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Hello everybody, glad to see you for another edition of trendculture dedicated today to Lingerie but that’s not all ! Because today Lingerie pays attention to sport, and sport interacts with Lingerie. And the question on everybody’s lips, my dear Pascale is how did we get here ? So, to talk about sport Lingerie, let’s flashback to the 80’s In fact, this decade is really all about body worship at the time designers were focused on skin tight clothing, like for example Alaïa And in a different style you have the collections of Mugler all this was made possible by the textile revolution : the arrival of lycra allowing all fabrics to be stretch, obviously resulting in a big impact on sport. It’s the beginning of fitness, we all remember Flashdance, the outfits were all inspired by dance with tights and sports bras, high-cut bodysuits, even thongs. The whole decade from television to couture collections, is devoted to body culture. We understood the growing importance of sport in women’s lifestyle these last 40 years. Concretely, what do we propose to a woman looking for sports Lingerie today ? Well, let’s study how the sports sector adapted to Lingerie to answer this need. Sports brands hugely invested in their image Either collaborating with sports icons, but also fashion designers, to renew their entire look. However, as you can see the bras are far from extraordinary they remain basic almost orthopedic without any color input offering only black & white. Indeed, all of this isn’t very motivating as it is so what does the market offer as an alternative to the consumer ? Thankfully, the Lingerie actors positioned themselves on this moneymaking market bringing much more feminine products, let’s have a look. First, because they are legitimate. Experts in corsetry, fit and support. They work on colourblocks, playing with girly harmonies with shades of pink, mauve and prune. The shapes also renewed, some bras are closer to triangle bras the straps are finer. They dare seduction cuts like push-ups for example, with plunging necklines, moulded cups… here we have a softer design crossing fine straps, mix of fabrics, colour associations and transparencies. The result is a much more fashionable and interesting product. – That’s reassuring ! We can find great, stylish underwear…
– Exactly Anyway, today sports, Lingerie and RTW form a big melting pot New hybrid looks are emerging Yes that’s exactly what happened with Puma and Rihanna’s collaboration with a fashion show that got everybody talking. This show evokes sport but in an ultra feminine urban boudoir style. Taking codes from lingerie like satin and lace Now you personalize your looks, wearing a bra directly over your T-shirt like a crop top. Hi girls, so you’ve finished your sport? Ready to go ? Thanks for sharing this moment with us, you can find us on our website “” See you soon for another edition of Trendculture.

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