New Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2020 Review Interior Exterior
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New Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back the new Opel Insignia sports tourer 2019 it’s right here and I will review it for you
interior exterior and every single detail about this car this is an
exclusive line I will show you in a moment in the back on the right side
it’s writing this it is a beautiful car in my opinion also I like this rims very
much these big rims they are super nice there are 20 inch rims and they look
they fit so good on the car also the back design with this chrome that come
down here in the back lamps and then directly over the upper side of the
windows the windows are big and you have great visibility from the interior you
would see that in the moment when we will come inside also I like this black
glossy plastic around the windows down there we have also a panoramic sunroof
up the beautiful spoiler also the lines on the side of the car they they look
nice we have six parking sensors in the back this is a great thing usually you
don’t find this on many cars but I’ll put it up on the new insignia also
backup camera and LED light for the number plate this is something that I
like it you will see this car have a fantastic price guys for so much
technology it has a great great price and the car look actually fantastic it
has a lot of space inside open start to make great exterior cars I like the
design very much you can see the lines on the side there also down he has some
beautiful lines here down here like this line and also down down we have some
plastic to protect the down board and to make the car look much more sporty we
have also keyless entrance in the car blind spot technology on the mirror you
can see there on the left side also the mirror look
pretty nice now they still leave the blinker here on the body it was much
more beautiful in the mirror up there we have the camera for reading the traffic
speed limit and the lane assist also the price this car price start from twenty
nine thousand five hundred euro so insignia sport tour it’s a fantastic
fantastic family car if you don’t want you don’t have a big budget you have
here even full LED lamp also you can see in front the new adaptive matrix LED
lamp from open also down here the fog lamp with a little bit of chrome design
down there and the front bumper looks super nice also the grille it’s a little
bit changed and if you see there on the grill we have the front camera under the
logo this is a cool thing to see that this car also have a front camera it’s
really impressive down here the spoiler look nice also the new line in the
middle here looks super beautiful I like it I like this line the way they think
to make it make the car look much more sport here and cool I like these days
they make this family car sporty-er and faster and beautiful in the same time
you have a family car and you have a sport car at the same time and I think I
think it’s not bad at all this car huh you will see now the space in the back
the space you have also automatic lift gate this is really impressive at this
price to see this all kind of technology there’s so many tech on this car and so
much good quality for example here in the back you can see you have a huge
space not big huge trunk space guys also someone Minamata entrance so good good
very good also flat floor here a lot of space in the left side really big space
there also you can adjust the hooks the way
you want it also twelve volt port LED light also the buttons for the seats I’m
sure in the moment I will fold it down also on the left side on the right side
again some space there quite in friendship I’m really impressed about
this also under the floor you still have some space here where you can put your
stuff clipper kit or yeah whatever you are using yeah pretty impressive so now
you fall down thus it’s very very easy you just press this button and the
sheets are down in two seconds you have all the seats folding flat down this is
a cool feature on the car and it’s everything it’s so simple to use it’s so
perfect and they make a great great job with this car also the you will see the
visibility from the interior it’s gorgeous I like also the way they sound
when you close the door the design of the door it’s nice we have a big windows
up there here we have kind of a rubber material and then some plastic let’s see
here with the design in the interior chrome design at the handle then some
brown leather down here and then again some plastic with a storage space also
the button simple black glossy a lot of space on the legs here you can even
carry something now a little kind of a stick there in the middle for the tunnel
and look at the space here it’s huge you can carry huge items here also beautiful
Sun glass roof well not there and yes yeah I think you make an idea also I
love the fact that you have leather here on the side the same as on the premium
cars so you have for the people that stay in the back they have great comfort
usually I see only on materials or super super premium cars this leather
side but Opel Insignia tourer really impressed me with this leather in the
interior and it’s also look beautiful I think the biggest surprise for me was
this is Opel Insignia in front for 2019 also I’m really impressed to see how
much practical is this car and how easy it’s everything to adjust in the car for
example even this centre part you can fold it down and you can carry long
items the front the back of the front sit also leather with storage not
headrest look so beautiful and also the leather design look nice very very good
really impressive great job Opel with this car I have to tell you that also
LED light up here with the handle and a book good quality also on the roof the
roof is automatic from the front you can close it we have heated seat in the back
even also bends two USB port very useful here in the back also let’s see the
space now as expected huge space on my knees also on the feet there I can
stretch a little bit the feet in the front so I have plenty of space for my
legs but we’ll go in the front there you can see that the seats are in normal
position so I didn’t put it in the frontage – just normal there up here for
five fingers for me no problem at all perfect place visibility on the windows
it’s gorgeous it’s looking like and see for yourself and see perfectly even in
the back no blind spot there perfect I love it
I really love it going in the middle very easy
plenty of space on my knees thoughts on my head you can see maybe a little bit
more space here in the middle and on the side perfect perfect really impressed
also you can carry three people here without any problem
see I stretch my hand there anyway we will go into front now and I will show
you the dashboard and yeah the new digital display cockpit there also the
dashboard so let’s go in the front guys closing the tour and yeah whatever let’s
go on the other side so now as you see keyless entrance before the same good
quality on the doors big windows here great visibility the same rubber
material upper side lock unlock the door button some interesting design that that
get with the dashboard there the leather brown leather here are the button for
electrically it on the trunk the Bose speaker pretty impressive great sound
also the buttons for windows here we have some chrome design exclusive logo
adjustable sit here electric adjustable seats also the button for saving the
position so look at this it’s guys they take look so nice in my opinion they
look very nice also they have side support they’re very comfortable they
are also heated down there we have aluminium pedals here
the buttons for the light are just light very simple nothing complicated now
the dashboard and everything the visibility it’s very good even in the
back there you have almost no blind spot you can see for yourself almost no blind
spot in the back here in the front we have kind of I was thinking this is a
glass phone but is not we have LED light up here on the roof kind of simple
up there to a lady with a mirror up here handle up there also going to the to the
center armrest here so we have on 12 to USB ports there and SIM card and
auxiliary port also cup holder or space here where you can put your stuff
electric handbrake as well down here pretty useful and also the stick for
changing the year automatic the buttons there for lane assist and parking
sensors and here two cupholders a small space in the front and also a 12-volt
Ford front there the climatic system is pretty simple as it should be
it’s nothing complicated so we have also ventilated sit on this car heated seat
and ventilated sitting in front this is a cool thing you don’t find this on many
cars so this car it’s kind of full option it has everything everything on
it so this insignia right here is full full full option I think you cannot have
anything more on it the dashboard is clean and nice the
steering wheel as well great quality leather has a great grip and great
design as well those button you can use it very simple clappers for changing the
gear manually you want to change the gear manually and also you can adjust a
new cockpit from Opel it’s great you find it also on the new Corsa and on the
new Astra and it’s super cool it’s much much cooler than the previous in the
middle there you have the digital display where you can adjust the
different setting you can see there yeah kind of navigation and all that
information on the right and left side you have the 200 meter in the left side
on the right side have some information also the head-up display there you can
see it if you’re looking carefully I have also a head-up display so really
impressive really impressive so I will say great job
I like the new Opel Insignia really I like it
and yeah I totally recommend it the price is not so bad not so bad for so
much technology even the multimedia system I think you already know it it’s
work fast you can see here it’s very responsive very simple nothing
complicated there it’s made what it should do so it’s pretty cool also the
band and the buttons there are in the perfect position the way it should be so
no complaining at all feeling good to be in this car also you can connect your
Android out or apple carplay yeah and the Bluetooth telephone so it is you
have everything you need in the inside this car maybe I wish it was a little
bit bigger the multimedia system there the navigation system to be a little bit
bigger and better positioning but I guess this is not a big problem at all
thank you for watching guys that was my review with a new Opel Insignia tourer
Sport 2019 I hope you enjoyed it please subscribe to my channel check out my
other videos thank you very much for watching guys and I see you soon so see
you soon in the next video so bye guys you


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