Nitrogen Sports Bitcoin Sports Book Review 2020
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Nitrogen Sports Bitcoin Sports Book Review 2020

what’s up everybody Kellen from Action
Backers here fresh off the Raptors game one win in the NBA final which is really
awesome I just want to continue my sports book review series so today I want to
look at a book that’s really near and dear to my heart I’ve been involved in
one way or another with them since 2014 they’re an awesome sports book and
that’s nitrogen sports so chances are if you’ve been around for a while in the
sports betting scene you’ve heard of nitrogen and if you’re brand-new you’re
really gonna love nitrogen so the first thing that stands out is their Bitcoin
only okay so if if you don’t like cryptocurrency then it’s probably not
the sports book for you however there are tons of benefits because not only is
nitrogen Bitcoin only they’re completely anonymous so they don’t they don’t ask
for for any of your personal information you simply log in create an anonymous
account and you can deposit money to your your account and you’re good to go
some things I really love about nitrogen first and foremost their sports book is
phenomenal so they have their lines are in line with some of the the best sports
books in the world so you’re gonna find really great prices and if you’re if
you’re sharp better and you’re looking to exploit the the line and maybe do
some like arbitrage opportunities and things like that
you’re gonna find the best lines add nitrogen they have very comparable lines
to like pinnacle so if you want to use them to beat another book this is a
great opportunity to do that as well they have all of the major sports as
well as some obscure stuff some lotteries and things like that and then
they have a huge eSports selection too so eSports are huge
I like betting on them I like watching them I know tons of people love loved
eSports so you’ll always find awesome eSports lines
and they do have live betting it’s it’s a little bit lackluster to be honest
they’ve they’ve never really got this quite right so they’ll have it for some
like the major sports and big games things like that so like it’s like I
said it’s the NBA Finals right now so they’ll have that and they’ll have some
baseball but it’s not as robust as some of the other sports books so if you’re
looking for live betting exclusively this might not be the book for you but
again pre pregame lines you’re you’re
hard-pressed to find a better book with better lines and again the anonymity
factor is awesome they have in the last couple years also started building out a
casino so it’s not live dealer or anything like that but they do have a
few games they have you know dice jackpot which is pretty fun if you want
to be a DJ and roll the dice things like that and then your your standard they
have you know a couple different blackjack games they have a few slots
some craps so it’s a small casino but it’s it’s still fun to play the odd time
as well and then they do have a poker room so the poker room is pretty small
but it has really soft games so if you’re a cash game player especially you
can go in there and you can usually find a game it’s usually short-handed but you
can you can make some decent money if you’re if you’re decent at poker because
it is a relatively small room and it’s mostly just sports book players playing
so that’s that’s another great option if you if you’re looking for poker and they
do run sit and goes in and some tournaments as well and the software is
it’s fine it’s not it’s not the best it’s not the worst it’s it’s just fine
it gets the job done you can play multi-table if you want to
another thing that I love and a lot of people either love it or hate it is the
the nitro chat it’s sort of like an infamous thing so this is it is
moderated relatively within reason so they do have mods who do a pretty good
job but if this is mainly just the users come and they they talk about the games
that are going on you know and complain about things and and ask for for bets to
be graded and things like that so it is it can be a lot of fun it’s you can see
some some pretty interesting things in there though
that’ll sort of make you you scratch your head so that’s the the quick
rundown of nitrogen sports again I really highly recommend them the other
thing is like their pot their deposits and withdrawals are super super fast so
if you’re if you’re worried about withdrawals or taking time it’s it’s
done within like a matter of hours at the at the most I’ve never once had an
issue with them they’re great and their support team is awesome they’re second
to none I’ve gotten to know a few of them over the years and they do like an
amazing job so if you’re looking for crypto only specifically Bitcoin only
sports book with amazing lines great support fast payouts and some fun some
fun contests and things like that they do like survivor pools for football and
they have like random giveaways if you sign up within email which you don’t
have to use an email but if you do include an email you’ll get a few like
exclusive contests and things like that where you can win some Bitcoin and some
different free bets and prizes so I highly recommend checking out nitrogen
sports I’m gonna leave a link down below make sure you click it please like and
subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one


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