unhinged and violent look what Jussie Smollett tried in my city of Chicago tried to make fools out of our CPD this kraziness must stop ! I'm so sorry to Danny for his terrible injury . God Bless you both Always and all our Law enforcement .

  • Janelle Kean

    Thank you Duty Ron for this story I hope she is caught and charged. Happy Belated Birthday to Daniel. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • Penelope R

    It matters not whether the woman saw the slogan on the hat, she had no business hitting anyone – I really hope she's found and punished. Disgusting behaviour.

    I have to say it, "Apart from that Danny, how did you enjoy the celebration?" πŸ™‚

  • Beth Higgerson

    I found your channel on FB. I worked 32 years for IDOC. Thank you both for your service and I'm sorry that you had too go through something that should have never happened

  • Art & Soul by Yvonne

    I was able to make a monthly reoccurring donation to With Arms Wide Open and have my Employer match the donation. It will be sent directly to them. I love their Mission! ❀️ I included a comment that it is from the Dutyron family!

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