No more rising sun flag in European Soccer leagues.
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No more rising sun flag in European Soccer leagues.

This is Kong’s Tottenham review. Recently, Liverpool FC published video which exposed rising sun flag. in their official webpage. It’s now becoming controversial issue internationally. Most European people don’t know what does the rising sun flag means,. In fact, It’s same as nazi’s flag in germany. Long time ago, When imperial japan was exist(in World war 2) Rising sun flag shows inappropriate ambition to invade other asian countries as well as their imperialism Until today, they don’t apologize at all and also they don’t regret at all. If people use this flag, It’s rude for countries such as Korea, china, and other southeast asian countries which is exploited and suffered by japan. I know that most of the european soccer league fans don’t know well about rising sun flag, After you watching my video, I hope you guys not to use rising sun flag Rising sun flag… People(especially old guys) in South korea and other countries which is exploited by japan want to rip that flag because It reminds their horrible memory during Japanese colonization I want to emphasize again, Victims of Japanese colonization shows their hatred towards red sun flag due to their memory of exploitation. So, Please don’t use this flag. I hope you guys to spread words to your friends and colleagues. Koreans are still trying to spread words in worldwide. If you guys help us, we can erase symbol of Japanese colonization as soon as possible like europeans no longer use nazi’s flag. Rising sun flag must be disappeared thank you for Wathcing my video I made english subtitle because I want that more people know about the meaning of rising sun flag and no longer use it. I hope that no more rising sun flag appears in the european soccer league. Please help old people who were exploited by japan to erase their memory. Help us please!! thank you very much.


  • Mutex Probe

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  • atatakaiyutanpo

    The rising sun flag has existed before the birth of fascism and Nazism.The same applies to the iron cross.Even fasces are not prohibited.Why does South Korea make the rising sun flag a political issue?It is ok to make the taisei yokusankai flag and the Nazi flag equal. However, the iron cross is the same as the Rising Sun flag. In the 8th century, there is a prototype of the Japanese flag. In the 12th century, the Rising Sun flag is present.Originally it was not an army but a flag used for celebration.Rising sun flag does not have the thought characteristics of the Nazis. Korean Flag has no history, honor, glory, or pride.The Korean is jealous of a Japanese flag.Not all officers in the military agreed with the war.The Navy was even against the alliance with Germany.The Japanese Imperial Army and Navy do not have any theoretical armament such as racial theory.
    Japan is the same as Germany in World War I.Japan fought for normal profits.If the flag of the colonial period is a problem, will the US, Russia, the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Italy also be banned?

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