Melhor time da temporada do Dream League Soccer 2019
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Melhor time da temporada do Dream League Soccer 2019

Another video for the channel, Recently the
best player in the world, and with that came also
the best selection of 2019, which is the selection of the best
players of the season, I decided to get these players
chosen and make a gameplay, training that
we will use is 4-3-3, this is the same training
used by them, we are going on transfers,
Let’s start with the goalkeeper, Best goalkeeper
David of Gea, the defenders were … Sergio Ramos and Varane, the 2 players of Real Madrid, were the 2 best
defenders of the season, the 2 best sides were,
Daniel Alves and Marcelo, It was the 2 Brazilians
that appeared on the list, the best driver was the Kante, the two best ways
courses were Hazard and Modric, Luka Modric was the
best player in the world ? what do you think ? in the attack we had Cristiano
Ronaldo, Messi and the Mbappe, as criteria used
the canopy I’m sure, that’s why not
is Neymar and Bale, Salah and bale played
much this season, but it’s a cup
did not stand out, if this team had
players reservations make sure these
2 players would be, now I’ll sell
some players, so my team will be alone
with chosen players, now I’ll clean
my training, now let’s search
an online match, the first game got really bad,
caught too much, so let’s go to another match, my opponent does not
has a very good team, Let’s see if we can win.
Of him, my team is a better team. Ball in play the team
it started with the ball, I’m going to touch to
Cristiano Ronaldo, that sends coverage
and scores a goal, The game has not even started and I
I already scored this goal, The ball will start.
with him again, his team is
all forward, I’m going to head back,
always works, just touch the ball, long ball
was fair, just hit the goal …. ours hit the beam, I thought it would be more goal.
I hit the beam, from Modric to Mbappe, of coverage errei … on Cristiano’s feet
Ronaldo and he does not miss, 2×0 … went out with the goalkeeper and missed,
I’ll do the goal … you complain when
I missed many goals, or when I play a lot,
but now I will do, if you give 20 goals
I’ll make those 20 goals, again starting with the goalkeeper, he must be a beginner,
your team is totally forward, kicks
this caught on their attacker, Let’s turn this ball,
ball at Mbappe’s feet, ball for Cristiano Ronaldo, hits the goal,
leaves with ball and everything, Mbappe ball for
Cristiano Ronaldo, wow that’s what
what a goal … this team from my opponent
can not attack can not pass from midfield, one more goal … the game is very bland,
only I play one more by Cristiano Ronaldo, one more fault
my opponent team, I think he started
to play shortly, his training
it’s all wrong, i messed up
Look where I kicked this ball, 40 minutes from the first
time and is 5×0, his team does not win one,
all balls in the middle field is mine, 6×0 already, the game will finish about 12×0, I’m almost sure that
soon he will leave the game, first time ran out Let’s see if he’ll come back.
for the second time, his team could not stand my team, since this gameplay was short,
I’ll play one more for you, my opponent’s team is very good,
is a very strong team, I think it will now
more excitement the game, The ball begins with the
my opponent team, His team plays
very well the ball, my goalkeeper is too good,
already left giving passes, ball for Mbappe,
from him to Cristiano Ronaldo, only hit their defender and fell, my defense is very good,
even more at this level of play, where my opponents
are a little weaker, side for my team,
I’ll charge there on the other side, long ball for Mbappe,
that’s what I like, one more goal,
today I am inspired, another beautiful goal, Messi from him to Cristiano Ronaldo,
that sends to Mbappe, we lost the ball the opposing team has
a very good defense, the players are very fast, Let’s get this ball out of the area,
I trust you Varane, long ball for Messi, Let’s recover this ball without
that comes close to our goal, beautiful disarmament of Sergio Ramos, beautiful pass from Cristiano
Ronaldo For Messi, I’m going to make another goal, Wow how did he catch that ball, I do not believe that I missed a goal, we hit that ball out,
but it was already an impediment, the first time is
Almost finishing, we are losing many balls, I’m going to play more long balls because
creeping balls is not going, the second time has begun, Ball with Messi,
from Messi to Marcelo, that sent to
Cristiano Ronaldo, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Mbappe, now go another goal …
Wrong I thought the goalkeeper had caught,
but it was I who made a mistake, the opposing team does not
kicked in the goal yet, let’s turn the ball
organize this team, is 1×0,
the opposing team does not attack, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Messi, hit the beam before entering,
more a goal, beautiful move, 2×0 … I’ll use more long balls,
because it works much more, one more goal, and the play was very beautiful, another goal from Messi,
his second in the game, Just realize that it was just me.
change the way I play, I started playing with long balls,
now I go out more often in the face of the goal, I’m erring less.
passes too, the opposing team
can not attack long ball again,
Messi again, another goal from him,
third goal in the game, when you take teams
weak in long ball, every long ball is a goal, 4×0 is already a lot
good this result, I think my opponent
will leave the game, taking 4×0 and he
decided to leave the game, it was easier
wait for the game to finish, or have left before, I hope you
like the video, God bless your life
of each of you until the next video
and stay with God, I went.


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