Menor jogador do Dream League Soccer
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Menor jogador do Dream League Soccer

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a video for the channel and today I have decided to bring you, the smallest player in the
Dream League Soccer, but before that I
I want to talk to you, that I created a playlist, with the best tutorials
for Dream League Soccer, you will learn how to kick from afar, near you will learn all the
Dream League Soccer tricks, I created this playlist
with all the tutorials and the playlist will appear
up here on the cards, I’m going to click on my team and show
for you who is this player, he is that player here Foishal,
he has all his skill in 99, look at the size of it,
he is 49 cm it must have the size of the ball, started, Look there in the goal, it seems that there is no one,
but has a goalkeeper yes, I’m going to try to score a goal
from the midfield in this goalkeeper, My player kicks a lot.
slowly and the kick comes out very ugly, But I’ll keep trying.
make a midfield goal, does not handle right, I think you should be
seeing him in the Gol de Rosa, you saw him lying on the ground,
again another long ball, can see that the ball does not
is moving alone, there’s a player there, he has the strength to play ball, is a dwarf, one more goal, I will do
several tests with this player, This video here is for
leave you ready for when I go to do
these tests with that player, it will take a while
for me to make this video, but I will soon bring you more, I’ll show you here in the replay
as that is the size of it, for you to really see that he is very small, it has the size of the soccer ball,
you are seeing him and look at his size, various channels made about this player, when he walks it seems
he is levitating in the field, Let’s do several tests with him. and in the second video I’m going to do,
I’ll make him playing an offline match, I will change the position of my goalkeeper, I’ll put him on the attack and I’ll take the Ozil
and I’m going to put a keeper in Ozil’s Place, I would leave Ozil on goal,
but I will not let not, I decided to leave it at the same reservation, Look at it here, Look at this dribble,
this player is very good, Look at his little legs,
what an ugly leg, kicks very well for his size, one more ball for him, Let’s try to kick the Gol with him,
I’m going to do several tests with him, I’m going to do it kicking, penalty, foul,
he’s running … it will not come to the side you want,
you have no control over it, and do not forget that I will do
this goalkeeper playing an offline match, Let’s see what happens if he gives
a stand on some big player, if the opponent will fall,
if that player can knock someone down, one more for him,
he will get the ball, did not catch, my biggest doubt is if he
give stand in tall players, if these players would fall,
if he can nod the ball, these doubts I will take away
however it will be in another video, This video here I just go
show it to you, if you like I do
yes a second video, the size of it does not interfere with anything,
he looks at the barrier of the reserve team, I’ll put him to hit the foul, he has his skills
too low to hit foul, very cool, I quite liked it,
so I decided to bring it to you, He kicks very hard and he
his size does not interfere with anything, look him again,
Let’s charge him again, I’m going to hit it straight,
Let’s see if I can make the goal, has a hole in the barrier,
I want to see I can not score, Wrong Let’s try some of the penalties,
I’ll put him to hit penalty, Look him here … he hits very hard on the ball,
kicks very hard, I’ll continue to charge you with it,
one more penalty and he here charging again, he hits very hard on the ball,
he does not kick slow, there are several things that give
to do with that player, you put in the comments
What do you want me to do, I’m going to change my camera so that
you can see it from another angle, he is very fast … Is he against the goalkeeper
of 2 meters and 55 CM, who would be the winner … I’ll do a test on this,
but it’s only if you like, if you do not like it you will not be able to do it, I can not bring content
that you do not like, good guys this was the video
that I wanted to bring to you, may God bless the
life of each one of you, until the next video
and stay with God, I went.


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