NCISD | New Caney Eagles Soccer | New Caney High School.

The Eagles soccer team has more than 20 players
on the squad and coach Brett Crawford tries to play them all. In his first year, he wants to give the boys
the experience of playing when the game is on the line. For the seniors, it’s nothing new. “ It’s empowering the leaders and give
them an opportunity to lead and know that they are the example. And the freshmen do look at them every day
every practice. But foremost it empowers them and letting
them make decisions.” Crawford likes to push his guys on offense. He says you can’t win if you don’t score. Playing in what he believes is the best 5-A
district in the state, Crawford says his guys will run from 5 to 7 miles during a game. But even being in shape doesn’t guarantee
a win. It’s about doing something your opponent
doesn’t expect. ” I like to play aggresively. Sometimes that does not work out too well,
but if you don’t score you don’t win.”

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