Life in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences / University of Kent
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Life in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences / University of Kent

I like the campus itself because it’s a nice small sort of intimate campus, the fact that
there’s two other unis on the same campus as well is quite a unique thing. I’d never really heard of Sports Therapy before and I was looking into the modules that’s included in the course and they just seem to cover a bit of everything that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s friendly especially around here, like because we’re quite small it’s kind of a bit more of a family round here but yeah it’s a good atmosphere, it’s a good uni so people are quite positive about it Right now we’re at the Liberty Quays, the main accommodation for students The accommodation is a lot nicer than most with your basic rooms and shared communal area, kitchens, but all rooms have their own bathrooms. Yeah the Libery Quays itself is really good. Liberty is above a Tesco shopping centre, shop, which is pretty good and then obviously there is a Dominos and a Subway so that’s basically, yeah, that’s also really good. The hands on bit is so then you get to learn the real life aspects of stuff
they life aspects of stuff and so people who are there, i.e. the therapists, when they go out to the real world they’ll be dealing with some of the sorts of situations that sort of get us ready for that sort of stuff We will have a lecture in something one week and obviously the seminar that week will be linked with it so we could get taught, say in first year we’re taught about the different massage techniques and kind of the physiology and all the science behind it and why it’s beneficial. And then in the seminar we would learn that technique. No. 1 Bistro is very sort of buzzing and lively the whole time it’s open. Coopers Bar, generally speaking, it’s got a nice vibe about it Friday nights are pretty good down there. In one of my modules we have a guest speaker coming in just to talk to us about his personal experience in the
industry. So the resources in there, it’s got pretty much brand new computers that have just gone in there, been able to study there it’s got enough room and it’s got sort of separate rooms where you can go off and study as well, separate computer rooms so you’re not cosigned to being in one space. I think because Medway Park is such a massive like complex, it’s got, you know, it had a lot of money poured into it I think with the University and Medway Park linking meant a lot of money put in towards our degrees so we have so many good, you know, like good facilities that most Universities with our course won’t see because it’s just it’s too expensive. I think the facilities at the University are obviously one of the main reasons I’ve come and I think that they’re really good especially the, obviously the link with Medway Park, the library, I think that’s great, and the facilities and the staff and the way that’s run is fantastic. The social aspect being quite good, the academic sort of side of thing is really good and then the ability to get in and out of London is fairly good as well For the course, my course especially is really good I’ve really enjoyed my three years here erm the facilities, like I say there’s been a lot of money put in to Medway so we’ve got a lot of good facilities and I think the kind of friendly atmosphere between the students, like I know with all my friends and all people I know
it’s kinda like, like I said I earlier, it’s like you know your little Medway family, kind of thing.

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