Mutant Football League – Console Launch trailer
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Mutant Football League – Console Launch trailer

[MFL Music] Hi, Grim Blitzrow here! The greatest
announcer of all-time and star of the most
outrageous sports game ever Mutant Football League! Haven’t heard of it? Well sit back and let Uncle Grim tell you
about it… MFL is an action packed, arcade style,
football game… where monsters and mutants
compete on the gridiron… by racking up the most Points or
racking up the kill count… to force a forfeit. The MFL has a roster of acclaimed all-stars… made up of skeletal dead heads, monstrous
orcs, bruiser bots, mutated humans and
criminal aliens. And these guys can unleash some carnage
on the gridiron! Unlike other games… This one has maximum mayhem. Ooooh! Rocked him like a hurricane!!! Hahaha! Want warm & fuzzy? Call your friend Schlubsy. But if you want chainsaws? We’ve got em. Want shotguns? Got those too! MFL has18 gruesome teams with unique playfields… Not “unique” like this. I mean like this! MFL delivers truly distinctive play experiences
on every single field… Which are filled with diabolical traps and hazards. OOUH! That’s what you call getting your morning buzz on! Don’t take my word for it… here’s what the press
is saying… So if you’re tired of playing the same game and
looking for something new… Don’t just sit there looking at the screen dummy. You know you want it. So go get it! Turn on and tune in. It will blow your mind. Mutant Football League. We’re putting the fun back in football.


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