Modified Sports Cars Drift Around Corners At Up To 140mph
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Modified Sports Cars Drift Around Corners At Up To 140mph

COMM: Squealing tyres, bellowing smoke and taking corners sideways of up to 140 miles
per hour. 00:25
COMM: This is the adrenaline fueled world of drift racing. 00:47
COMM: Videographer Luke Wilson followed the Drift Monkey racing team in 2013, shooting
in Norway, Sweden and Japan, both on the track and behind the scenes. 01:02
COMM: Drifting is technique where the driver deliberately over steers, causing a loss of
traction in the rear wheels, this is helped by the long hand brake, which connects to
a hydraulic pump, that locks the back wheels instantly making the car slide round corners. 01:31
COMM: Drift monkey was founded by Ove Harlem in 2009. 01:36
OVE: In Norway we are preparing for the main event here in Norway. 01:42
COMM: They run 7 cars between 700 and 800 horsepower, 2 are driven by permanent drivers,
Reidar Anderson and Anders Klerud plus one guest driver who is usually well known internationally.
Drift competitions are judged on the line, angle of the car, the speed and show factor
which includes the amount of smoke produced and the crowd reaction. 02:06
COMM: Its an exciting high speed sport and not without its dangers. 02:11
REIDAR: I didn’t see anything other than smoke so I started thinking I am going to catch
up the others and then he used his gears so that when he was slowing down I was accelerating
and when I came through the smoke it was too late, very delayed. 02:36
COMM: Its not just the drivers having fun, the teams photographers also love their work. 02:41
MADS: We are so excited to do events and the next things is oh no its only 2 days left
kind of stuff so we are doing what we like and love. 02:52
COMM: And there is always plenty of time to party after an event.


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